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Looking into the eyes of purity

One Hook Chest Suspension

So this is how is all goes you see....Throughout the day I clean my whole apartment from top to bottom. Or is it bottom to top? After this I have a bath and a shower to shave my body from the neck down to enhance my sense of touch/feeling. When everyone arrives here I am listening to Tool - Lateralus and just get into the right mood for this. I bring out all the suspension equipment, piece by piece. I clean my hands with Isagel first off and wait for them to dry. I put on my first pair of gloves to get everything all set up. I get all my things in order which is the 4ga hook, the 6ga needle, the Techni-care (for lube and cleaning my chest), and my marking pen. Once this is done I put on Tool - Parabol (song #6) and get the needle lined up. I wait for a bit and just say to myself "FUCK IT" and start pushing. Surprisingly it's not as painful as I thought, or maybe I'm just going through such a rush at this moment I didn't feel it as much. So the 6ga needle goes through with the 4ga hook following just past it. Once this is done I'm like OH MY GOD I can't believe I just did this.

I go give Erin a big huge hug and feel her warmth given back to me. I walk over to the rigging to rope myself up and get ready to hang. I have Erin come in front of me to hold my hands as emotional support and to have her loving energy attached to mine for this. Once everything is all good I get the music put to Ticks & Leeches (song 8) and soon try to go up. I say try because my ceiling I guess isn't high enough to lift me all the way up, I am on the very tip of my toes and my skin on my chest being so stretched I don't get lifted off. So we go back down and I then sit on the ground and get in the lotus position, with my knees then touching the ground and to get lifted up. I only am up for about 5 seconds there I think but it is enough to let me know I can do this.

I stand up and get myself ready to get lifted again but telling myself this time that I need to take my own feet off the ground. To Ticks & Leeches again and have Jay lift me up once the big scream comes from Maynard's mouth in the song. He pulls up till it can't be pulled up anymore and I just say fuck it and lift up and put my knees to Erin's hips as support and keep holding up in the air for a good bit. I come down after a short amount of time, maybe a minute or two I think. I'm standing here and everyone is like holy fuck that was amazing.

I'm still standing here with some tension on the rope and let Jay and everyone else know I am going back up. This time to Schism(song #5), once a certain point in the song hit I have him lift me up and I jump up again and put my knees to Erin's hips for the quick support then slowly let myself ease off of her and just keep holding onto her hands. I'm hanging here and just get into the right state of mind to relax as much as I can and focus on love and inner peace. At this point feeling so rushed and filled with energy and love I feel on top of the world.

I am now back on the ground and everyone is just shocked except Erin that I am doing all this and keep going up. Kiri went through about seven rolls of film taking with the SLR cameras and Danny went through about 90 pictures on my digital camera. Now it is time for the bleed out, I get Techni-Care onto my chest and start massaging it in. The bleeding out is quite fun I must say, blood doesn't start coming out till I start massaging with more pressure to get the bubbles out. Everyone is all entranced and sort of grossed out by all the blood and sounds that are made from the air coming out. Erin and i just laugh at this.

Erin then helps me by staying by my side and lightly rubbing my back and just keeping me company while I clean up the blood. We all then say our good byes and they go on their way. So over all this is one of my best suspensions, probably because I did my own hooking with no problems, Erin was here by my side the whole time and the feat itself was fucking intense.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Dec. 2005
in Ritual

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Artist: Valon+Oddity
Studio: Valon%27s+house
Location: Calgary%2C+Alberta

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