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septum pierce and stretching

got my septum pierced about a year ago to mark a new time in my life once i dropped out of school. i had always thought septum rings looked great and felt like i was finaly doing something for myself insted of someone else. kinda sounds cheesy, but it made sense to my 16 year old mind and meant alot to me. it was my first pierceing anywhere, even before my lobes. i got it pierced at 14 gauge and it barely hurt at all. the sharpness of the pain was quite suprising though. i loved the way it looked and intended to keep it at 14 because i didnt like the look of some of the larger ones i had seen on bme. about six months later i decided (i dont remember why) to go to a 10 gauge. the stretch was done with a size 2 knitting needle and wasnt that bad, though i bled and my nose was sore a few days. i bought an extremely overpriced circular barbell and then figured out it wasnt the same diamiter as my 14 gauge, so it couldnt be flipped up into my nose as i had been doing. after a few more circular barbells, i finaly found an 8g that could be flipped up without taking the balls off (it was 3/8" or 7/16")0. i put in the size 2 knitting needle again (it was somewhere inbetween 10 and 8) and then slipped the 8 gauge in without any problem at all. a little bit of a tight fit, but no bleeding. sometime during this time i also self did my 2 lobe pierceings and my lebret. i looked at bme some more and a few months later decided i really did like larger gauge septum pierceings, i just didnt like the larger diameter rings. i decided i really liked the ring in the picture "azriels 2 gauge septum" in the picture section. so i ordered a 2g 1/2" ring thinking maybe there was a way i could force it thrugh. i called all of the pierceing people around here i know and every one of them said not to go down to anything larger than a 6 gauge from an 8 in my septum. the jewlry came and i loved how it looked. it was beautyful and i had to have it in me as soon as possible. i just decided i would start stretching and see how far i could go and just leave it there untill i could get some more jewlry to help me on my way to 2 gauge. i ended up stretching from 8 to 2 gauge in about 4 days. i dont recomend this quick of a stretch to anyone but here is how i did it:

friday night: i put a size 6 knitting needle in my nose after a shower. kindof painful, but not too bad.

saturday: i forced a 3/16" nylon spacers i used to wear in my ears and had gotten from a hardware store into my nose. hurt. i dont remember if it bled. but it was extremely painful.

sunday: inserted size 9 knitting needle into nose. not too much pain. some blood. very late that night i got the stupid idea to try to force the 2 gauge septum spike in. i tried. i almost got it in, but it bled and hurt like nothing i have ever felt before. i put the size 9 needle back in and went to sleep.

monday: got size 10 knitting needle in with no problem.

tuesday: put septum spike in after shower with little pain. put 2 gauge ring in after it with little trouble.

it is now the saturday after my big stretching adventure and i know i shouldnt have gone that fast, but im very happy with my 2 gauge septum. it is still a bit sore and forming crust. im washing it as if it were a new pierceing. update...it is now a month or two after i wrote this. i have since then stretched my lobes up to 1/2", and am thinking about getting up to a big plug in my lebret. my septum has healed fine. the weight of the jewelry made it take alot longer than i thought it would, but its fine now and i love how it looks. im about to go up to 0 gauge and then 00 and then, who knows?...but next time i am starting with lucite jewelry to cut down on the weight. is it the most painfull experiance in my memory? yes. but, did i learn alot about myself, my limits and my body? yes, more than any other time in my memory. and was it worth it? yes


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1998
in Nose Piercing

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