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that didn't hurt at all (nostril piercing)

ike most young'n's who write their stories here, I had to go through a series of begging my parents fo let me get my nose pierced since I'm 14. I went through the whole thing with my mom saying its not very feminine....blah blah blah. So after a few monthes my mom said I could get my nostril pierced (finally..i had wanted it done since March and it was now August). There were only 3 piercing studio's in the yellow pages so I called the 2 that were closest. I heard that one, Miraculous Creations, wasn't that good because they pierced crooked and they were dirty.....so I decided to make an appointment for the other place, Piercing Emporium, for 2 days later. Once I arrived at the Piercing Emporium (which was in a dumpy area of Worcester....but most of Worcester is dumpy anyho) I was excited and a little nervous. I walked in and there were two rank looking couches and the counter with all of the jewlery. So my mom and I started looking at everything and then Marc (the piercer) came out and did the whole thing with my mom's ID and me signing a sheet that said i haden't had any alcohol in the past few days and that I had eaten in the past three hours and that I hadent taken any asprin because that makes you bleed more when you get the piercing. Then I picked out my jewlery and I decided to go for a nostril screw with a cubic zarconia with a gold post. My mom then paid the 40 dollars(it was 15 dollars for the piercing and 25 dollars for the nostril screw). The I went into the main piercing room and sat in the chair which was exactically like a dentist's chair. Marc explained the whole procedure to me and made me feel like I was 5 years old but...whatever. I wasn't really paying attention but I heard him talking. I noticed the metal tray with the needle out of the package in some clear gunk. He said that every needle was opened new and that it was thrown out afterwards, but I didnt see him open the needle fresh out of a package (or throw it away after the piercing). Marc began the procedure. First he gave me a paper towel because the nostril is a piercing which makes your eyes water. He whiped my nose with something that i think was iodine since it was orangy. He marked my nostril and asked me if that was ok....i told him to move it up more so he did. Then he stuck the really long, cold metal recieving tube up my nostril. Then he told me to take deep breaths and stuck the needle through which hardly hurt...for real. Then he pushed the jewlery through which hurt more than the piercing itself but still didnt hurt much at all...it just felt like a lot of pressure. It bled a little bit but not much. My eyes did water a little but too, but nothing too bad. I looked at my piercing and was very happy since I wanted this so badly. Marc then explained the cleaning procedure to me but i wasn't really paying attention. After all that my mom and I left and I had a big smile on my face. We went to Wal*Mart (yeah....) to get the softsoap to clean the piercing. For the next two days my nostril kinda hurt when I touched it but it was bearable. After a few days it didn't hurt one bit. I've had the piercing for over a month now, and I havent had any problems with infection or anything. I'm probably going to put a ring in it to make it more noticable but I'm gonna wait a little longer untill I get tired of having the stud. If anyone tells you that a nostril piercing hurts then they're either full of bullshit or they have a really really low pain tolerance 'cause it didnt hurt me at all, and I love the piercing. Mostly everybody else does too. My mom actually likes the piercing now but she dosen't want me to get a ring in it...but I'm gonna do it anyways because it's my nose. I don't really know if my dad likes it but I guess he's dealing with it. All my friends either say its cool or cute. A lot of people in my school ask me like..if it hurt and say that it matches my style. Not many people have piercings in my school since everyone dresses preppy and the same besides about 5 percent so I guess thats why so many people ask me questions even though it's just a normal nostril piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Marc
Studio: Piercing+Emporium
Location: Worcester%2C+MA

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