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Septum by Crystal Cross

've had this fantasy of piercing my septum for some time now. A septum pierce is my second favorite pierce, after a P.A. What I especially like about the septum pierce is it makes a wicked point of attachment, and if placed correctly, balances and enhances the harmony of the face. Also, it doesn't require a lot of after care, heals very quickly--usually within 4 to 8 weeks--and can be stretched easily and rapidly.

After getting my P.A. at the end of July, I no longer had an excuse not to get my septum pierced. So I made an appointment.

I scheduled it for the Friday evening of Labor Day weekend, figuring the holiday would give me an extra day to recover if there were any problems. Fortunately there weren't.

I also decided to have Cross, my friendly neighborhood piercer at Primeval Body Piercing Studio and now manager of Gauntlet Los Angeles do the deed, as she had done such an exquisite job with my PA.

The Big Day

Having taken the freeway instead of surface streets (as I had when I got my P.A.), I arrived about an hour early. Since I was so early and because there was another customer in front of me, I decided to get something to eat at this new restaurant on the corner. After slurping down an orange juice and munching on a couple of the smallest English muffins I've ever seen, I returned to Primeval.

Cross and I talked a while, I filled out the release form, and she went over my after care instructions. After some indecision, I settled on a 12 gauge, black Niobium retainer, since I didn't think the 12 gauge, 5/8", SSS CBB I really wanted to get (and intend to use after my septum heals) would go over too well at work--in spite of their bod-mod friendliness. I was fast approaching the bod-mod statute of limitations at work with my two 6 gauge lobe pierces and visible wrist tattoo. I didn't want to raise anymore eyebrows than I had already.

The Time Is Nigh

With the preliminary paperwork out of the way, Cross escorted me into the private piercing room in back, which again reminded me of a G.P.'s examination room. She'd covered the exam bench with that crinkly paper doctors use to protect it. Her piercing instruments, antiseptic solution, and a few autoclaved jewelry packets were placed neatly on a nearby tray table.

I jumped onto the exam bench. Cross described the procedure. She explained that she pierced septums differently than she had been taught at Gauntlet. The technique she used, she said, was closer to the technique used by Fakir Musafar. So, instead of asking me to sit up or lie back, she asked me to spin around, aim my feet away from her, and hang my head off the end of the table so that the top of my head faced her, nostrils raised upward. Actually, this made a lot more sense to me, since it gave her a much better view of, and access to my nostrils and also kept the blood from rushing from my head during the procedure.

After getting into position, she cleaned and applied antiseptic to my nostrils, then examined the area more closely. Once she'd determined the location of my "sweet spot", she took the needle and held it at the ready. She asked me how I was doing. I'd shut my eyes tightly, my heart was pounding, but I was okay. She then asked me to continue breathing and count down from three. As I finished the countdown, she slowly, methodically, and expertly pushed the needle through. It didn't hurt at all. It actually felt like a fork tong sliding into a semi-hard stick of butter. The only sensation I felt was some stinging as she inserted the retainer, but that was it. I didn't even tear, which a few people had reported they did on B.M.E.

I swung around and stood up to get my glasses. Cross took a careful look at the placement and nodded approvingly. I took a look in the mirror and agreed. It was evenly placed, positioned just right, and looked awesome. She then showed me how to flip it up and down.

Now done, I went out and sat in the waiting area with Cross and another customer who was waiting to get her slug hole (tongue pierce) stretched. We talked a while. I hung out a while longer just to be sure I felt okay, and when the customer emerged from the piercing room after stretching her slug, I left when she left.


I had no problems driving home and have had no problems since, other than the retainer's tending to slip down a bit when I chew. I also had a minor crisis the first week when I bumped the retainer out while showering (I was able to re-insert it without any problems).

Four weeks later I replaced the retainer with a 12 gauge, 1/2" diameter, SSS CBB, which I flip up and down depending on circumstances. When it's flipped down, it looks awesome. Unfortunately, it's a little too big to flip up without first removing the balls, so I may get a smaller diameter that I can flip up more easily.

Of course, I've already started thinking about my next pierce, which will probably be my slug this December, when I'll have a week off between Christmas and New Years Day. But of course, I may get the urge to be pierced before then. I figure I can get my nipple or nipples pierced then.

Yeah. That'll do nicely.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Oct. 1997
in Nose Piercing

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