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Well prior to this piercing, I have only had my ears pierced, and my navel, which didn't work out. I wanted to get a piercing that was very visable, but that I could also hide from my anti piercing parents. Voila...the septum! It is extremely cool and I can put in a retainer and they will never know it's there! It was perfect. So first I actually had to get up the guts to do it. I checked out articles and pics on BME, and sent out some emails to people asking annoying questions, then finnally decided to do it. So I went to a nearby place that does piercing....it is the Uptown Downtown in South Carolina..it is not a piercing only place but a guy by the name of Keith does his piercing there. He is somewhat hard to get ahold of because his main job is being a Paramedic so he has odd hours. But it is definatly worth it to have him pierce you. He is very nice and helpful. I was able to get an appointment with him and me and a friend (for moral support) went in on the appointed day. I asked him if it was ok for me to have it pierced with the retainer and he said it was fine. So I picked out a 12 gauge retainer and he set up all the various piercing stuff. He put some sort of cleaning agent on my nose.. it smelled TERRIBLE..then wiped it off and marked my nose with a marker. We agreed on the markings and he put the clamp on. The clamp hurt pretty bad cause he had to twist it around a big before he pierced me and it was real tight. I was pretty scared while he was doing this. I had heard all this about how the septum piercing was the most painful piercing and I was pretty worried. He asked me if I was ready and I said yeah and he had me take some deep breaths then he pierced me. While it wasn't the excruciating pain I had heard of it was pretty bad. It was a stinging pain and brought tears to my eyes. But it was over in a couple seconds. He then got the retainer and put it in..that was a bit painful..then it was all over. He showed me how to flip it up and handed me a tissue as it was bleeding a little. He asked me if I was ok and let me sit there for a little bit so I would feel better then I got up and left. After it was all over the worst part was that I had opened my eyes and seen the needle. I think I should have just kept them shut! I didn't relieze how big those needles are! Cleaning was pretty simple..I used antibacterial soap a couple times a day. It was easiest to use it in the shower but it worked fine over the sink too. Now it has been about 3 months and I think it is pretty well healed up. There is no pain. It wasn't too bad right after the piercing unless you get touched on the nose....that is painful! Otherwise it is fine. I would definatly reccomend this one..it is very nice looking, easily hidden, and not real hard to take care of. If anyone has any questions or anything, feel free to email me at [email protected]:)

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Carmen Sikes Clemson University

"The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those, who in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality." ~Dante


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1998
in Nose Piercing

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