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Female septum @ kingpin

I'd never thought in a million years that I would get a septum piercing. The first time I ever saw one was probably a few years ago and I thought it was the ugliest thing. I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to get a "bull ring" (of course at the time, I didn't know about barbells, spikes, etc.) Even later on after I got my first "real" piercing (my tongue), my mom remarked to me, "you'll never get one of those nose rings, will you?" and of course I reassured her that I wouldn't.

Then as I started learning more about piercing, reading BME

and seeing pictures, my mind slowly started to change. I began to like the way they look, even the larger gauges. I think it can really enhance the way you look, especially on someone like me who has a round face. Plus, the fact that I cannot get any visible facial piercings (my parents will not allow it and I am financially dependent on them for school), helped finalize my decision. I wanted the septum piercing and I could wear a retainer in it, flipped up when I was at home and I could put a CBB in it after it healed for when I wasn't at home. It was perfect.

So my friend and I made our journey to Greensboro, to

Kingpin Studio, where I get all my stuff done. She was going to get her tongue pierced but her tongue web was too short and they wouldn't do it. I felt so bad that we drove 2 ½ hours for just my one piercing but oh well. We both had to work that night and maybe it was better that she didn't get it done considering she'd have to talk to people.

Anyway, when I realized that I was the only one getting

something done I got even more nervous. I stalled and stalled. We looked through the books of flash and talked with people. Finally I got my nerves up and I went for it. We went in the piercing room and I sat in a chair. I wanted a 14g SS retainer. Byron went through all the sterilization procedures and told me what was going on. His apprentice was going to watch, apparently the septum is a kind of difficult piercing to do. So his gloved fingers went up my nose-that was a weird sensation! He felt around for the right spot and I was trying to control my breathing. My head was tilted back and I just stared at one spot on the ceiling. My heart was beating SO fast I thought I was going to explode. They kept telling me that it was not a painful piercing but I didn't believe them. He put the needle up to the spot and POP it was through. It did not hurt AT ALL. My eyes teared up a little. It felt weird, that's the only way I can describe it. Then he put the retainer through and that stung a little bit, and then it was over. I walked over to the mirror and it was so wild to see ME with a septum piercing. He told me that as it healed up it would look crooked sometimes because of the swelling and I said fine. He showed me how to flip it up and I was worried that if I had it flipped up I wouldn't be able to get it down because my nostrils are kind of small (it turns out I had nothing to worry about). I loved it and I thanked him-it was great!

It really hurt less than all my piercings, even my tongue.

It stung a little bit when I tried to clean it so I avoided flipping it down to clean it the first day or two (I know, I'm a bad girl). I just stuck a q-tip up my nose and cleaned it that way. Then one day, I got my nose all soaped up with dial and flipped it down. It was as straight as could be and it looked awesome (even though it was just a retainer). My friends at work could not believe it when I showed them.


That was about 3 months ago.  Finally I was able to scrape

together enough money to get a CBB to put in it. Well it wasn't just a money issue, I was kind of nervous about changing the jewelry myself. That's a strange thing about my piercings, I just get so nervous that I'm going to take the original jewelry out and I won't be able to get the new stuff in... Turns out I didn't have to worry about that either. I got a ½ inch diameter 14g SS CBB and took the plunge trying to put it in last week. I slid the retainer out (it looks a lot smaller when it's in your hand!) and tried to put the CBB in. Because I was nervous I poked around in my nose and I couldn't find the hole. I looked in the mirror and couldn't see the hole. I was about to give up after 5 minutes and I grabbed the CBB in my left hand (I'm right-handed) and just put it up to my nose without looking and it just magically slid through! What a relief! I screwed on the other ball and it looked so awesome! It was perfectly straight and wonderful. I was hoping that ½ inch would be small enough so that I could still flip it up like a retainer but I can't. Actually I think even a 7/16 would have been too big. Oh well. So I wore the CBB to class the first time and no one said anything (not that I expected them to...). There is a huge number of people on this campus and I've only seen one other septum piercing (can you believe it?), but it looked about a 4 gauge, and it was on a guy. Hmmm. Anyway, I love the piercing and I recommend it to everyone, especially those that want a facial piercing that they can hide when needed. It looks great and feels great!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1998
in Nose Piercing

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