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The story of how I discoved a love for suspension.

I did my first suspension at ROP RI Suscon in 2005. I chose to do a 4 point suicide as my first suspension because I figured it would be the easiest.

I only went to Suscon on Saturday and talked to almost no one while I was there. I arrived with a good friend in the morning, signed up for my suspension, and hung around for a bit watching others suspend. I was not nervous at all until a girl came up to me with a notecard and told me that I was up.

My hooks were thrown by two people simultaneously. I couldn't tell you who threw my hooks because the whole thing was a blur. I can tell you that whoever it was, they did their best to make me feel at ease. One of the guys remarked about how great my skin was and actually showed it to someone else. (Apparently I have the kind of skin meant for implants and suspensions.) Getting pierced by two 8g needles at once was kind of strange because I could feel a slight difference in speed/sensations between the two.

After my hooks were thrown I was given a minute to chill before getting rigged up. I ended up suspending in the little photo room next to where the hooks were being thrown rather than out with everyone else and I have to say that I preferred it that way. Steve rigged me up while Jason held my rope. (I have to say that those two guys were absolutely amazing throughout the entire experience and made it so memorable.)

Once I was secure, a few people started to gather around to watch me go up. Allen Falkner asked me if I was nervous and why to which I replied, "What if I can't get up?" Someone else explained to me that it was not about getting up, it was about what you get from the experience and I felt immediately better.

Steve began to walk me forward and backward while Jason slowly pulled my rope tighter. Before I knew it I went to take a step forward and my feet were off the ground. I felt an immense pain in my back at that moment but someone who was watching assured me that it would go away in a minute. I hung there completely still until the pain subsided.

Steve asked me if I would like a push and even though I was incredibly nervous about it, I accepted. This was the moment that I fell in love with suspension. Whoever was standing around told me a few things to do with my body for instance, if I turned my head a bit, my body would follow. If I gyrated my hips, I'd feel an incredibly neat sensation in my back. If I kicked my leg out at the top a swing, my body would turn. I must have hung for 20-30 minutes before Jason decided that he had an idea for me. He lowered my rope just enough that I could touch the ground with the tips of my toes and told me to run. I started off slow but gained enough momentum that they had to move the photo-light-screen-things that were in front of me so that I did not kick them.

I had the time of my life running and jumping and swinging. I must have stayed up between 45 minutes to an hour. Someone that heard me say I was afraid that I might not get up earlier came back toward the end and had a good laugh with me about still being up considering how nervous I had been.

I only got down because I felt that I had been up long enough. I wasn't incredibly tired or in pain but rather felt that I'd had my fun for the day. When Steve cut me down, I felt as though the weight of the world was returned to my shoulders. It was quite possibly one of the most intense feelings that I've felt to date. Everything hit me all at once...

I had the air squeezed out of my back and afterward the guy told me that "I'd want to be around good people for a couple of days because everything is going to be a little different." I shrugged this off and probably even laughed about it until about an hour later when I wanted to cry. I wasn't sad or even happy really. I was just... different... Everything was so overwhelming.

After my suspension I traveled up to Boston and got wasted at a house party off plastic bottle vodka straight from the handle. (I wouldn't recommend that.) I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus and headed off to the airport. My whole body ached. My ribs hurt a ridiculous amount from all of the strain. My scars have almost faded but the memory from that day will always remain.


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on: 10 May 2006
in Ritual

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