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Septum Experience

This whole incident was completely unplanned.  My friend owns a

tattoo and body piercing shop, and we were there late one night; October 24, 1997. I leisurely asked him if he wanted to pierce my septum. He said sure. He has given me two tattoos, a small piece on my back and a large armband on my right arm, and pierced my tongue and my lobes, which I am stretching. He keeps a few surgical stainless wires around to make jewelry out of, so I made myself a 14ga septum retainer. After sterilization it was ready to go. My friend also has a few bottles of topical anesthetic (which he had never used before), and although I don't mind the pain involved with body piercing, I wasn't going to let him stab me without it, since it was convenient. He cleaned my septum, put the forceps on (this part was extremely uncomfortable), and gave me a spritz on both sides. And without any hesitation he punched the needle through. Never in my entire live have I felt something that hurt this bad. I am usually not a person who uses a lot of cuss words, but I said "FUCK" two times without thinking about it. It bled a little bit, but not too much. The pain I felt was very short lived, but provided me with a huge endorphin rush. Wow! There were two problems that both of us failed to notice. The first problem being that the area between my lower and upper septum cartilage, the area that the ring is supposed to go through, was very, very narrow. He nicked the top of the bottom piece of cartilage on the way through. I sure that this is the main reason the piercing hurt so bad. The other problem, also being part of the reason that it hurt so bad, was that we didn't read the instructing on the anesthetic bottle. "Wait one minute for best results!" it said. My friend though it was funny, but I failed to find any humor in it at all. Until later anyway. My nose was relatively sore for about 2 days. After that time it was still sensitive to touch, especially the three times my girlfriend elbowed me while we were in bed. This soreness also made is hard to clean. The best way that I found to clean it was to get some hot water in a cup and dunk my nose into it. It freed up the crusty stuff and felt really good. Because my cartilage had been hit, the piercing took almost three months to fully heal. Another thing that kept the piercing from healing was the retainer that I had manufactured. It was too narrow. The original hole was, of course, straight. The retainer forced the hole into a very unstraight shape. Putting pressure on the bottom of the piercing and on the upper sides. I took this retainer out and made a new one with a straight bottom piece. This was the key. The piercing healed quickly after I changed the jewelry. I strongly urge anyone that wants a retainer in a new septum piercing to get one with a straight bottom. It works wonders. The piercing is totally healed now. I like it very much. It's a big attention getter in Alaska.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1998
in Nose Piercing

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