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it hurt! i was talking to my friend thru icq today, and i asked her whether i should get a nose piercing or not, and she was like go for it, it will suit you. and I had been wanting a nose piercing for like EVER. so yeah anyways, i went to stinky fingers, the closest piercer so i told them i wanted a nose piercing, and they were like 'ok, show us some ID' and i showed them my student ID, and they told me 'no, you have to have a better ID, do you have your maryland ID' and i told them that iw as no citizen so they told me to get my passport, mann i had to go back to my room to get my passport and stuff, and on the way to my room, i was like 'oh please, let me not chicken out, please', so yeah =) i came back to the store, filled out the necessary forms and selected my jewelry, a ring, a little one, and sat on the light blue table. The room was little, it was really bright and had weird stuff everywhere that id rather not see, cuz they just might have something to do with my nose. She showed me my needle, and when i saw it, i was like 'uh huh, so thats going thru' She showed me the clamps and told me to relax and it would hurt and my eyes might tear a bit. then she told me if i got a piercing close or on the crevice, id have veinslike spider webs on my face. duh!. Iwas like ' am i going to get them on my face??' she was like 'no, you'll be just fine' phew. Then she told me to sit straight, put my hands under my thighs,concentrate on a picture (but all the pictures were of piercings!!!) and she applied some smelly stuff on and in my nose, and it stinked! and she pierced the needle thru, oh boyyy!!!!! did it hurt, i even cried ou a little, and blood started flowing out, like like a waterfall!I had blood on myskirt, on my mouth, teeth, everywhere, then she pushed the ring thru and applied Qtips to stop the blood. but it wouldnt stop!!!! then i started freaking out. eventually it stopped..thanx to my blood vessels. so then she adjusted the ring, and it didnt hurt at all, once you experience the pain of that needle, allthe other pains are minor =) then she cleaned my nose, and i applied cold water on my skirt cuz blood stains i guess. then she asked me if i felt dizzy or anything, and i was like 'no im fine thank you' .and walked out of the store with a piercing..then i took the watertaxi to downtown and when there was a breeze, my nose hurt, so i had to keep my hands around the piercing, heh i must have looked funny but that was it, finito, i still cant believe i have a nose ring, seems like a dream but yeah it's really cool to have one =) i do suggest that you get one, and the other worst part is i keep staring at my down my nose, trying to see the ring. and my eyes do hurt from all that weird activity. and thats about it. and the cleaning shouldnt be hard i guess, i got all the necessary stuff to keep my nose clean, but if you ever get one, try to take good care of it. (like im an expert or something heh) oh and i asked the piercer, if i would have a scar once i took it out, and she showed me her scar, which was a very little dent and which looked cool. And she told me that she had a ring where that dentw as for 15 years! and after 15 years all she had was one little sweet dent, ahh the memoriess of sweet piercings =) and dont freak out, it DOES hurt but it only lasts for a tiny fraction of time, like 2 seconds? so go get some. be careful when your wearing something, or when your sleeping, i havent yet slept, and im afraid to sleep! i just might sleep on the ring and then it'd hurt. but yeah everygood thing has some thorny stuff about it. and go to a PROFESSIONAL. dont try to pierce yourself, it's likely to cause you more suffering and pain. well i dotn want to ramble on and on and i just got a piercing like 6 hours ago so who am i to speak, brace yourselves and get a nose piercing, it's worth it, oh and it itches a little...and thats about it i guess! haf a very nice day =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: tracy
Studio: sticky+fingers
Location: md

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