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Painful Pleasures

ng in general is that painful of a process, At least this is what I thought because of my other experiences. But trying to be the tough guy I am And him only doing one other septum I was up to the challange. I came home from work and was like damn it I have $65. Just enough for gas and a piercing. Rest went for my car paymentsm etc...etc...etc... Couldnt decide what i wanted done either my tounge or my septum. Early that day i was less than excited about the day and already made my mind to take my paycheck and get somthing pierced. My friends were all kinda of concered because out of all of them they only had either theyre touge nipples or ears pierced. I was also the first to get my eyebrow pierced. Which theyre were also uneasy about. Finally I made the half an hour drive to kuwannee and made up my mind my septum was getting stuck. I let him examine my nose again because he had done it at an earlier date before i had enough money on me. He sat me down and warned me that he had only done one other and he didnt know exactly where to place it. So I whipped out my handy print out of a few septums from bme that i had printed out the day before. I requested a 12 g jewely and thats really what i wanted, but he took the 10 g piercing needle out and was like "oh my god thats huge, I would feel better piercing you with a 12 g needle and putting in a 14 g. You can streach it out later" So wanting both of us to stay in a good mood I agreed. I mean I streached out my eyebrow ring to 16 g then a 14 g. So it didnt seem like a big deal. I like this guy but hes scary he doesnt use gloves or, well he didnt even use forcepts i think theyre called to pinch my nose. Just a courk and a 12 g needle. I asked if i could put in a cd of mine to calm my nerves, Because i jsut got off of work and my parents started checking me for new piercings every once and awhile. (Which they dont do anymore cuz im 18 outa school good joband moving out) So as my faverite Group (Kottonmouth Kings) was playing I said lets get this shiznet going. He stuck it half way in slowly. Painful as hell i just sat theyre perfectly still except flairing my nostrils. He took the needle out and said lets do this again. He thought he went in crooked. He stuck it in again, even more painful. slowly i could feel my septum feel like a sponge. Then he finally pulled the needle though and with it my septum retainer. (Work would obviously prohibit me from wearing a noticable septum ring) Why I stayed so still I wouldnt know. I know instinctivly not to move around. Maybe i could just take the pain or the addreniline was pumping to hard. I couldnt tell, I just did it. THe only thing that was different about this also was no one was with me. I was alone so of course I was some what uneasy . Because with my others i alwasy had other ready there for support though i never needed it. It would have definatly been a comfort. I bled for a minimum of 5 minutes. Unlike my other piercings. But As it stands Ive had my septum ring for 6 weeks now. No problems at all except this damn build up that keeps on getting on it making it difficult to take out. Because I interchange it with a 14 g circular barbell, and curved barbell. It generally has been healing up really nicely. No infections what so ever. No continous bleeding only midl pain when i move it around the corners of my retianer. The area around the hole is totally white, why im not sure. and i notice the skin started to grow around it for a bit i have like a bump around a lil part of the hole that probably shouldnt be there. Nothing big though. The best thing, To be totally honest is the reactiongs and attention. These went the reasons i got i pierced buts its been cool. Ive grew up and lived in a lower high class suburbia. So old ladies and older couples and even other kids are just atonished. Ive had little kids come up to me and ask me if it hurt then just start walking of and go cool. Other than that no one who i have wanted to know has seen it. never hurt a bit unless i screwed around with it. But because of my allergies it vibrates like a tuning fork when ever i sneeze. A definate improvment i would have to say...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Flesh+And+Blood+Tattoo+%26+Piercing+Studio
Location: Kuwannee%2C+IL

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