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i i wanna share my nostril piercing experience.

Ever since i was in sixth grade i've always wanted my nose pierced. But everytime i'd ask my mom she always said "NO!" or "LEAVE ME THE F* ALONE ABOUT THIS"

Finally in the beginning of my freshman year, i found a picture of a tiny nostril piercing, and my mom agreed to let me.

of coarse that picture was a lie, because i wanted bigger!!!

so i called around, but no one pierced w/ a gun. and that scared me to death so after 2 weeks of calling almost every place in wisconsin, i just say F* it, and decided to get it done w/ a needle.

i went to this cute little shop called "doodles tattoo, and body piercing" (downtown appleton, wisconsin) and this skinny blonde lady met me at the door. i picked out my jewelry (a purple 16ga. niobium ring w/ a black ball) and she leaded the way to the back room. IT WAS A PIT!! it was sooooo junky back there. i sat in a regular chair stained w/ coffee, and cigarette burns. but i did see an autoclave. next to me was a peice of clay, a small piece of cork, the jewelry, and a sterile needle which looked like a nail.

she stuck the clay up my right nostril, followed by the piece of cork. she then picked up the needle, told me to breath in, close my eyes, and she would pierce on three. WRONG!! she pierce on 2 it hurt really f*in bad. but the pain was over in about a half of a second so it didnt bother me too much (the pain is the most exciting part) she the put the jewelry in, and i was done. no blood, and no pain. it healed within 2 weeks.

i am 14, and i now have my nose ring (right nostril), a nipple ring, and 13 earrings.

i am glad i got it pierced. i'm badgering my mom to let me get my tongue and eyebrow done!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1998
in Nose Piercing

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