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My hood removal by Todd Bertrang

I will start this by saying I have only been into body modification for 7 months. I was hooked before I even got off the table from my first piercing and ever since have craved piercings about every month or so! This is the story of the removal of my clitoral hood, my first cutting.

I had got my hood pierced vertically and was happy with that for a few months until I got talking to Todd Bertrang on BME chat about other female genital piercings. I was interested in getting a triangle and mentioned my hood piercing. He told me that many women lose sensitivity from the constant rubbing of the jewelry and I could consider getting my hood slit or even removed. I was unsure at first and, like many people, immediately thought of the female genital mutilation you hear about done in other countries to young girls. After researching female circumcision, I discovered that it does not reduce sensation, as you would think, but it increases it as you have much easier access to the clitoris. All of the accounts I read were very positive and most women said they wish they had done it sooner.

After many emails back and forth, and even sending a pic of my pussy to Todd so he could see what he would be dealing with, it was decided that I wasn't suitable for a triangle and that I would go for the hood removal instead. Todd recommended I stay at his house for at least 5 to 7 days so he could soak me in herbs and supervise the initial healing. I live in Canada, and would have a 4 hour plane trip home, so I was glad that I wouldn't have to worry about sitting on a fresh cutting. I booked my flight and counted down the weeks until my trip.

My boyfriend, Paul, drove me over to Todd's house on a Friday afternoon. After a quick tour of the house and putting my things in the room I would be staying in, we got started. Todd had told me to eat a baked potato before I came to keep my blood sugar up, and while he was getting set up he had me drink a large glass of orange juice and eat a banana. I had also wanted my nipples pierced at 6ga, so we did that first. He decided to scalpel them and that went really well.

I had asked if I could be tied down because I was afraid of moving during the cutting, so I stripped naked and lay on the bed. Todd and his slave Robyn put on the leather restraints on my wrists, knees and ankles and proceeded to tie me down so I couldn't move. It was actually very comforting to be tied like that and I could relax and not try and hold my legs in position. They slid a large pad under my butt to protect the bed and provide a clean field to work on. Todd put on gloves and cleaned off the area. I had asked for a local anesthetic as I'm not really into pain, so that was injected around my hood. I tried to relax and breathe through it, the needle hurt sometimes. By now I was getting nervous and excited and I was starting to shake. I was really glad I was tied down! Robyn sat next to me on the bed and held my labia out of the way.

He told me he would start by slitting the hood straight up the centre and then cut each side off separately. The first cut went really well and I didn't feel a thing. I felt great and was thinking that this was going to go really well, when he made the next cut on the right side of my hood. It didn't actually hurt, but I felt intense pressure on my clit. It felt good and I wasn't expecting this at all. My back arched and I moaned because of the pressure. Up to this point it was like getting a piercing, I was fully aware of what was going on. Now I felt like I was entering another world, I'm not sure if it was the effects of the endorphins my body was producing. I was unaware of anything but the cutting. Todd started cutting the other half of my hood off, and I felt a strong burning sensation. The anesthetic must not have taken as well on that side. I groaned, arched my back and said "ow" a lot. I asked after if I had moved around a lot and was told I hadn't. Tha nkfully, Todd worked quickly and before I knew it he said he was done.

I felt euphoric and started laughing. My whole body was vibrating and we were laughing at the way my legs were shaking. My boyfriend had been taking pictures and holding my hand through it, and I hoped I hadn't squeezed his hand too hard. Todd asked if I were squeemish. I said no and he held up a mirror so I could see what I looked like. I could see the two pieces of my hood lying on the pad, and my whole pussy was covered in blood. After a few minutes I was untied and allowed to sit up for a bit. I didn't feel dizzy at all and Todd wrapped the pad around me like a diaper and we shuffled off to the bathroom.

He had set up a large bathtub full of herbal tea. Todd recommends lavender, arnica, and red clover to speed healing. He had also added quachalate to help stop the bleeding for this initial soak. I carefully got into the tub and lay back. Robyn lit a candle by the tub and they dimmed the lights. I relaxed and soaked for a while, I'm not sure how long. Todd checked on me periodically to make sure the bleeding had stopped. He told me that until I was healed, I would have to hold my labia open or have a nonstick pad stuck in there to prevent the tissue from healing together. When I got out of the tub he showed me how to put the arnica and belladonna cream on a nonstick pad and push it right into the cut to hold it open. Then I put on a pair of panties with a large Kotex pad to hold everything in place. I went to bed and eventually got to sleep. I wasn't in any pain really, just very mild discomfort as if I had just had very energetic sex!

For the next 5 days I would start my day with a shower with antibacterial soap, then I would soak in the herbs for a few hours. I would relax and watch tv for a while and then soak again. I had another antibacterial soap shower 12 hours after the first and then soak in herbs again before going to bed. I had a bit of bleeding the day after the cutting. Todd had told me to make sure I removed all the blood clots off my hood area as I would grow excessive scar tissue there. I carefully picked off the scabs and clots and I started bleeding from a small artery. Todd said if it didn't stop on it's own he would have to cauterize it, but thankfully it eventually stopped.

Each day I noticed an improvement and by the time I left on the Wednesday, the area just looked a darker pink and was well on it's way to being healed. All the soaking in the herbs had also worked wonders on my scalpelled nipples.

As I write this 2 weeks after the cutting, I am totally healed. I took a pic with my digital camera and sent it to Todd, who wrote back that it looks healed and I don't have to soak any more. I haven't really played with my clit much as I have been afraid of irritating the healing tissue and didn't want to risk infection, but when I have touched it, it is now very sensitive. I did notice that the pressure from the pad was starting to feel quite pleasureable towards the end, especially when I sat with my legs crossed. I'm looking forward to "test driving" my new pussy and can now join the ranks of the women who say they wish they had done this ages ago! To any women who are considering having this done, don't be afraid, it is not as bad as you would think. In fact, I'm looking forward to going back to Todd's in September to have my inner labia removed.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 March 2002
in Female Genital Surgery

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Artist: Todd+Bertrang
Studio: Todd%27s+house
Location: Los+Angeles%2C+California

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