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Our life of modification

I am a fifty year old man married for thirty years to a wonderful, beautiful woman one year my junior. I discovered body piercing in 1976 when I saw a photo series in a men’s magazine featuring a woman with pierced nipples and inner labia. The turn on was so immediate and intense I nearly passed out in the bookstore. I bought the mag and took it home to show my wife. She was repulsed by the images and said she would never get anything pierced. I, however, was hooked and started researching body piercing and modification. I subscribed to PFIQ and the Piercing World to gain as much knowledge as possible. There were no local piercers at the time so I learned to do my own piercings. In 1980 I did a 12 gauge apadravya on myself. My wife was not happy about it but she did learn to like the feeling of the barbell inside her. Over the years I have stretched the piercing to as large as 2 gauge.

I wanted more piercings, but my wife didn’t want me to get them, saying she didn’t like the way they looked. To satisfy my needs, she finally relented in 1984 and gave me pretty much free rein on modifying her body. We started her mods with 12 gauge horizontal nipple and one 12 gauge inner labia piercing on each side, all with 7/8” CBR’s.

I read that larger gauge rings were more comfortable and gave better sensations during sex, so as soon as they were healed we started stretching them Within a year we had all her piercings up to 6 gauge CBR’s which felt and looked much better. Over the years we have continued to stretch her labia by hanging weights on them but have left her nipples as they were. As of the beginning of 2004, her labia had increased length from their original 1/2” to over 4” without weight, and as long as 6” with one pound weights attached to each lip. The holes had increased to nearly 1 ¼” in diameter. The stretched labia looked very cool and one of our favorite things was to have anal sex with my penis inserted through both piercings before entering her ass. This pulled and rubbed her clitoris as I fucked her ass and gave her some very good stimulation, allowing her to cum from anal sex. Another thing we liked to do was go out on the town with her wearing a short skirt and the jewelry and weights hanging below the hemline. Not many people knew what they were, but some did and we got some very strange looks and comments. We go to the gym every week and she got quite a kick out of shocking the other women in the locker room with her unusual looking pussy and large nipple rings. When the guys see my appy they just cringe. We have been kicked out of a couple of health clubs over this. Another downside of very long labia besides shocking people is that they get in the way and can make sex painful as the lips and rings get pulled up inside the vagina. They also show through bathing suits, pants and other clothing when you don’t want them to.

In 2000, we decided we wanted to pierce her clitoris. Unfortunately, her clit did not protrude enough from her hood to allow a clit piercing, so we studied up on the subject and did a hood removal. I am an EMT and feel confident in performing minor procedures like this on my own. I obtained some Emla cream, mosquito clamps, and small tissue scissors and prepared for the surgery. I applied the Emla no numb her up and wiped the area down with Betadine scrub. I clamped the hood and trimmed it back with the scissors so that her clit was completely exposed. I then applied Stop-Bleed to prevent hemorrhaging. She healed with no complications except a couple of days of discomfort.

Two weeks later we did a horizontal clit piercing at 14 gauge. This healed well and increased her sensation tremendously. She always was orgasmic, but with the new clit piercing she would come much more easily and frequently during regular or anal sex. She did have some discomfort from the small gauge CBR in her clit so we started stretching this piercing as well. Clits are very hard to stretch due to their sensitivity so it took us three years to increase to 8 gauge. All of our previous stretch projects went much quicker than this, even my apadravya. Even at this slow pace, I think we went to fast as she lost some sensitivity in her clit. By the middle of 2003, she could still have orgasms but not as easily as before the stretch, maybe not as easily as before the piercing. By the January 2004 her clit had become quite numb and orgasm was very difficult for her to each. She does not blame me for this, as the piercing and especially the stretch were her idea and at our age orgasm is not as important to her as it once was.

After years of stretching her labia, she tired of them and wanted to do a labial reduction. We researched this through the medical community but found that our insurance would not cover it. Since I had successfully removed her clit hood years earlier, we decide to do this procedure ourselves as well. We looked at BME’s Female Genital Cutting and Female Nullification sections, and Todd Bertrang’s site. When she saw the pictures of Todd’s work on his slave Robyn, she knew this was what she wanted to do. After much discussion and research, we decided to go ahead and do a complete circumcision instead of just a labial reduction. By this time Todd and Robyn were in jail, so going to them to have the job done was not an option. I got more Emla, a cauterizer, dissolving sutures, a scalpel and betadine. I also made clamps from small stainless steel bar stock with screws on each end to clamp them together. Two were made to fit her labia and one to fit under her clit. The clit clamp also had fine grooves cut every 1/8” along one side it to allow the tissue edges to be sutured after the cut.

We used about the same procedure as we used on her hood. I numbed up and sterilized the area, then applied the clamps to her labia. After leaving the clamps on for about twenty minutes, I sliced off her right lip, placed it on her stomach, and then cauterized the raw edge. Due to the Emla and clamping, she felt very little pain. I then repeated the process on the other side.

I then had her pull hard on her clit ring to raise the clit so I could put the clamp underneath. As soon as I was satisfied with the placement, I asked her one more time if she was sure she wanted to loose her clit. She said yes so I quickly ran the scalpel down the edge of the clamp. This she could feel and she let out a loud shriek. The intense pain only lasted a second and was replaced by a duller ache which was more bearable. She was still pulling on the ring when I made the cut so afterward she was laying there with her clit in her hand hanging by the ring. She just lied there looking at for some time as I finished up the job. I ran the cauterizer along the clamp then sutured up the edges.

After removing the clamps, there was no bleeding at all from the labia sites, and just a little from her clit site. We packed her vulva with a sanitary pad and applied ice packs. Aftercare consisted of twice daily changing the dressing and cleaning, and herbal baths.

She healed up quite quickly, with no infection or complications. She had some post-surgical pain, especially while urinating, but this only lasted a few of days.

One thing we had joked about when researching the project was the picture of Robyn eating her own clit after it was removed. We are not interested at all in cannibalism, but I did have other plans for the removed parts. Her clit and labia, with the jewelry still inserted, are now cast in a block of Lucite plastic which is sitting on my desk as I write this. It has been more than six months since the procedure, and they seem to be keeping quite well. I hope to be able to keep them forever as a reminder of her circumcision.

Her pussy really looks nice without inner lips or clit. I liked the look with the grossly stretched labia, but this is much better. Her vulva is completely smooth inside with no hint of inner lips, hood, or clit remaining. There are just light white scar lines where the lips and clit were with faint suture marks each side of the clit scar. It is of course not as obvious as the stretched labia and only her doctor has seen it. She sees a female OBGYN who seemed to be somewhat repulsed by the long labia but seemed intrigued by the circ. She asked who did it and to prevent the possibility of joining Todd in jail, my wife told her we had it done while visiting Egypt. We’ve never been to Egypt, but the doctor doesn’t know this. The story satisfied the OB’s curiosity.

The circumcision has certainly changed our sex life. We still enjoy regular sex although my wife no longer has orgasms. Anal sex has become a more important part of our lovemaking; in fact we had anal sex the day after the surgery. We always did like anal, but without having to worry about her achieving orgasm, we find ourselves having anal sex more and more and vaginal sex less and less. Because of this, we have decided to go further with her nullification. I am currently researching the procedure for an occlusion, or the closing off of her vagina and vulva. As she had a hysterectomy several years ago, the only opening she really needs is for urination. I plan to remove about half of the length of her outer labia and all the skin inside her vulva, the stitch up the edges. The only opening would be for a catheter inserted beforehand. After healing, there should be no bulge or vulva, just a fine scar line and a ¼” opening for urination.

We are still hooked on stretching. Other than her ears, the only piercings she has left are her nipples. We intend to keep stretching them for the rest of our lives. We just went to 4 gauge and plan to as large as we can, all the way to 1/2”, 3/4”, maybe as large as 1” diameter. I also want to use heavy rings and weights to increase their length. My goal is a 4” increase over the next five years and continuing beyond that. All of her bras now have holes cut in them to allow her nipples to hang without causing her breasts to sag from the weight.

When she gets to the age of seventy or seventy-five, she should be quite a stunning old lady with no pussy and six inch long nipples with 1” diameter, 2 pound rings in them hanging well below her breasts.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Sept. 2004
in Female Genital Surgery

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