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my d.i.y. piercings.

ell, let's see here... I just broke the 18 year landmark in Dec., so now that I'm legal to get them done, I'm ready to go all out. Right now, I have my septum at an 8 ga., my tongue at a 10, lobes at 0's, and my industrial at a 14. I had my labret, lip, and eyebrows done, but, being 16, it was kinda tough to find a job, if you can believe that, so I ended up taking those out. The first piercing I did was my septum. My dad's girlfriend at the time had a son who was teaching me how to play guitar and had his tongue and septum pierced. After seeing that nose ring, I decided that I needed one. I was thirteen at the time and didn't do much of anything. So, one day over the summer of '93, I was sitting at my kitchen table trying to find something to pierce my septum with. All I had laying around was safety pins and sewing needles, both of which seemed incredibly small. I looked around and noticed the tapestry needles holding my curtains up. It looked nice and thick, and I figured it couldn't be that bad, so I pulled them down, grabbed one, and sat down at the kitchen table ready to put a hole in my nose. Now, keep in mind, I was 13 and pretty stupid. I don't know if being aware of the dangers involved in piercing your septum would've stopped me, but I got lucky nevertheless...

So, here I was, needle sitting in a cereal bowl of rubbing alcohol with a pair of wire cutters next to it to cut a piece of it off to use as a makeshift retainer, wondering about how much this was gonna hurt. I took the needle out of the alcohol and held it up against the inside of my nose. I was telling myself that I'd count to three and then shove it straight thru.

1... 2... 3...

I started to shove. As soon as I'd broken thru the first layer of skin, my eyes started to water and I paused... mistake #1. This resulted in about 3 more stop and starts. After about 3 minutes of a big needle hanging out of my nose, I finally shoved it all the way thru. It was about damn time. I took the wire cutters and cut a small piece of the needle off the end and decided that I needed a hoop to at least see how it looked. So here I was, looking like I'd been crying my eyes out all day long, without a car or the slightest idea where to get jewelry. I went into my sisters room and got into her jewely making kit. All I found were some silver beads with holes all the way thru them. I didn't think they'd do me any good until I found a butterfly clip, cut the ends off, and jammed the beads on the jagged ends, making a neat little horseshoe hoop thing. Getting that thru my nose was painful as hell, but it looked neat and was well worth it.

After all that fun, I kept that little piece of metal in my nose off and on for about 2 years. Finally, I got a job and could afford some real jewlry for my piercing. I went to Future Shock, some little store that specializes in Doc Martens and jewelry and looked at some hoops. At the time, I had no idea what gauges were, let alone what guage I needed. I ended up picking up a 10ga captive bead ring, hoping it would fit. I tried to put it in thinking it was gonna be tight and I'd have to cover it with vasoline and shove it through, but it slid through like it was nothing. Simple enough. About a year and a half after having lost that hoop and buying about 3 more, I finally decided to just go and get it stretched. I went to Skinquake in Indy, and told the guy I wanted to get and 8ga circular barbell(although at the time I just said I want that fat horseshoe lookin' thing) and he set everything up. Now having no trouble getting the 10ga through, I figured stretching it to an 8 would be a cinch. Well, he proved me wrong as soon as he got about an inch into the taper. Something was hurting... bad. My eyes started watering, my nose was throbbing, and for some really wierd reason I have yet to understand, my two upper-front teeth started hurting. The guy got about half-way thru the taper, paused and asked me when I wanted him to resume. I told him to go ahead and get it over with, and he shoved it the rest of the way thru. Fun. After I left, I had to be at work, so he put an acrylic plug in for me, and I went to work. I was all excited about having a bigger nose ring, so as soon as I got off work, I took the plug out and stuck the hoop in. It looked good, all was cool. Well, I went home that night with my hoop in, slept in it and had no problems... until the next day. When I got to work that day, I realized that I had left the plug on a table the night before, and sure enough, it was gone.

Having nothing to put in my nose, I freaked out. I had no time, and no money (since I spent all my money on that damn hoop) so I started looking around the store for something to stick in it. All we had was a lot of bic ball point pens. I took one apart and cut off the end with the little stopper off. It was pretty jagged and sticking that thru was real neat. Started bleeding and everything. After that, I decided not to mess with the hoop until after it had healed. When it finally did, everything was just fine.

I got it stretched in Jan. of '97 to the 8ga, which has been over a year and a half now. There hadn't been a day that's gone by where I haven't tugged on it, pulled it, or twisted it to freak the people at Steak n' Shake out, so I figured I could go to a 6ga no problem. So, yesterday, I decided to go to Body Art, just down the street from Skinquake(and a hell of a lot cheaper) and bought a 6ga hoop. Alfonso, one of the piercers there, is a pretty good friend of mine, and he wasn't about to let me leave without seeing me put it in, because if I didn't get it in, he would get it in for me... So, I took the 8 out and put the 6 in... just like that. Right now, it's loose as ever, so I think I need to go to a 4, as soon as I can afford the damn hoop...

So that explains the now 6ga hoop in my septum, which has gone from an 8 since I started writing this, not to mention my lobes, now at 00, tongue at 8, and my industrial still at a 14... Give me some time and I'll go into my (now non- existent) eyebrow, lip, and labret piercings....



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1998
in Nose Piercing

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