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Circ ring experience

You want a circumcision? Good idea. You want to perform it alone....wrong.

I tried to use a circ ring to perform a perfect circumcision and the result is that it sometimes work, or sometimes you just fuck up a very important part of your anatomy.

You only have one dick and can t relpace it, so go to a doctor to get a beautiful circumcision that will make you satisfied.

I read all I could find about circ rings, sunnathrone, smart Klamp, I thought I knew everything about it. I ask the seller of the ring if I could cut the skin after a few hours just like the other rings (like the sunnathrone), the guy apparently didn t know more than me as he thought it would be ok....

The thing is that you CANT cut the skin shortly after the ring is placed unlike the other devices. I waited 12 hours for the foreskin to become fully numb before I started to cut. The result is that the cut skin slipped back from the ring (which was extremely well closed and the size was exactly like they recommend) . So I cut half and the live skin slipped back wide open. Excessive bleeding cause me to run to my urologist s hospital who cancelled all his appointments to save my penis. If you use that rin, know one thing: NEVER CUT THE SKIN BEFORE 48HOURS and if you are unsure, take it off within 12 hours (I discovered that even after 12 hours my skin is not dead. Thanks God because I would have badly fucked up my penis!

Three major problems with the circ ring:

first the explanations are not precise enough, especially about how to calculate the right amount of skin to remove. (When you try this on, you understand...) and the video seen on their website not really convincing.

Second and most important problem is the size of the ring. If you follow their advice about the size, you end up with a ring that seems too large . I tried all possibilities during 5 hours.

Third, the impossible part is to keep the ring in place (in order to choose your high/low style of circumcision) when pulling the foreskin to cover the ring. More hands are really needed. One more detail is that when you perform a high circumcision you have to cut into a thick vein (most of us have a large vein that goes all the way from the base to the foreskin) well, I cut in it of course and imagine how bloody it became after the damn ring slipped back. The thing is that the skin should NEVER slip back after being cut. I insist that the ring wasn't too small and it was correctly locked (extremely tightly screwed).

The circ ring (zhenxi) isn't to be recommended. Maybe the Sunathrone is a better thing...maybe, but the circ ring for a new circumcision leads to mistakes particularly in the hands of a novice...and as you probably only circumcise yourself, we are all novice in this matter.

What happened to me has happened to others too. I thought these people misused the ring, but I found out that it is difficult to use if you are not trained and experienced. The result of this is that I have a double cut...at the base of the glans from the surgeon and mine very high, 3cm from its base.

If you read about the ring, it seems very easy to use and choose the exact amount of skin to remove but when you try it, believe me, it s not like you imagine.

Maybe for a recircumcision ( to tighten en existing loose circumcision) it could be ok, as you see the remaining skin. If you use this damn thing for a first time circumcision, you can t see where is the ring and can seriously cut too much skin .

I ll end this experience by telling you that the manufacturer is in troubles and probably got so many people suing him that he disappear. Only his website is active to withdraw your credit card, that s all. I got my ring by one of his distributor btw.

Go meet a specialist in body modifications or a doctor but if you love sex, don t try this alone or might end up with a half penis.

Why did I try this method? because I thought I could choose exactly the place of the scar, the amount of skin to remove , the tightness and have no scar.

I m still healing today my 2 scars, I m at 10 days and still look terribly unhealed , I wanted it high and tight to keep most of the nerves, I will have low circ and as I cut too high (too near the base of the penis) I can consider myself lucky that the ring slipped and that the doc reattached my shaft skin and use it for a low but tight circumcision. And as I cut all veins and nerves on the shaft skin, I m praying that I can still feel something after it s healed.

Scarification is cool when you choose the design and its place....

I just wanted a smooth circumcision with no scar, now I ll have a double.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Male Circumcision

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