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Female septum (and then I got sick!)

I had been planning on getting my septum pierced for a couple months, but I

just couldn't get up the nerve to do it. I recently had my nipples pierced (well, about a month ago) and I've heard they hurt more. My friend Mia called me last Saturday (10/31....Halloween Day) and asked me if I wanted to go to Venice with her and a friend. I went with them and as we were walking a guy with a LOT of facial piercings came up to us and commented on our earrings. (I have 10 on my left ear, and she has 7.) He told us about special 2-for-1 prices on piercings for the weekend at the shop that he worked for, and handed us fliers. We didn't think too much of it until we walked by the shop and saw all the jewelry and how clean it was inside. So, we decided to go in. We told ourselves we were just going to look around....

When we got inside we met two of the piercers- one was Brad, who had his

septum done, along with 24 other piercings. We were talking to him about his septum piercing and asked him about the pain factor, how long it took to heal, etc. He took us trough everything and we decided it was time to get it done. He helped us pick out the jewelry and let us decide what was right for our own noses. We both got 14 gauge SSS retainers, even though all the other jewelry was tempting. We had to be able to hide them for work and other things. However, I did see a 10ga circular barbell that was just calling my name....that will be for future stretching.

After we paid him, he took us and our friend Justin (who was thinking about a

piercing for himself) back into a separate room. Inside there was a big dortor-like blue tabel with a pull-out for a head rest. I decided to go first, and I got up there. He explained to me how he was going to do everything and how to start a breathing pattern. He showed me the needle (which seemed rather big at this point), and all the other things on the try that he was using. He explained everything VERY well, which made me feel secure. As the piercee, I love to be well informed.

I laid my head down and he began feeling around for my "sweet spot."  I tried

to concentrate on other things rather than just looking at the ceiling, but I was so nervous I couldn't even think straight! He kept poking around in my nose- cleaning and marking the perfect spot. He told me to take a deep breath in and let it out. We did it one more time, and as soon as I let it out the needle poked right through!! I squinted my eyes and clenched my teeth, but I think it was just because I could hear it going through my nose, which was disgusting. My eyes started tearing up and he put the retainer through. Everything went a lot faster than I had expected! There was almost no pain involved! I felt the needle pinch as it went through, but it wasn't even that bad.

I stood up in a daze and looked in the mirror.  I was so proud of myself that

I wanted to tell everyone on the beach what I had just done. I kept staring at myself, and didn't even notice the look of shock on my friend's faces. Mia said that after watching what just happened, she didn't want to get hers done, but I reassured her that it was virtually painless. When I watched as she went through the same thing, I couldn't believe how painful it LOOKED. It's a lot better when you're on the receiving end of the needle!


When I woke up my nose was a little sore.  It almost felt like I bumped the

end of it on something. During the middle of the night I forgot it was there and hit my nose on my pillow. (ouch!!) When I went to clean it, I pulled the retainer down, and it moved with no problems. I was expecting crusties, but there weren't any. It moved around and didn't really hurt at all. It took me a while to get used to not toughing my nose so much. (When you're in the shower, you don't realize how often you touch your face!) I hit it a couple of times and my eyes started to water a little, but nothing too bad. I decided I would need to go buy some jewelry, because I was dying to see what it would look like.

DAY 3- I caught a cold!!!!

It has only been 3 days, and my piercing is healing perfectly, despite the

fact that I have been sneezing nonstop. My nose is runny, and sinus pills don't seem to be working, but there haven't been any crusties on the retainer, and it seems to still be able to move around with no problems. I getting a little worried- I'm not sure if my cold will interfere with the fresh piercing- I'm hoping for the best. I'm trying to keep it clean by drying my nose out every so often with a tissue or Q-tip. (The whole thing is just plain yucky.) I'm taking all the vitamins and medicines possible....


It has been exactly a week, and everything is going great!  My cold is almost

gone (just some coughing and the occasional sneeze), and my piercing doesn't hurt at all anymore. I am very surprised I could get through a cold with a fresh piercing!! I decided it is time to show it off, so I changed the retainer to a Circular bb and it is beautiful. It went through very easily, and the threads in the bb didn't seem to irritate it at all. I am planning on getting it stretched when it is healed, though I'm not sure if I want the first stretch to be to a 10ga or 8ga. My final gauge will most likely be a 6. So far, I think this piercing is more adorable than any of the others that I have. (I have 18 piercings total, including my tongue, nipples, and navel.)

To anyone who is thinking about getting their septum pierced- go for it!!!!

I LOVE mine!!!!! It is easy to take care of, you can get so many different kinds of jewelry, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

~Pixie [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Nov. 1998
in Nose Piercing

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