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The First Ritual

Well I guess it all started a few months back when I realised that I needed to come to terms with my desires of my late teens. Pretty much randomly stumbled across this girl on line called Sez, from that point on lots of aspects of my life were about to change. I knew she had piercings but I really had no idea to what extent, and then later found that we shared some similar passions for piercing and the prospect of blood play.

I then got invited by Sez to come crash a 21st Birthday party in High Wycombe, Not exactly my neck of the woods, but I was really keen to meet her and take this friendship off line and into the real world. Having arrived at the party and getting past the usual obligatory meet and greets, I started to feel more and more comfortable as she showed me her piercings. A few drinks later I asked if she had any needles to do a little play piercing, as soon as I had done so my heart started beating a little faster and I try to start imagining the pain involved and whether I should have even suggested it at all.

Sez smiled and said that she had needles, and that we could go do some play piercing, my nervousness grew and I thought I've come this far, I really need this to satisfy my growing lust to know the feeling. So without ado we went went upstairs and into a blue bedroom, we sat down and Sez grabbed a small paper packet from her bag, "These are the needles I have, and they are from a sterile packet" (18ga) as she thrust the empty packet into my hands. The needles were short and gray , with a very sharp looking spear with tiny stepped point on one end and cut flat straight at the other.

The concept of blood play and play piecing wasn't new to me, but it was new in this form as I never actually performed it with anyone before. It felt really comfortable to finally meet and talk with someone that had experienced exactly what I wanted to do, "I just push it through like this" she stated, as the razor sharp needle seemed to slide effortlessly into her skin and promptly popped out the fresh exit hole. So I start thinking, can I actually do this in front of someone else, all my concerns started buzzing around my head, it all got a bit much for a few seconds and I thought 'Fuck it, I want this so much'.

Gripping the needle, thumb and forefinger I press the sharp point at exactly the point I think will be deep enough for now, as it turned out I'd overestimated any how, I started applying pressure and expected a sting as it pierced my flesh, there was no sting, just a feeling of massive release as the needle continued to burrow beneath my skin like a mole on a fresh cut lawn. When it came through the other side I reached a sense of quiet elation, and there it was, my countless days of imagined preparation and fear of the unknown, all consolidated in a few seconds. This was my start, yet my delivery of something I wanted for so long. It was done, or so I thought.

Again I grabbed the needle and pulled sharply to remove it from the fresh tunnel I had made, very quickly blood started to exit the holes at both ends. It wasn't until this point that I actually realised what I was looking for. I thought it had been about the pain of making the incision, but I felt even more pleasure from seeing my blood again, it had been a very long time, not since I was about 17-18 and had done so to ease some pains in my childhood. I understood without question that this wasn't about some sadistic pleasure but about dealing with my demons and knowing that it was finally ok , and that I had the support of a great friend to lead me through this.

So now it begins, I've managed to conquer my initial demons, my feelings were slightly uncertain at first as I had been drinking, but I know deep down that I needed to pass this little test I set myself internally. I realised that I had stopped this practice before because I felt everyone was telling me it was wrong.

Now that I'm older and wiser I know that this is only important to me and that my problems are the most important things only to me. I don't mean that in a selfish and secluded way, but I know what is working for me. I really feel so much closer to Sez as a result of our play piercing together and certainly hope to do it again very soon, certainly feel so liberated and free of the misunderstandings now.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Me
Studio: Bedroom
Location: High+Wycombe%2C+UK

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