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Another Toe Had to Go!

As I explained before, I had my left ring finger tip amped before my late husband and I were married. After 12 years, I decided to please my husband with a surprise left second toe amputation like Brianna (minus1toe) had. I surprised not only him, but I found sensations like I had never known from the stump! After a year, I decided that another toe had to go.

This amputation was originally to be done for my hubby also, but in truth, it was for me. I simply had to have another toe stump.

I decided to call on my good friend, (who is now my husband) about amping another toe. I wanted the other second toe clipped at approximately the first joint. I had two friends who were missing their second toe tips through accidents, and I loved to see them with bare feet or sandals on. They didn't really find anything special about their stumps, one was even turned off by her stump, but I got excited any time I saw them, and often invited them over to swim or go to the lake and work on our tans. Any excuse to look at those stumps. I decided to take the plunge and told the doc what I wanted done.

He readily agreed. (I found out after we began dating that he was a fan of female amputated toes and fingers, much to my enjoyment). The surgery date was set and I went to his office to be clipped. I loved watching him do the surgery almost as much as I loved the results. He deadened the toe, put on a tourniquet and cut around the end joint. He cut away the tendons and trimmed the nerve. He once again tied off the tiny vein and artery with sutures. (This still made me nervous, even though I had seen it before.) the bone was separated and he slightly trimmed the end of the middle bone. I wanted him to just cut it through, but he explained that if he didn't trim the joint slightly and remove all the cartilage, it could cause painful adhesions. He cut away just enough bone to prevent my stump from being bulbous on the end. The skin was then pulled back over the bone and sutured in place. There was very little bruising and once again, very little pain, except when I accidently bumped it on the second day. This required laying down and biting on a towel for a couple of hours and a dose of tylenol to keep from crying. The stitches came out after 10 days, and the scar was minimal. I loved looking at the stump and practised bending it to keep it flexible. I loved the way it had the long joint to bend on the end. The other stump had a very short piece of the middle joint left. this stump also touched the floor much firmer.

I hid the stump again with clogs and socks while hubby was home, and waited until the day arrived to show it to him. Suddenly things took a turn for the worse. My hubby was at the doctor for reacurring headaches when we found he had an inoperable brain tumor. I moved the surprise from our anniversary to fathers day, and the stump was just healed when I showed him. He loved it! He said it was better than he could imagine, having a wife with two toe stumps. I loved this stump also! The extra length of the middle bone allowed more movement,and more floor contact. I had to experiment once again with the flagstone floor in my kitchen. Once again I had those little "tremors" like before. It was wonderful! This time I actually came.

Then it happened, 5 weeks after I showed my stump to him, my wonderful eight toed husband left this eight toed nine fingered lady alone. He passed away. I soon began spending more and more time with my ex-surgeon friend. He soon became more than a friend and now he is my hubby. I began talking to him about more amps to my toes....and maybe a finger or two. This amputation fetish is truly addictive. It was easy to talk to my new hubby about new amps, because he usually had my toe stumps in his mouth and couldn't say much. I started looking through the internet, on discussion groups and in other places for ideas and found several.

We have been married now for a couple of years, and anytime I have a crazy idea for a new mod, my new hubby is always ready to listen. I have even gotten mods other than amps, but that is another story.

I have more amps to tell about, (I always liked Agi's missing fourth and pinkie toe) but that will be in a later story. My new hubby loves my stumps, too. Maybe a little too much...but isn't too much just enough? I think so.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Misc. Nullo and Amputations

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Artist: my+current+hubby
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Sunday, October 10, 2010 @11:56 a.m.
i can´t wait for new from you...:-)

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