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Dances with Needles

After quite some time I had the pleasure and excitement of my first in depth play piercing experience. I had been exposed to it for years but never had found the right opportunity to engage until just recently with Natalie. She was the one who had previous experience with this, and also suggested the gauge of needle for me to get. I promptly ordered a box of 100 22gauge needles from BME. At first I thought this would be plenty, but then I thought for a moment that it might actual not be enough needles, especially with all of the images that I had running through me of what I would be doing for the ritual. I decided that 100 would be good to start with since this would be the most yet for me to have experimented with and once they were in the mail I was ready to make plans with Natalie and gather the rest of the supplies.

I felt like a princess as my hair was being recreated to have dredlock extensions for the ritual, and the hair was dyed varying shades of blue and violet... really gorgeous... then Natalie and I prepared and cleared the space for piercing sanctification. We gathered candles and torches, burned some eucalyptus, and I arranged music, materials, sharps containers, etc. We decided it would be comfortable to just sit on the floor for this and spread a red sheet out. I think we did well, even with the decision to not use gloves, although it became a necessity when Natalie was having trouble grabbing the skin on my back. I loved the sensation of the needles as they pierced the skin on my back. It was beautiful. I think the most difficult needles I experienced were on my sides along the ribs. Its such a tender area even to the touch. That was the more challenging moment for me to remind myself that "I am not my body". Other than that, I was invigorated by the entire scene: Gerrold off to the side smoking hookah and filling the room with the fragrant aromatic herbs, the intimacy of the dim lighting and the trust that Natalie and I shared. It truly was a mystical moment in time.

We started with me doing most of the piercing to her, although I enjoyed very much piercing myself while also performing on her. I worked the piercings up her arms and back as well as nape, breasts, and stomach. We played on opposites with the entry points of the needles, too, which was a nice feel, sort of balanced. It was tricky to work with the skin at times when it was more difficult to pinch enough to get the needle deep enough but still have some of the needle going through the exit point. I worked with Natalies breath more and more, as we found this to be helpful in finding eachothers rhythms, taking a moment when it felt right, and massaging the skin around the needles when it smoothed out any stinging. While the needles were still in Natalies skin, I began running my finger tips along the edges of the handles and did a bit of twisting here and there to play with sensation. She didn't leave her needles in long and we were soon removing them all so that she could begin piercing me.

There was something about piercing myself with supervision that was crucial to this moment. I was so driven to pierce myself in various places, but I do know that I probably would not have done this alone. I had started with the cartilage of my ear, but the back of the needle was poking me in the head so I removed it and down came the blood. I enjoyed feeling it run down over my neck and drip to my shoulder. Natalie had concern about it, though, I suppose for sanitation. Then I pierced another spot in the cartilage in both ears, my left brow, my bridge, and a needle through each cheek, inspired by cheek skewering. From there I was set for the rest of the needles that would pierce me by Natalies hand. Having the needles in my mouth made me more aware of all the oral sensations that connect to the rest of the body and sent a wave over me, of calm, of focus, of serenity... I loved it.

Natalie proceeded to pierce me by traversing up my arms and towards the sternum, then near the pecs and armpit, the nape of the neck and down the back and sides of the ribs. I preferred more slowness with the actual piercing, whereas she preferred a quickness, which I of course obliged her. It was beautiful and I would do it again in a heart beat. We went through the entire box of 100 needles in a space of less than 2 hours I think. We didn't watch the time anyway, a bit of intimacy with the void. When the needles were running down to the last eight or so I set 2 needles aside for my nipples, which I seemed to be saving for last and pierced each of those as well... They slid through my nipples with such ease, it was quite exhilarating. Once all of my needles were in place and the space was made available I began to dance, wanting to sweat. Then Gerrold was kind enough to offer me his torches which he even took time to prepare for me with fuel and all. He also brought the hookah over to Natalie and I while I was doing the piercings and we both took a taste of the sweet herbs. Then with the torches I started to move and pulse and I danced for both him and Natalie. I was moving so vigorously that all the needles were popping out, and it all came to a halt, but my adrenalin was running high for quite some time. Natalie came to help remove all of my needles and we made certain to find the cap for each needle and dispose of them all in a steel can. I was feeling very unearthed and very buoyant. Both Natalie and I put on white shirts to let our blood stain the fabric. To ground out, we ate a good meal and passed out peacefully just before dawn. I came out of the experience with several marks, less noticeable on my arms, but moreso on my back. The only bruise that I have is from a needle that was placed between my breast and armpit in the pec area. By now, all of the marks have disappeared and all that remains is the memory. Overall I think that the whole operation was smoothly executed. We all contributed to make things work well. The only moments where I may be more careful in the future are not to try to dance so wildly while I have needles in place because having them fall to the floor could have caused me and others more danger unecessarily. In retrospect it all seemed to go by so fast! Now I have several pieces of blood stained clothes and a nice "sheet" of blood from my ear. I decided to save it as a memento by pressing it into paper in one of my journals ;) I'm grateful that Natalie and I were able to do this together; that it was Natalie, I feel all the more closer to her as a friend, and that we could share something intimately like this. We grew close very fast and I found that she shared similar feelings with me in regards to the importance of this being a ritual.

I am Invigorated!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 May 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: myself+and+Natalie
Studio: in+home
Location: Brooklyn%2C+NY

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