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Surprise knee suspension

Every year in March, Bodypiercing Lifestyle has an open information day. This year's open information day was Saturday, March 11. Of course I went there because it's always fun, even though I did not need to help out or perform. At least, that's what I thought until halfway the open information day. Things turned out a little different...

I brought a friend (piercing virgin), and she wanted her navel done. I decided to have my vertical lobe done. While Jimmy was marking me, Isabelle, the floor manager, came in. "Ehm, Marjolein? There's a problem... The guy who was supposed to do the suspension today is not showing up..." Happy to help out (or just happy to be able to suspend again, heh), I offered to do a suspension. Isabelle went to tell Sandra and Jimmy asked me whether I still wanted the piercing. I did get the piercing but that's for another experience.

When I had my piercing, I went over to Sandra to discuss the suspension. Since I did two suicides before, I felt that it was time for something different. I decided upon a knee suspension (the fact that I was not wearing a bra helped making that decision). An hour or so before the suspension was scheduled, I went upstairs to Sandra's apartment where I got the opportunity to shave my legs (I just can't be bothered in winter when I'm not wearing shorts/skirts) and Sandra borrowed me a pair of shorts to wear. I looked terribly unsexy in my grey Nomad outdoor socks, white Adidas shorts, and my baby-blue iROP shirt, but who cares about that when you're about to suspend?

It was time to throw my hooks. We decided upon 2 hooks, horizontally placed right above my knees, pierced from the inside out. First, we (me, Sandra and Jimmy) marked my knees. This took a while, as first they where both off and not in the middle, then the distances to my kneecaps where not equal, and then one of them seemed a little crooked. But we got it right and after that, Yannick and another guy where asked to get some gloves to help squeezing my skin together so both hooks could be thrown at the same time and I would be in pain only once. I spread my legs a little further so that 4 people and 8 hands could comfortably hold and pierce my skin. Sandra and Jimmy lubed up the needles (8 ga) and put them on the hooks (6 ga), and held them against my skin. Jimmy talked me through the usual breathing procedure and pierced me. Sandra followed a few moments later, so far for being in pain only once. It was a little painful but it was fast as well so the heavy pain was gone within seconds. Until Sandra accidentally jerked my hook, which was less than pleasant.

I got up from the floor (they pierced me on the floor in the sterile room), and walked around for a bit, until I didn't really feel the hooks anymore. I fixed the ropes and rigging myself (there were 4 attachment points and I only needed two of course), and Jimmy attached the rigging to the hooks. Roger was going to pull me up and I asked him to increase the tension. I adjusted the ropes myself so that the tension on both hooks was equal, and signaled Roger to increase the tension. Jimmy sat behind me to make sure I didn't hit my head against the floor or some other stupid action while going up. My legs where up in no time. I felt quite some pressure and a little pain, but it was no problem. Roger pulled me up further, Jimmy supported my upper back and head, and I just yelled to pull me up all the way.

And there I was, dangling upside down from the ceiling. The crowd (about 50 – 60 people I think) applauded, and after half a minute or so I asked to be pushed around so that I could swing. Someone pushed me, and I was swinging around happily with a big grin on my face. It was really funny to see everybody upside down, and it was also extremely funny to be able to see myself in the ceiling, as some parts of it are mirroring Plexiglas tiles. My knees felt a little sore while swinging there, but it was not annoying, I was just aware of it I guess. I tried to swing around myself a bit, which didn't really work and just meant a lot of exercise for my abdominal muscles, which meant muscle ache for the next two days! After a few minutes my head felt like exploding because all the blood was rushing into it – that's what you get for suspending upside down I guess. I tried to hold my legs and "sit" up for a while, but that wasn't really comfortable either even though it did help against the exploding head feeling. I let myself fall down again and swung around some more. Soon after that I asked to be lowered again, because the pressure in my head was getting too much, I didn't see any pictures yet but I bet my head looked like a tomato, color wise. Jimmy supported my head and upper back again while coming down, and slowly I came back to earth. I detached the hooks from the rigging and got myself something to drink and a cigarette (and I don't even really smoke, I'm a party smoker I suppose).

After walking around and talking to various people I started bleeding. Sandra and Jimmy released me from my hooks and tried to burp out the air. There wasn't much and it didn't want to come out either, so they cleaned and bandaged me up. Right before I was going home Jimmy tried once more to press out the air but none would come out. Walking to the train station was no problem at all, my knees felt somewhat sensitive but not painful or sore. The next two or three days my knees were a little puffy, a combination of the swelling and some air I guess. Walking was no problem; they were only a little sore when I'd bump into something. I have the tiniest bruise on my right knee, might have to do with the fact that the right hook felt less comfortable than the left one. But the most painful part was the muscle ache in my tummy!

Thank you Lifestyle for the great experience, again!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 March 2006
in Ritual

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