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4pt 6g knee suspension attempt

I had been considering attempting a suspension for some time, now being quite comfortable with pulling. Generally, people tend to give a suicide suspension a go first time round, but I wanted to attempt a knee suspension as it seemed less scary than a suicide. Time constraints meant that the perfect opportunity was when I attended Stratosphere, the event put on by The Hanged Man Team in Melbourne.

The weekend I went away for involved lots of shopping and drunken debauchery – as all weekends away do. I also had my star cutting recut the night before. I must admit my preparation for the suspension was less than ideal. I had been out the night before and drunk copious amounts of alcohol and was running on minimal food and sleep.

The event kicked off around two pm and a full day of suspensions was planned. As I hadn't confirmed my suspension until the night before I was going to be last, which was fine by me because I didn't exactly want a big audience. The day was spent watching in awe as two of my friends successfully did knee suspensions. The rest were suicides and one very impressive single hook suspension.

Although I was in high spirits considering my hangover relating to the previous night's shenanigans, there was a seed of doubt implanted in the back of my mind. This little voice kept telling me that I wouldn't be able to do it. But despite this I was determined to give it a shot at least. About nine pm I was told I would be up soon. So, the mental preparation begun. I changed into some skanky old fisherman shorts and put on my oh so sexy emo heart socks. Some forms were signed. And the ipod came out to distract me from the thoughts of what was to come. Many nervous trips to the bathroom were made in between all this.

Before I knew it I was on the table and Pete was piercing my poor little knees. The piercing didn't hurt that much. I can't say it was overly painful. About the same pain wise as taking hooks in your back. Pete was very quick and very gentle. The bit I disliked though was when I bent my knees, as the hooks were thrown with my legs straight out on the table. This stung like crazy and was a totally strange sensation.

It was about this time that I was starting to have serious doubts as to whether I could actually go through with it. I know I can take hooks, but suspending is another thing. Everyone knew how I was feeling but I was determined to give it a shot anyhow, I'd come this far. So I was rigged up and layed down to relax for a bit.

Tension was placed on the hooks very slowly. It took ages. I was slow and scared and reluctant and wussy. There were some issues with the equipment being used to pull me up so I went up and down a little bit. I only got as far as getting my feet off the massage table, and my bum was slightly off the table too. It was then that I decided that I couldn't do it right then and there.

The feeling was one of pressure. Tightness. Stingyness. It was a totally different feeling as to when you do a pull. When you do a pull when you first put tension on the hooks it's stingy, but goes away fairly quickly. With this the sensation was constant; however, I have no doubt that if I had of persevered with it the feeling would have subsided eventually.

I decided then and there I wasn't going to overanalyse the situation or beat myself up over not going through with it. I tried but just wasn't in the right state of mind to push my boundaries. I honestly feel that if I had of had adequate sleep, food, and not been so hungover, I would have been in a better place mentally to get off the ground. I also think that I talked myself into not being able to do it somewhat. I was rather pessimistic about being able to go through with it the whole day, and I did witness a couple of other people who couldn't get off the ground either.

One of the things that I disliked about attempting to suspend as opposed to pulling is that I felt very out of control. It was someone else placing tension on my hooks and even though it was me instructing the amount of tension I wanted, it was really all in their hands.

Everyone was very supportive. And I think I would have been a big emo mess if Ryan hadn't been there to entertain me afterwards. The day after I felt like a truck had hit me. But despite this I still managed to shop all morning before flying home that afternoon.

Mad props to the Melbourne Hanged Man Team. They are very professional and what they do it a credit to them. Also big thanks to all my friends who stuck around to give me support and encouragement. You guys rock. The experience hasn't put me off attempting to suspend again one day in the future, it's just taught me that proper mental and physical preparation is necessary if you wish to achieve your desired goal.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 May 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Peter
Studio: The+Hanged+Man+Suspension+Team
Location: Melbourne%2C+Australia

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