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Fuck!! Septum story and other piercing experiences...

hould I get pierced today? That was a question I asked my boyfriend/piercing buddy one day as we were eating lunch. This was back in March of 1999, I believe. So we're talking about it, and I brought up the prospect of piercing my septum. I had wanted it done for a while now, and today I was ready to go for it. And why not? It wasn't as common as other piercings, like an eyebrow or navel (although I have those too). So we leave, get in the car to drive for about 15 minutes to our then-piercing place (we have found a new, better place recently...highly recommended to those in the Boston area!), and that's when I start thinking about it. What am I doing? This is going to hurt!! Of course I still wanted that extra hole in my face, but now I was actually thinking about it. But the rush of realizing that I was going to have more metal in my face in under an hour was enough for me. So we get there and then comes the time when I have to decide exactly what I am going to have inserted into my nose. I had to decide what gauge I wanted and whether I was going to get a retainer or not. I decided on a 16g. (ya I know, pussy!) and got a retainer for the time being. I decided that my boss at the coffeeshop, not to mention my poor mother that has to look at my face everyday, would deal with it better if they didn't have to see it (or in my mother's case, didn't find out about it for a while!). So of course my boyfriend is there with me, cause we always go together, and Elton is going through the whole procedure before the piercing. Then I'm lying there on the table and I have a receiver in my nose and all of a sudden I'm breathing and Elton's counting and I'm breathing again, and then it's through! It wasn't pain, but it wasn't pleasant either. Well, actually, anyone who has been pierced knows what a great feeling it is, but this was unlike anything I've had pierced before. I mean, I was trying to explain to Nathan, the love of my life, just what it felt like, but I couldn't. It was so unique, and intense! Brief history of my various piercings: I've had eight piercings altogether. My first was my tongue; pierced with a 14g. barbell in Hartford, CT by some guy that looked really scary but wasn't in a place that was in the ghetto or something. I know, really stupid, and I quickly learned my lesson, but it was my first time, so get off my back! I have since stretched this up to a 6g. on my own. I had to get it stretched to a 4g. by a piercer cause the barbell simply would not go through, and I was not about to waste the jewelry! The second was my eyebrow; pierced with a 14g. curved barbell in London by this chick who had a studio above this funky shop. Another bad idea, but really, I have learned my lesson. I have since taken that one out, just cause I was bored with it. The third was the top of my navel pierced with a 14g. curved barbell in Providence, RI. Again, this place was kind of scary, and the guy fucked up really bad. He claimed that he was having a problem getting the jewelry through the hollow needle, but I knew he was just a fucker and had no clue. It took him three tries to get the damn jewelry in, and by that time I was screaming my ass off. I have never had such a bad experience. But I am happy to say that it healed just nicely. The fourth was the bottom of my navel pierced with a 14g. curved barbell (with our favorite piercer JEN!!) at Acute (when she still worked in that hellhole). Unfortunately I had to remove that one because it refused to heal, but she warned me that it would be harder to heal, so I wasn't too upset about it. The fifth was my labret pierced with a 16g. at Acute. This one was done by Jay and he did a good job. Unfortunately my boss freaked out, and needless to say I removed the damn thing the next night. Don't even ask me how pissed I was! The sixth was my septum as previously mentioned, which I later got stretched to a 14g. I am still planning on stretching this one, to at least a 12g., hopefully a 10g., because Nathan has an awesome septum piece that I want in my nose! The seventh was my tragus pierced with an 18g. (I believe) in Natick, MA. This one was by Jen, the best piercer around. And the eighth was my lip, pierced with a 16g. labret stud, which I continue to wear, just cause it looks cute! I got that one done in Natick, also. Jen did this one too. You should have seen how long she took just to mark my lip right. She couldn't be content with it until she had it just perfect. Is she awesome or what?!? So those are all the times I've been pierced. That's not to mention the ones I've watched: an industrial, septum, and tragus done on, who else, Nathan. And just after Christmas, when Nathan finally turns 18 (ya, he has cool parents!) we're going to get the boy some more metal in his face. Can't wait!!! By the way...if anyone who may read this lives in the Boston area, head over to Masterpiece Tattoo and Body Piercing in Framingham, MA on Route 9. Jen, my piercer, does awesome work, and she's really cool too! Or just stop in for some jewelry...they have lots! Happy Piercings everyone!!! Alyssa P.S. I'd be happy to get feedback from anyone with questions or comments or anything fun or dumb to say!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: elton
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