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I felt so incredible after hanging

I wrote this in my blog for Myspace when I first did it. I wrote it out like I was explaining it to someone who didn't really like the idea and or didn't understand it that's why I have weird comparisons.

So I tried suspension for the first time last night. It was awesome! That was the best experience I have ever had. The funny thing is I had more trouble when I tried to sell plasma then getting suspended. Just think about that before you start saying I am crazy.

Since everyone has been asking me and I am sick of recalling everything that happened I'll write it here and direct you in the future before you start bugging.

On the way over there I was incredibly nervous. I didn't know what to expect and I felt like I was running late. I never asked Steve what to look forward to because I wasn't sure I wanted to know and probably didn't want to look like such a noob (I have read a lot on it).

I get there with two of my friends. By this time I am more relaxed... smoked too many cigars on the way over there. My friend wont stop talking and making annoying comments "the suspense is killing me" I stay quiet and observe. I fill out some paperwork about what I am in for and if it's ok to take pictures of me. Cool. First time I ever actually read what I was signing.

"Are you ready?" Steve asks.

"Sure" I say... We go to the other room and I take off my shirt and lay on the table. They pierce me two at a time one guy on either side of me. The whole time they are telling me to breathe deeply and stuff: Normal routine. I was fine. I needed a very small break in between the two just to keep my breathing slow. I was trying to hard to keep calm. After a couple breaths I was done. I walked out in just my bra because I wasn't quite sure about putting on my shirt just yet.

There were all kinds of people out there! I was expecting just my friends and the guys suspending me. Well actually now that I look back there was only 3 other people. They were the ones going after me. It just seemed like it because I was just in my bra and they were staring at me.

They got the thing ready that I was going to be hooked up to and I got my shirts cut in the back so I could wear them outside. The hooks themselves were actually quite comfortable. I could move freely without pain. I was freezing though! I got hooked up and they had me walk back and forth so I could get used to the tension. I knew I was taking a lot time to get used to it but I am terrible if I have to make decisions based on time on my own. I started to bend one knee and they just pulled me up really quick! I was freaking out here and I closed my eyes. I don't like heights. So, this was not cool. I finally opened my eyes and I was high up... But it felt incredible! I started to swing and turn and I couldn't think of anything else to do. I was stuck in amazement... I probably looked so stupid but I was having fun! I was smiling. I was loving every minute of it. I was thinking what took me so long to try this? After a while my lower back started to hurt from the position I was hanging from. I was ready to get down already. I need to remember to stretch next time. My back felt like it was getting really sore too: Sort of like over-working out. That pretty close to what it felt like. Before I was up for a while I just felt like a lot of my skin was being pinched by someone. When I was up it was sort of hard to move my arms around and I was cold so I kept them close.

I was finally lowered after like 5-10 minutes I was told. I lay on the piercing table again and the hooks get taken out. The air was pushed out of my wounds and blood was clean off. When the girls were pushing on me it felt hot! I was like ah... do that a little harder... But I didn't say anything.

Later that night, I felt like I had just taken an extremely relaxing bath or something like with oils and everything. My body felt so soft. I was intrigued by how comfortable I felt and what my body could be capable of.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 March 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Steve+Truitt
Studio: his+house
Location: Albuquerque

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