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Obnoxious Piercing (obnoxious girl)

I turned 18 in September I have wanted a piercing. Easy enough right? Wrong! Being the finicky person that I am (it once took me 30 min. to select a shampoo) this was to be no easy task. Well, less a task than a 2 month ordeal. When deciding a piercing I had a few factors to consider. I needed a piercing that I could hide while at work, one that wasn't overly obscene, and one that heals relatively fast and not too prone to infection. I first considered getting my tongue pierced, but the miserable healing process that I had seen so many people go through quickly turned me off to that idea. I also considered simply getting various parts of my ear pierced, but that seemed too pedestrian. I even briefly considered getting my nipples pierced, but that obviously didn't clear the obscenity test. Finally after talking to a lot of people (both pierced and not pierced), I went against everyone's advice (and possibly my better judgment) and got my septum pierced. I knew exactly where I wanted to get it done (as there is only one reputable piercing establishment in my area). So I first called to get a price, $42 for a septum piercing with steel retainer and cleaning fluid, not bad at all. Then I logged onto MapQuest for directions. All was running smoothly, I departed with my friend Sarah at 8pm. We felt pretty confident about how to get there and approximately how long it would take, or at least we did until we circled the entire county without arriving in Hawthorne once. As a side note, I have nothing against 'MapQuest' they have brought me where I wanted to go many times, just not this time.

After asking for directions to various streets two or three times, we found what we had been looking for "Pleasurable Piercings", a virtual Mecca for disturbed teens all over the county. We approached with caution after parking on the side, when in the glow of the street light we saw a small creature turn the corner. It looked small and scared as if it has lost its way. Sarah's first reaction, "Awwwww...", was quickly replaced with, "Shit it's a RACCOON!" At which point she grabbed me and ran in the opposite direction, I was also scared although I'm not sure if it was because of the raccoon or Sarah. Finally after convincing Sarah that the raccoon was gone and realizing that the rabid raccoons only come out during the day, we began our final approach. That's when we really felt stupid, the shop closes up at 8 about the time of our initial departure. Thankfully they are also open on Sundays so we reset our plans to return the next day. We arrived in no time because we had found a faster route the day before. In no time I was filling out forms and getting information, I was thrilled. It wasn't until I was sitting in one of the big purple dentist chairs so common at Pleasurable Piercings that I had a stunning realization, piercings hurt. So with my heart racing and my friend Sarah at my side, Jamie began putting a needle through my septum. I remember thinking, "This isn't so bad.", and it wasn't because he was just finding a spot. A moment later when he said, "Take a deep breath.", I knew I was in for it, and I was right. I don't care what anyone says, this piercing hurts, bad. I'm not saying it's not bearable, and you can barely feel it soon after, but when someone puts a needle through your septum it hurts.

I thanked my piercer and gave him a $5 tip and walked to my car where I looked for my cigarettes and chatted with Sarah for a bit. When I was ready to leave I decided it would be best to turn the retainer up to avoid a confrontation with my parents. Panic ensued almost immediately, I couldn't get it in. Did I have a big nose? Would they have to take it out and put it back in (NO!)? Would I have to forget about this all together? I went back in and asked the young woman at the counter what was wrong. She was very nice and explained to me that I had to make a sort of stretched out nose face and push on either side with equal pressure, sure enough it worked and I was relieved. I've gotten basically the same reaction from everyone about this piercing from everyone. They generally agree that it looks pretty good although painful. Almost everyone agrees that it was a good idea, and I am certainly pleased. I think what I like the most about this piercing is that when you take it down it's pretty hard-core looking, but it's easy to hide. Also I think it's ugly in a cute kind of way, and definitely very obnoxious. But all of these words cab be used to describe me too, so I guess this piercing was made for me. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jamie
Studio: Pleasurable+Piercings
Location: Hawthorne%2C+NJ

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