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Third times a charm ...

Once again the opportunity to indulge in some hook love rolled around. This time however, I wasn't sure if I would participate as my back was still a little scabby from the previous months pull. As the evening drew closer though, I just felt I had to partake in the festivities. This time I wasn't sure who or what I was going to pull against, whether it be against the fence or against another person. The reason I considered pulling against the fence was because I want to attempt a suspension in the near future, and I hadn't felt that I had yet pulled hard enough to attempt something like a suspension.

After watching a suspension from the doorframe, yes innovative I know, and watching a couple of other guys pull I was once again being marked up for hooks. The markings were made at the opposite angle to last time and yet again I was laying down awaiting the hooks being thrown. I wasn't nervous at all this time. I well and truly knew what to expect. And I'm now not fazed by having other people watching my hooks be thrown. Usually I'm the person who wants everyone except close friends out in case I do or say anything to embarrass myself. But this time I was fine with it all. This was probably helped by the fact that there was a pretty relaxed group of people around.

I hardly even felt the first hook. It just felt like a sting and then it was over. Apparently the expression on my face didn't even change. Then the second one, this one hurt a tiny bit more than the first one. But it was all over very fast. You have to give Rob huge props for his piercing skills. So I was done. The second hook stung for a while after it was thrown, but moving the skin around the area and stretching seemed to help.

My pull partner Corryn then had her hooks thrown, she had a quick ciggie, and we were off. Before we started I had discussed with Corryn that I wanted to pull a bit harder than last time due to the reasons explained above, so we started pulling. It was just like the time before, and I didn't really pull much until Corryn got into it because I'm bigger than she is. And being the considerate pullee that I am I didn't want to hurt her. After a few minutes of getting used to the sensation once more, I was all of a sudden jerked backwards, and it was on for young and old. We had a pretty decent tug of war happening - her trying to pull me up to the windows of the shop, and me trying to pull her back to the fence. We both had someone to grab onto in front of us, and at times this was needed. She may be a small girl, but she has some strength. That's all I can say!

A little way into it we had a quick time out to get rid of our thongs, and it was back on. It was so much fun. The minute I started pulling the burning sensation where my second hook was thrown vanished. I didn't feel any pain or discomfort whilst pulling this time around, probably because I was so into it. I was in my own little world, enjoying the sensation. It's very hard to describe – but this time around I definitely got the endorphins. After a little bit longer which saw both of us win the tug of war, we had a breather.

After five or ten minutes we got back into it, but not as much as directly prior. Neither of us expected ourselves to pull how we did. It was very different to the last time we pulled together that's for sure. Here I was an hour beforehand telling the boys how crazy they were for pulling like they did, and then we were doing it very similar. I was so full of energy afterwards and feeling great. I bled for the first time, and then the hooks came out. This time around the massaging actually hurt.

I'm glad that I pulled against a person opposed to the fence now, the experience exceeded my expectations and it seems that each time my hooks are thrown it hurts less, and I enjoy pulling more and more.

Next time around I think we may attempt a 4 way pull. And when the opportunity arises I will attempt a suspension as well. I feel that I'm ready for that now. And the way I see it is that if I'm not, I'm not. But Ill give it a go.

For those of you who may have pulled once or twice and were still dubious as to what all the fuss was about, I recommend that you try it again. I think being comfortable with your surroundings (location and people) and having confidence in your ability to milk the experience for what its worth, truly makes the event surpass your expectations.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 March 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Rob+Valenti
Studio: Polymorph
Location: Newtown%2C+Sydney%2C+Australia

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