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The day I went and got my septum pierced.

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The day i went and got my septum pierced was very strange.  The day

was very hot and i didn't really think i was going to do it. I thought i would get to the shop and then find some lame reason to bail. I live in a small town so i had to go to Huntington, Wv to get my piercing. It's a slightly bigger town with body piercing shops. All the way up to Huntington my stomach was twisting with fear. I tried to hide this from my friend and i think i did a pretty good job too.

So, now after finally making it to the shop, I headed inside.  The

inside was very ordinary of a tattoo and body piercing shop I guess. One room for piercing and a larger room for tattoo's. There was only three girls inside each waiting to get some ink done. There was no one waiting to get pierced. I talked to the girl that was going to my piercing a little. Asking her about the procedure and junk. I asked for a retainer for my septum because if my mother found out that i did this she would kick me out of the house. She told me she had just ran out of retainers. So now I had to walk all over downtown to find a retainer. After stopping for the second time at a music shop I finally found a retainer. Sadly I had to settle with a 14guage retainer because for some strange reason no one had anything any larger. (wanted a 12guage, guess i'll have to strech it)

After returning to the shop she informed me she would have to

sterilize the retainer because it wasn't in a package. An hour later she was ready to stab me.

she took me into this small room and I sat in this funny looking chair. For some strange reason I had realized that I wasn't scared anymore. She pulled out the retainer and needle. (they were both packaged now) Now she began to clean my nose with some sort of cleaning fluid. It had a very strong smell to it.

We disscussed where I wanted it and then she clamped the forceps? on me. They were so tight it hurt. She now got out the needle and put it up to my nose. I was still not scared, this really puzzled me because all the way up there I was scared to death. This was to be my first real piecring, The only others I have are in my ears and I don't think they count.

By the way, I just got this done two days ago.

Ok, now with needle in hand she asked if I was ready, and with my yes the needle went through. The pain was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. She didn't mark my nose with anything so I think that's why it looks a little lop sided to me. IT's a bit swollen now but it still looks crooked.

Now a day later I can tell it's lop sided.  I was so mad after I

realized it wasn't straight. It's completely obvious that it's not this way just because of swelling, It's lop sided. So, later that day I called The shop. It's called The Ink Well and a girl named Muna did the piercing. So, after calling she told me it may be swelling but if I was still not satisfied that I could come back in about a week and she would fix it. On one side you can see the retainer and on the other it's not visible. I want the lower side raised so it's straight and not visible.

So, as of now i'm waiting for wensday to roll around to go get my

piercing fixed. I'm really not looking forward to the pain again but it'll be worth it if I can get my favorite piercing looking nice. I can't wait to get a ring in it. I've wanted my septum done for years so it's kind of a downer to have it lop sided.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

When I first told my friends that was the piercing I wanted they all

gave me crap for it. I couldn't find one person that thought a septum piercing kicks ass. I heard all the usually about it. It's an ugly piercing, Why would you want to look like a bull?

it just looks stupid. I didn't care though because I think it's the coolest piercing i've ever seen. It just has an aura of power around it. I wanted this power, I wanted to feel a sense of strengh only attainable through a piercing.

Well, i'm going back to the Ink Well the day after tommorrow to get

my septum fixed. Wish me luck and when I get back I'll write and update on my piercing. Hope you could follow my letter, I'm not to great at writing.

If anyone would like contact me my e-mail is [email protected] Thanks

for listening.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Nose Piercing

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