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Septum @ Ars Subcutan

oday I got a septum piercing at Ars Subcutan in Mannheim, Germany. It's now about 6 hours old and still sore. :) I had had an information & counseling appointment on Saturday, three days ago, to clear all open questions, check if my nose was suitable for such a piercing and choose the jewelry. We then decided on a 10ga black anodized stainless steel retainer - Wulf (the piercer at Ars Subcutan) won't pierce septa (I was just told that's the correct plural for septum - so don't laugh please ;) at anything smaller than 12ga and since I want to stretch it to 8ga, starting with 10ga was just fine for both of us.

So today, Monday, a friend of mine and I drove up to the piercing shop. First, Wulf checked the aftercare with me and had me read & sign the information & consent form, then we moved to the piercing room itself. It gave a very clean, very clinical impression. He made me climb up the reclining piercing chair, got his tools and the jewelry out of the autoclave and processed to mark the piercing after he had throughly cleaned and disinfected my nose. He was very concerned to get the markings right, so that the piercing would look good and straight in relation to the whole of my face, not just the nose.

Then he clamped my nose. This was quite unpleasantly painful, as the clamps kept on getting tight, and he had to readjust them in order to fit the markings. When he was ready he got then piercing needle, put it in place and pushed it through in one swift movement. It was a dull, strong pain - I clearly felt the needle forcing its way through the surrounding tissue. The pain receded quite quickly, but a strong throbbing remained. He then had me check the position of the piercing in a mirror - the needle (I suppose it was 8ga, though i didn't ask) looked quite impressive. A few tears trickled down my cheek and I felt the endorphins kicking in. We paused for a moment, to comment on the placement.

He then got the retainer and proceeded to insert it. This part was a little painful too, but it was over quite quickly. He flipped it up (and had to fumble quite a little bit since my nostrils are so small) and had a little chat about piercings and stuff to cool down. I spent the rest of the afternoon in town shopping with my friend. It worked quite good to distract me from the dull throbbing in my nose and - shopping is so fun when you are high on endorphins :)

Now, later in the evening, the pain has quite receded. I have become accustomed to the retainer quite quickly. The nose is still a little bit swollen and laughing and kissing are not easy since every movement of the upper lip hurts in the nose. The retainer is virtually invisible (which is a good thing - I do not want to shock parents & employers) and seems fairly easy to clean (though a ring would be, I suppose, even more convenient).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1998
in Nose Piercing

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