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Getting my septum pierced

P>I've got a bunch of piercings, but my absolute favourite is my lovely septum-piercing. It's such a beautiful piercing and whatever jewelry I wear in it, be it a keeper, thus hiding the piercing from the public, or tusks, causing heads to turn on the street, it empowers me and makes me feel unique and strong. Having my septum pierced was for me a way of reclaiming myself and proving to myself and everyone else that I'm in control. I've always thought it was a cool piercing that made people look powerful in a way. Seeing pictures of african tribesmen wearing huge tusks through their noses inspired me even more. They, to me, stood for freedom, confidence and selfprowess. I just had to have this hole in my nose! When I told the people around me I was getting my septum done a lot of them, among them my girlfriend at the time, tried to discourage me from doing it. Various arguements were used against my forthcoming piercing, amongst them were that it looked "ugly and barbaric" and that it might be dangerous to pierce there. I was told that the hole would expand by itself, finally causing my nose to collapse! What total nonsense I thought and went ahead and booked the time to have it done. The piercer I had chosen, Pete, was the same guy who'd done all of my previous piercings. He already knew me and my body so it was an easy descision to make. The day of the piercing I was very excited. Today I'd really show my critics I ment business! I'd had a couple of piercings done before, but they were all a lot more discrete-tongue, nipple and labret-while the septum is totally "in your face", literally speaking. I entered the tattoo-shop Pete worked out of and he greeted me courteously as always. After sitting me down Pete examined my septum, did some marking and finally laid me down on the "operating table". All caught up in the excitement I never noticed him withdrawing the needle, putting on gloves or anything, I just heard him ask me in a calm voice: -Ready? My excitement almost acting as an altered state, I just nodded in consent. -Then here we go, my friend, said Pete and pushed the needle in. I never felt any pain, just a very warm and comforting tingling sensation and my salty tears flooding down my face and onto my chest. It all went very quickly, both the piercing and the insertion of the jewelry, and upon getting up and looking at myself in the mirror I felt an awesome high, like nothing I'd ever felt before. There I was with my newly installed 2.0mm x 12mm niobiumring, master of my own destiny and on top the world.

This feeling would carry me like wings for the rest of the day and into the evening. Even today, years afterward, that feeling returns to me from time to time and fills me up with confidence and positive energy. Having my septum pierced has led me to take a path in life that I'm not sure I would have taken otherwise-the path that is mine and only mine. I no longer doubt myself like I used to and I have strength like never before. Of course this is not just because of the actual piercing, but mostly because of what it represents to me. It's expanded my consciousness acting like a springboard into further exploration of myself and my being, spiritual, sexual and otherwise. Since the actual piercing I've stretched my septum to 6mm and I regret nothing and it'll be with me for the rest of my life. Pete the piercer nowadays resides at Barbarella Bodypiercing in Malmoe, Sweden. [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 1998
in Nose Piercing

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