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Bridge at Snakeman's

e thing I've never gotten used to as a piercer is getting pierced myself. After a few abortive attempts at self piercing, where, to be brutally honest, I chickened out, I decided, with one exception, to find another piercer I could trust to do the job right, and take my body to them for poking holes in when the urge took me. I had to move to the DC area for other work recently, so started looking around to find a piercer for my bridge piercing. I'd been wanting one for quite a while, but the opportunity never presented itself. So began what I -thought- would be a simple search for a piercer, that turned into an expedition all of it's own! After visiting many studios, I still couldn't find The Place, and The Piercer, that I'd let that close to my eyes (I have a big thing about other people close to them). For my Birthday, my husband and I were treated to a trip Kayaking on the Shenandoah River, and the guy who took us mentioned there was a tattooing and piercing shop reasonably nearby, just across the state line in West Virginia. We took the detour there, to discover the place was closed, but we came back a few days later, and discovered they had a store in Maryland where their resident piercer worked from. So, we made a resolution to go take a look there at the end of the week. 3 states. 1 week of hunting. Was it worth it? Damn Straight it was :) When we got there, I bought a 10 Ga 3/8" circular barbell for my septum (Which had decided to be 10 Ga from 14 Ga all by itself without any artificial stretching), and I started talking to the piercer, Ryan, to get a feel for his skill and attitudes. Why his attitudes? All of my piercings represent something to me, including the act of the piercing itself. So someone who's just doing "assembly line" piercings would "feel" wierd. I know, I'm odd :) Ryan seemed like he had a clue, and, unlike all the other places we'd gone looking at in our search, he actually had a portfolio of piercings available, including a bridge :) So the skill question was pretty well dealt with, just leaving the attitude, which during our discussion on piercing answered as well. I'd found The Place and The Piercer. So, time to face the music came around. Ryan checked to make sure I didn't have some inconvieniently placed blood vessels, and found out my nose size with a set of calipers. And no, I don't have a big nose, I looked :P Two barbells were the right length, with two different ball sizes. I wanted to go with the small balls, but Ryan advised me they might cause problems with tightening them up and with pulling into the piercing during healing, so I went with the larger balls. I can always go with the small ones when it's all healed up. We went back to the piercing area, and I took the hot seat while Ryan prepped his gear ... Sheesh, nervous would be an understatement! OK, so I'm a big baby when it comes to having needles stuck through myself. So sue me :P Ryan was great, though, and calmed me down. He marked up the entry and exit points, and had me check them with a mirror. I thought they looked slightly crooked, so we adjusted a little, and we were all set. He clamped me, and they were so gentle I wondered if he'd actually remembered the rubber band (He had, he's just good :) ) A slight pinch as the needle made it's entrance, and then nothing at all! I knew it wouldn't hurt. Honest :P He ran the barbell through just as fast as the needle had gone through, tightened the ball, and that was that! I figure maybe 30 seonds from clamps to "There, done". Yep, definately The Piercer :) Yep, I did what everyone else does. I looked cross-eyed to see my new jewelry :) Then spent a minute or so basically admiring myself in the mirror :) I'd been prepared for some slight headache from the piercing, but oddly enough, what hurt more has been my septum with the new 10 Gauge circular barbell through it. Go figure :) It's been 4 days since the piercing, and there's been no problems, and no pain to speak of. Keeping it clean hasn't been a problem, but it keeps reminding me it's there when I take off my t-shirt :) If you're anywhere near southern Maryland, I can't recommend anyone as much as I recommend Ryan at Snakeman's. The guy is as good as any I've seen in big name studios, and is well worth the travel. I know, I'm going back for more holes soon :) Katherine/Moonwolf


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Ryan
Studio: Snakeman%27s+Leather
Location: Frederick%2C+Maryland

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