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64 Point Play Piercing

A couple months ago I my friend randomly decided to get a labret and asked me if I'd like to tag along and maybe get something pierced. I'm always down for a piercing so I went along and got a second hole in my ears and 2 surface piercings below my clavicles.

While I was getting pierced my one of the staff I was talking to the owner of the shop about how I really enjoy the piercing experience and not just the end product. He suggested that I look into play piercings. I had NO idea what play piercings were at the time. I had seen corset piercings, but never a design done with hypodermic needles. I was intrigued so I went home and started looking at videos and pictures and whatnot. I knew it was something I wanted to try.

About a week later, I called the shop and talked to one of the staff about play piercings. You know, cost, scarring, etc. Cost free (of course I would tip)? No scarring? I'm in.

The owner of the shop, my to-be piercer, and I set up a couple of meetings and decided on a design and a date. We would be doing a 5-inch, 32 point circle between my shoulder blades, a 2.5-inch 16 point circle on the back-side of my left ribcage and another 2.5-inch circle on the right side of my lower back. 64 needles in all. I was slightly intimidated, but not nervous, yet.

The date was set for my 20th birthday at 7pm. I didn't really start to feel the nerves until around 6:30, when I left for the shop. A couple of my friends were going to stop by, but not until around 7:30 or 8.

Being that I'm relatively comfortable with my body, I was surprised to find that I was a little shy being totally topless around my piercer and his assistants at first. But after having to stand there for a while with my arms at my side, not being able to be shy, while he put the stencils on my back, I just kind of got over it and loosened up. I mean, how can you not form a somewhat intimate relationship with the person who's about to stick 64 needles into your back?

My good friend, Sol, showed up right after we started piercing, which was a relief because I needed a friend and he had the camera. For the first circle I was sitting in a chair that people use when giving massages. We started at the top of the largest circle. The needles closest to my spine were virtually pain free. I could barely feel them. But as he started moving out towards my shoulder blades, the pain got more and more intense. The first circle took about 20 minutes, maybe less.  

I'm not sure if it was because it was a little chilly, a drop in blood sugar, or pure, sweet adrenaline, but after the first circle I was shaking so badly that I had to take a bit of a break. One of the staff got me a soda to kick up my blood sugar and went outside (in the fucking 40°F night) to have a cigarette. I, eventually, stopped shaking and was ready to continue (though Mike was concerned that I was going into shock).   

For the last 2 circles I was laying on the piercing table so Mike could have a better angle. Being that the next circle was in a pretty sensitive place (backside of my ribs) the pain was much more intense than the first circle. The adrenaline was really pumping through my body at that point. I had to remind myself to breathe quite often. It's something I tend to forget during piercings and tattoos... Not the smartest idea. In no time the second circle was done and I was turning around so he could do the other side. The bottom of the last circle was the only time I actually ANTICIPATED extreme pain. Another tip, other than breathing, don't tense up when you're expecting pain. Relax. So my mantra pretty much consisted of "Breathe" and "Relax." All the while Mike was great. He kept asking me how I was doing, making sure I didn't pass out (never came close), and telling me how well I was doing.  

Towards the end of the session someone came in to get her daughter a tongue piercing. So we finished up and moved into Mike's office (with 64 needles in my back) and chilled out, chatted, took a couple pictures while we waited for the girl to get pierced. Once they were done, Mike and I went into the piercing room to take some pictures. So stripped down and we took a bunch of pictures.  

And now it was time for the part that I hadn't really thought much about, the removal. It took no time at all, but it was a really odd sensation. I really felt like I had rolled in a cactus and he was pulling the cactus needles out. Or maybe a porcupine... Anyway. I bled VERY little. They told me I would probably bruise quite a bit.  

I was sensitive for the next day, but no bruising. In fact, other than the stencil marks, you never would have known I got it done.  

I'll tell you what though, I'm definitely ready to do it again.


submitted by: hollychaotic
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ritual

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Artist: Mike+Hare
Studio: The+Exotic+Body
Location: Sacramento%2C+California

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