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How do you pick your nose? (stretching my septum)

Long before I knew anything about body piercing, I always said that if I were to get anything other than my ears pierced, I would get a "bull ring." When I began to learn more about such things, I decided that I was going to do it. About two and a half years ago, I got my first non-ear pierce, my septum. I got it pierced with a 14ga 1/2" SSS circular barbell.

As I learned more and more, I discovered stretching. I never thought that I would want to do it myself, but I liked the look of large guage piercings on other people. I thought that I might eventually go to 12ga, but nothing more. (Anyone who has read about my lobe stretching should be picking up on a theme here)

A few months after the peircing, I ordered a curling tusk, because I thought it would look cool. The tusk had a 14ga notch in the middle, but was made of 12ga stock, so to get it in, I had to go to 12ga. Since I play with my ring a lot, the stretch was very easy, so at this point my septum was at 12ga. I got a 12ga 5/8" circ, and thought that I was done stretching.

A little while later, I ordered a straight spike. Since I was at 12ga, it had a 12ga notch, but was made of 10ga stock. The stretch was no problem, but I didn't really want to go bigger, so I kept wearing the 12ga ring when I wasn't wearing the spike.

My state of contentedness at 12ga ended when I finally got around to getting my lobes re-pierced at 8ga. The 12 ga in my septum looked silly when bookended by the rings in my ears, so I skipped past 10ga and went straight to 8ga. The stretch was a little uncomfortable, and my nose was sore for a few days, but overall not that bad.

After a few months and several more lobe stretches, I decided that I wanted to stretch my septum again. I liked the look of 4ga, so I ordered a 4ga circ. I slipped a 6ga ring in with no problems and wore that for the week it took for the circ to come in. Then I stretched for the 4ga. It went in with some difficulty, and there was a tiny tear around the hole on one side. I got a little bit of scar tissue, which went away after several sea salt attacks.

I honestly thought that I was going to stay at 4ga, at least until I went to a concert and had a little problem. I was wearing my huge curling tusk in the crowd, when a stray hand came along and forcibly removed it from my face. Luckilly, since it was 4ga, it didn't rip out the front, but rather turned its way out while tearing along the bottom of the hole. There was no real pain, but there was a LOT of blood, which I didn't notice until I saw a horrified look on some poor girl's face. I cleaned up and slipped my circ back in, wishing that I had some 2ga jewelry with me. After the tears healed, and the scar tissue went away, I decided to try to stretch to 2ga. The taper slipped right in with no stretch, so I decided to wait a little while, and then go for 0ga.

After a month or two, I felt ready to go to 0ga, so I got a taper, and when it felt loose in the shower, I shoved it in. Once again, there was no stretching required, so I slipped in a 0ga eyelet to wear until I get a circ in this size.

I've been fairly certain for a while that I was going to stop at 0ga, but since the stretch from 4ga went so easily (thanks to some random person ripping out my jewelry), I'm thinking that 00ga or maybe even 1/2" might be in my future.

Oh, and BTW, since so many people I meet seem to be so concerned with how I pick my nose with a big ring in there, I'll let out my big secret: long pinky nails. That's all I'm gonna say.

peace josh


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Dec. 1997
in Nose Piercing

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