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This was my first stabbing in Chicago. (I moved last Saturday) I had wanted this stabbing ever since I was 15 years old. I knew I would get it as soon as I was on my own. I've heard success stories as well as horror stories. "It was the worst pain I ever felt in my life... bla blah blah" So today I went to The Alley (around the north part of downtown) I spoke to the girl at the counter and she said the peircer will be there in about fifteen minutes. So I walked around for a little while with Kyle (one of my room mates who wanted to witness this stabbing) After a few minutes of browsing, I could feel myself start to get that rush of anticipation one gets before a new stabbing. I walked back to the counter and the girl told me I could pick out the jewlery I wanted and go over to the peircer. I got a 14gauge retainer for my septum. I was happy. I walked over to the peircer and she told me to sit down on this long black couch type thing. I filled out a standard "I give you permission to stab me with this needle, yes I'm eighteen bla blah.." form. We chatted for a minute or two while she was getting ready, and she told me about the peircing and how it works and such.
She also told me that it heals quite fast (four to six weeks...), which suprised me because I thought it took longer. So she was ready and asked me if I was too, I said "I've wanted this peircing since I was 15! Of course I'm ready.." or something like that. So she had me lay down on the couch.

So first she had me angle my head back so she could sit behind me and stick her fingers in my nose. She said to me "Close your eyes, so we don't have to look at eachother while I have my fingers up there.." That was kind of weird, because she was so cute! Auugh, she was gorgous. I shut my eyes and I could feel her swabbing alcohol inside my nose, and then then her feeling my septum for where she'd do the actual peircing. She lined it up a few times, to get it just right. She 'warned' me that with this peircing, your eyes water a lot. (I guess because it goes through a nerve I read) She told me then after she found the spot, she'd line up the needle, and tell me before she pushes it through. I felt the spot in my nose she'd be stabbing. She told me "Relax, and I want you to focus on your breathing... Just relax.." I guess I was pretty tense, but I started to breath slowly. My eyes were already tearing quite a bit. I would blink away tablespoons full of tears. It was kind of neat how
it felt streaming down my face.I could feel my heart racing, I had to fart, my hands were sweaty -but I was relaxed and ready as ever. She said "Ok, I'm going to do it now..." and as she said 'do it now' I felt this hot bee-sting go through my nose. I knew it was through, and my breathing got a little faster. I felt the retainer slide through. I blinked away tears from my eyes, to see her staring back at me smiling. I felt a bit faint I guess.

She cleaned me up, wiped away the tears from my eyes and face and I sat up. She checked it out for a few minutes to make sure it was straight and was positioned right. I took one look in the mirror and nearly died. I was so shocked, thrilled, happy, relieved and excited that I finally got the peircing I've always wanted. We shot the breeze for a few minutes about aftercare, and if there are any problems I can call her (she gave me her card which had a telephone number on it..) and also.. if in a few weeks I don't like where its placed she'll redo it for me. (What!? I have to go through that again!?) I payed the girl, thanked her a million times and left The Alley a newly peirced kid....

--- Update ---

It's been about a month since I was peirced. Healing is fine, little to no pain at all. Its healing nicely, and I love it. All around good peircing.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Nov. 1998
in Nose Piercing

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