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My first, but definitly not my last suspension.

I have been a professional body piercer off and on for about 6 years. I served a one-year apprenticeship with Sami Swadley who, at the time, worked at Body Graphics in Bonsall California. After my apprenticeship, I moved back to Colorado Springs and basically just stopped pursuing a career in body art. That lasted for about 3 years and I started getting that itch that we all know and love...I needed to get some work done. I didn't really trust any other piercers around here, so I started to tame the animal known as self-piercing. I have done a good number of my own piercings, and still plan on doing more. That however is another story for another time. This experience is here to chronicle my first suspension, a four-point suicide.

I had never really even entertained the thought of a suspension before. When I became a member of IAM, I met a few people who had done suspensions and they all said the same thing about them...that it is truly an amazing experience. I was pretty skeptical of this at first, because I know what an endorphin rush feels like, and I know what an adrenaline rush feels like. Maybe not both at the same time, but really, how can hanging from metal hooks pierced through the flesh be an "enjoyable" experience? I never anticipated that one day I would find that out first-hand.

I recently got back into piercing professionally and I forgot how much I loved it. I had only been working at the shop for about 2 months when we got finalized plans to have a piercer come for a one-week guest spot. While he was he, we were going to host a suspension party. I thought it was a great idea, that way I could talk to the people who were to suspend and try to understand what it is like. The closer and closer the week came I actually started to consider doing a suspension as well. When our guest piercer arrived I was very glad to meet him. He is such a great guy and I was comfortable enough to let him pierce me the first night we met. Which is huge, because as I stated earlier I had been the only person to pierce me in around 5 years. He did my fore-tragus on both sides and they are perfect. He is a freehand piercer and after being pierced that was I am convinced it is a superior method, which I will be learning in the years to come.

So the night of the suspensions was finally here and when my wife and I got to the shop, they were just getting started. It was interesting to be "behind the scenes" and see what all goes down. I had all but made up my mind that I WAS going to suspend that night, and after seeing the second girl to suspend come down with a huge smile on her face saying that it was such an incredible feeling, I was sold. Once I decided that I was definitely going to hang, all of the apprehension and nervousness went away. I was very calm while they got set up and even during the marking process I wasn't scared in any way. Once I was all marked up, I layed face down on the massage table in my booth and they got lined up. I guess the actual piercings through the flesh in my back was the "worst" part, but not unbearable by any means.

The hooks were in and I was pretty eager to get in the air, but of course it's not that easy. Once the cord was all tied up and even, we got just enough tension on the hooks to pull my skin up about an inch or so. We stopped there for a few minutes to let my body acclimate to the sensation and to give the skin time to separate from the underlying tissue. This process was repeated a few times until I was about two feet in front of where I was centered under the rig, and standing on my tip toes. This lasted about ten minutes or so, then my calves started cramping up. That part kinda sucked, so I had them increase tension so I could back up a bit, then I put my hands on our guest piercer's shoulders and told em to start lifting. As soon as I was off the ground I was exhilarated. About a minute in the pain was all gone and It felt amazing. I still can't quite put into words the sensation, it was quite simply amazing.

I stayed up for about forty-five minutes, and had no one else been waiting to go up I would have stayed longer. Once I came down we headed into my booth where they removed the hooks and started to get all of the "rice krispies" out. Basically it's air that gets trapped under the skin so it has to be massaged out of the entrance and exit wounds of the hooks. That was a pretty weird feeling...and sound! They got me all cleaned up and I just felt euphoric for the rest of the night. I don't think I "came down" off of my endorphin/adrenaline high until the next morning. The next day I was really sore and I could feel air pockets from my lower back and ribcage, clear up to the base of my skull and behind my ears. I spent most of the day pushing the air in my neck and shoulders down towards the holes. The day after that, I felt great...just a tiny bit of soreness around the holes, but not bad at all considering!

I am so glad I decided to do a suspension. It really was a very memorable moment in my life and I can't wait to do it again! If anyone out there reading this has given thought to a suspension, but are skeptical or afraid...don't be! It really is an amazing experience and as long as the right people are there who know what they are doing you will be fine and absolutely not regret doing it! Thank you to www.bmezine.com for providing a place to meet great people and explore new ideas.


submitted by: jkm29
on: 12 Dec. 2005
in Ritual

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Artist: Jim+Sens
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