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Spur of the moment septum (well sorta)

Spur of the moment septum (well sorta)

At A Glance Author anonymous

The first time I ever saw a septum piercing was probably on a picture of a cow/bull. Also the piercing never really interested me until I started to look at real life pictures of it done on people. Soon after I got my tongue pierced I was confronting my parents about this piercing. They didn't particularly take it too well. I got the whole "What's a septum?", "Are you crazy, you'll look like a slave!". I asked them over and over again until finally they agreed to let me do it in June of '99. So June rolls around, then they change their minds. This was not the first time they did it to me, I was quite annoyed. A month later in July of '99 (now), I was casually lurking around shopping one day when I found a store that did body piercing on people 16 years of age. Only certain body piercings by the way. So that thought just stayed vacant in my mind for about 2 weeks. I was soon going to be back in that area so I busted up a plan to get it done the nite before. Normally I dont have a choice but to plan things well out in advance. But since my parents were not involved with this I just went crazy and did something totally sporadic. It was such a nice change! Anyways, now the day of the piercing. I walk into the studio make my appointment for 1:00pm. Since I had two hours to kill I just shopped around town for a bit and bought a sub to fill my tummy with something before the piercing was done. Well 1:00 crawls around quite slowly and Im back in the piercing studio and I have to fill out the form and just wait a bit because the piercist was running a little late. The studio had this loud rave music going but it totally got pumped. Also the whole place had a fun look to it, but extremely clean too. I was also sort of concerned that the loudness of the music would disturb the artists at work but I found out the music was considerably quieter in the backrooms. Soon I heard my name bellowed by the piercer and I was on my way into the back. He told me to go into the third room on the left, so I did. The doorway into this room was covered with a thick velvet purple curtain, very nice! Then the piercist told me to sit down in the big comfy chair. He showed me that all of the materials used were coming out of sterile packages etc and then he cleaned out my nose with this redish stuff. I also noticed this clearish goo on a popsicle stick on the table, I wasnt sure what it was for but he stuck the needle into it. I think it was vaseline to lube up the needle now that I think of it. He put the receiver tube in my right nostril and the dull end of the needle in my left nostril to make sure it was aligned properly. Then the needle was on its way thru, during that time I thought about my breathing. I wasnt breathing at all! So I recalled some tips on breathing Ive heard from other people and I took a few deep breaths. When the needle was going thru my eyes started to water wh Its now two days after the piercing and i hardly notice it at all in there, except for when I move my nose around it will start to hurt a bit. I'm cleaning it twice a day with epsom salts, I'm sure that many of you out there wont agree with this cleaning method but its what the piercer told me and since he was the one that pierced it I'm going with what he said. My parents do not know that I did this, and since Ive got a retainer in they probably wont notice too fast. When I put a curved barbell in thats when I can expect the trouble to come. Honestly I'm not sure about how they'll react, but this piercing was something I felt strong about. I got it not only for asthetic reasons but because of a spiritual reason I can't really explain too well. I thought it would make me feel like a stronger person, and I do feel stronger. Almost 90% of the people that know I have said this or something along these lines, "Why would you do that? Theres no point. It's just going to make you look ugly." or, "Why ruin a perfect face with that?" and the ever classic, "Ew, thats disgusting. What are you a bull now or something?". I respect these peoples opinions of the piercing but personally I think this is a beautiful piercing. Well considering I only had the piercing done a few days ago I'm not going to be sure on the official outcome for a few weeks at least, but so far I'm extremely happy with it. I do feel bad for going against my parents wishes to not have it done but this was just something I had this incredibly strong urge to do. As other people have mentioned in their experiences, this isn't really a piercing for someone who cant take ridicule. Ive just had it for a few days now, and you cant even see that its there, but ive already been getting rude comments. But this was my choice and if I had the chance to do go back and change things I would still get it done.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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