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A love for piercing and septum stretch

have always been interested in piercing. I think that the idea of having a hole through a body part is fascinating. But I don't think piercings on guys look good. Neither does my parents. So, having a piercing with a ring has never been an option for me. This haven't stopped me from piercing myself.

I started to pierce myself when I was about 13 years old. I started with my earlobes. After noticing how easy it was and how little it hurt I continued up my ears. But because my parents would go nuts if they new that I was piercing myself, I always had to take the needle out before they got home. So having a hole for more than a day was almost impossible for me. At least before I found the perfect hidden piercing place.

After being bored piercing my ears all the time I continued with the nose and later the foreskin of my penis. That was the not so hurting piercings. This soon bored me too, so I went on with the navel, the nipples and the tongue. It took a long time before I discovered the septum. The septum didn't hurt so much to pierce and it is almost impossible to see a hole there unless you look closely. And believe me, there are not very many people that stares up your nose.

My parents were out for the night and it was then when I executed my plan. After sterilizing a couple of needles, I started with piercing my septum with a quite large sewing needle where half of the hole on the needle was broken of so it was a little bit flat on one end. I then put a small needle on the flat end of the big needle and pushed and changed needles that way. I moved the needle up, out and down to get the hole bigger. After a while a pushed a second needle through. It hurt a little more than the first but not nearly as much as the third one. The forth one was easy. It was only to push the needle through in the middle of the triangle the other three created. When the fifth needle was though I stopped. I had the needles in for a couple of hours before taking them out. The nose did hardly bleed but it got a little bit swollen.

The next morning I put the big needles in again. It was very easy. I was glad that the hole hadn't closed and that I had found such a good hiding place for a hole. In the evening that day I again put in the needles. I continued to put in the needles every night for over a week. After that, I was certain that it wouldn't close even if I skipped putting in the needles a night or two.

During the next two weeks I only put in the needles two, three times and it worked great. Then the idea of seeing through my nose suddenly struck me. I really thought that would be a cool feeling. So a started stretching the hole even further. I put in screwed apart ball-point pen and cloth-hangers. My goal was to be able to put in a straw. The straw I planed to put in was much larger than the hole I had at that point. I cut up the straw about 5 inch and formed a narrow cone of it. That made it much easier but it was still hard because the straw formed a little bump just after the cut. It took me over an hour to get it through. The view I got through my nose was beautiful. I really liked it. When I angled the straw upwards I could actually see through my nose directly and not though a mirror.

Next day I tried putting in the straw again. It was impossible. My nose had swollen a little bit. I decided to not put it in again and settle for a little smaller size of the hole. I waited a couple of weeks to let the hole heal. It healed much faster than I expected.

After two weeks it was healed but still a little bit red on the edges. After another couple of weeks it was totally healed and I started playing with it. Butting small screw driver in, cloth-hangers with T-shirts on.

The hole is totally impossible to see for other people and the only problem I have with it is that when it's cold outside my nose becomes quite cold. But it is not more than you could stand. I love the feeling of feeling an object that goes through my nose. When I put in a needle and pull it outward a little bit I can see through the hole.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 1998
in Nose Piercing

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