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Nostril piercing and "stretching" experience

tril piercing and "stretching" experience

Nostril piercing and "stretching" experience

When I was eighteen, I decided to go for a nose piercing. I had been wanting a navel piercing two years ago but my parents had refused (too dangerous! it will surely infect! what kinda weird people gave you that idea? etc pp) and now I was adult by law, I felt I needed to mark my body as mine. At this time, I was fascinated by India, I dreamed of making a trip to there - and I loved the pictures of the women in colorful saris with nose piercings.

At this time, alas, I knew nearly nothing of body piercing, and so I didn't go to the one body piercing studio I knew, but to a small jewelry shop that advertised "medicinal ear and nose piercing" (whatever that means). OK, there I was, around me customers looking at the jewelry and things, and I choose a little gold stud with a stone. The woman who was in care of the shop took her piercing gun, put the stud in, told me to sit on a stool (in the middle of the shop!); we marked the area and there it was. It hurt less than an ear piercing but fast, the problems began.

First, when I got home, the reactions of my parents. Dad: Oh! like the woman in India have. Is it just stuck on or does it go right through? Will it leave a scar when removed?

Mom: HORRIBLE! How could you do this to your beautiful body, child!

Then, I lost one stud, and then the second (with which I had replaced the first). Of course, I hadn't put on this little butterfly shaped retainers because that would have filled up my nostril totally (hope you see what I mean). I decided to put in a little silver earring. Then the hole got infected. I was keeping it clean with alcohol (yes, I know that's a no-no) and it got worse and worse. Well, finally it healed up. But it had taken about two month.

I lived quite comfortably with the earring in my nose for about one year. It kept opening itself at night or when I was inadvertent in my movements, but one can manage with that. Then, I got my outer labia pierced. (and this time I got it right: lots of BME reading, lot's of talking with a good piercer etc) When I started stretching 2 month ago (from 1.5mm to 2mm) I suddenly had 2 CBR with no use - and I put the into my ears. (I will probably stretch them with my outer labia - that's a good use for the rings) I decided that I could as well wear a CBR in my nose. One day I loose my earring in the bus and that made the decision. I put in another earring and a few days after, I had gone to the piercer.

We choose a nice little CBR (about 1mm thick) and I asked if she could possibly put it in herself. (I don't like fussing around with pliers in front of the mirror) I put my earring out, and she tried to push the CBR through. No way. It hurt, I moaned, and she took a piercing needle from which she cut the point. She tried to get the needle through and that hurt even more but she didn't succeed. So she decided to take an insertion taper. She tried to push it through and I shout, and it did really hurt much (not the clean quick pain of a piercing - a sort of unsteady, varying, diffuse pain deep in the flesh) and she didn't succeed. So finally she sprayed on some xylocaine, I took a deep breath, she pushed the insertion taper even harder, and through it was. I was really released when the CBR was in. (and as the piercer said: nostrils are quite difficult to stretch)

Now I'm happy with my CBR, it matches perfectly those in my ear, and I have learned one important thing for life: Never Ever get your nostril pierced with an ear gun stud. It's not worth all the fuss and problems.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Aug. 1997
in Nose Piercing

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