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Soma's Piercings

have four holes in each ear, three I had done with a gun, and one that I pierced myself with a disposable gun. I would suggest these nifty little disposable guns for anyone interested in piercing (the lobe only!!) themselves. I don't know about anyone else, but I can tolerate much more pain if I inflict it on myself...

Back to my ears. I suggest the gun because when I pierced myself with a

needle, I ended up with one hole in front and two in back, and schitzophrenic piercings are never fun.

As far as my own experiences with these piercings, the only real tip I

have is to put body piercing rings in your cartilage piercings as soon as possible. I changed mine out after four weeks to 16 gauge with no pain or swelling. The plus to the rings is that they don't put pressure on your cartilage while you're sleeping, and they won't cut around the hole like traditional ear- rings.

Down the line, I decided to have my septum pierced just over a year ago

(June 1997) and to be honest, it has been the most fun and given me the fewest problems. I had long before decided that if I was going to be pierced again, I wanted to get my nose done, and I'm a stickler for symmetry...

I have actually pierced my nostril about three times (different spots)

but I am not proud of how we did it. My roomate (Amber) our friend (Joy) and I would often find ourselves with lots of time and no money so we would decide to pierce stuff. And yes, we were just as stupid as we sound. We used a plain sewing needle, and because of that, Amber has a permanent bump on her nose from scarring. I personally, and I'm not sure how, escaped any scarring or infection, but Amber had Mt. St. Helens erupt from her nose more than once.

But back to the septum piercing.  I went to every piercing parlor in

Gainesville, Fla. and spoke to each piercer for about ten minutes. I was surprised to hear each one say that this is one of the more painful piercings, because my friend, Amina, said hers was really not painful at all.

I ended up have a friend, Steve, who now owns Subterranean Circus,

pierce me. We went to his "office" at Modern Age Tobacco and Gifts, and I sat in the LazyBoy while he set up. He swabbed out my nose and felt around in there while we talked about what I wanted to do with this piercing. Because I wanted to be able to completely hide it when necessary we decided to pierce it high and far back into my nose. Steve freehanded it, and I heard the pop, pop more than I felt it as the needle passed through the skin. Only one eye teared, and the worst, and only real, pain was when he followed the needle with the retainer. Believe it or not, my septum piercing hurt less than my ears (no swelling or redness). It took less than two minutes from the initial cleaning until Steve was giving me a hug and sending my home with my new toy and strict orders about washing my hands before touching it, and cleaning it twice a day.

The only real care regimen I followed was sudsing up my nose in the

shower and once more each day, making sure to use antibacterial soap(Dial). I have to admit I was often touching it with less-than-clean hands, but I found if the piercing itched, a gentle wash with some more Dial took care of any irritation or annoyance. I was able to switch out between my retainer and a circular barbell after one week, and withing six months could leave it out completely for up to four days without any noticeable tightness when I put a piece back in.

My septum piercing is great fun, and I recommend it highly.  However

one hint- you know how metal inside your car gets really, really hot during the summer? Well, at least in Florida, don't hop right into your car after it's been closed up in the sun for a few hours- the heat is absorbed readily by the metal, and it makes you feel like your nose is a rottisserie chicken...

Well, this spring, the piercing bug hit me again.  I had always toyed

with the idea of navel piercing, but traditional rings didn't do a damn thing for me (visually), so I had disregarded the idea. Then my friend Brenna showed me her jewelry, which was this beautiful opal and gold curved barbell jobbie specifically designed for navels. It had a small gold ball just above the navel and an oval opal nestled in the button. Perfect!

Not really being able to afford a 350 dollar custom piece, I opted for

a nice 45 dollar knockoff made of steel and a clear rhinestone. The stone in the button resembles a disco ball made of glass and catches the light quite well. Anyhow, I went to Smoke here in Gainesville, and he clamped and pierced me without any problems. I have to say, the navel piercing hurt more than my septum, but I think it was because of the piece we put in. Because of the somewhat unusual shape of the piece (he had to pierce it from inside the navel out) he used a larger needle (12g) than the piece(14g). But after the actual piercing I had virtually no bleeding or pain.

  I've had it for about 4 months now, and can take it in and out

without any problems. The cleaning regime for this was the same as any other piercing, and the only problem I had was with sweat. Living in Florida with no A/C, you do sweat,and it made the new skin around and in my navel piercing itch like the dickens. I actually got into the habit of putting a cotton ball behind the piercing(in my button) to absorb the sweat, and that seems to work well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1998
in Nose Piercing

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