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Pulling @ polymorph ...

After New Years Eve this year where I did my first back pull, I was eager to try it again. The first time around I was very nervous, and I felt that I didn't enjoy the experience to its full capacity. So when Rob at Polymorph told us he was playing with hooks last Sunday night I jumped at the chance of being involved. I wasn't one hundred percent sure that I would pull on the night as I had been sick the week prior due to a skanky viral infection. I'm also one of those people who must feel comfortable with the people around me when I'm doing something like this. So I waited until the night to make the final decision, although I was pretty sure I would go through with it.

There was a small gathering of people, most of which I did not know, but everyone was friendly, and there was no attitude which was the main importance. I wasn't first which was good, two other people pulled before us, so I knew how things would happen. Earlier in the night it was decided that I would pull against my friend Corryn. After the two boys who were first up were done, it was my turn to be hooked. I didn't feel nervous this time around. I felt fine and excited about what was about to happen. I had an idea of how the piercing would feel, and what the sensation of the pull would be. So I was ready and raring to go.

The location of the hooks was decided on, somewhat lower that my first time, but it was a much more comfortable placement. It was at this point that I did become a little bit nervous, not being able to decide weather I wanted to sit up or lie down for the piercing. I was going to sit up for the hooks to be thrown because lying down was somewhat uncomfortable and awkward, but Rob couldn't get a hold of my skin properly with me sitting up. I have now been told by two different piercers I have very tough skin and don't have a lot of elasticity or stretch in the skin on my back. I was worried I would make the weird ass noise I did when I was pierced for my last pull, but alas I did not.

Rob lined up the needle, I felt a little sting, then I took a deep breath in, then I let a deep breath out, and the hook was through. It was very quick and not half as painful as last time. Last time the pain of the piercing was very intense then I felt nothing afterwards, yet, this time the pain of the piercing was not half as intense, although it was stingy afterward. Strange. 2 8g hooks in my back – yay!

Corryn was pierced, then we were outside being roped up and before I knew it we were pulling. I was a little worried I would pull too hard and hurt Corryn because shes a lot smaller and lighter than me, so I didn't pull very hard, I basically let her do the pulling. It was so much fun. I didn't feel sick at all throughout the pull, unlike last time, and I wasn't worried this time that the hooks would be ripped out of my back. This time I really enjoyed the pulling experience and I didn't want to stop to tell you the truth. Unlike the last time, I was laughing and smiling and talking the whole time and we got some awesome pictures. The experience was a really good one, I believe because I knew what to expect as I had done it before. I felt that this time I really milked the experience for what it was worth.

After about half an hour Corryn wanted to stop, which was ok with me because the right side of my back had started to hurt. Apparently the tension on that string was a little bit tighter than the other one, and the piercing was also a little bit deeper. My hooks were taken out, and this felt good, a relief. Again I had no air bubbles, and I didn't bleed at all this time. I was cleaned up and then there was more fun with hooks. Someone was suspended from the doorframe and another two people did a pull which was great to watch. The boys went so hard and boy did they bleed.

I felt more confident the second time around because I knew what to expect. The second time was much more enjoyable. It's hard to describe why I enjoyed it so much. I think it's the sensation. It's a mixture of pleasure and pain.

For anyone considering doing a pull I would highly recommend it. It's not really an experience you can put into words, you really just have to give it a go for yourself. It's only been a few days but I cannot wait to pull again. I am also considering suspending. I feel it's something I am now ready to attempt, with the right people, in the right circumstances of course. Big thanks to all involved, especially Rob for making it all possible.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Feb. 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Rob+Valenti
Studio: Polymorph
Location: Newtown%2C+Sydney%2C+Australia

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