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A life changing experience

A year ago, I never thought I'd be hanging on hooks. When I was introduced to the idea by a friend, I have to admit that I was curious. After talking about it with him (a lot), I new this was something I was destined to do one day.

Then I met my wife (through the same friend). She had been suspending for years. She opened my eyes to a lot of the facts and myths about it. We watched her videos and looked at pictures of her. She took me to a suspension event and it was then that I really knew that I would go up one day. Finally, the day came for me to suspend. I was helping my friend organize this event and by now I had started to even learn how to rig, tie knots and such. I figured, the more I knew about it technically, the more comfortable I would be with doing it.

I made sure that I had lots do to in helping to set up the event. The event started and I was not really that nervous until they volunteered me to go first. I didn't really mind. I wanted to go badly. I felt a wave of anticipation hit me as I knew it was now just a matter of minutes before I would have hooks in my back.

I took my shirt off and they started to pull and tug on my back asking me which spots felt the most comfortable. Once we found the sweet spot, I was marked. I laid down on the table, face down. Since I'm not that big on piercings, I didn't really know what to expect. They asked me how I would like to have this done; on my third breath or first? I said to go on the first. I wasn't looking forward to this part, so I wanted to get it done with. I took my breath and I felt the pops of my skin being pierced and a burning sensation. Round one was done! I now had two of four hooks in my back! I thought to myself "that wasn't that bad". After I relaxed for a second, I took my second deep breath. The second two hooks felt better going in. I was hooked now. Now I was ready to suspend.

As they rigged me up to the pulley system, my wife held my hands and comforted me. She was great. I started to step forward, then back. I felt my skin pull tighter and tighter. I then started to bend my knees. My friend was working the harness and he knew to keep pulling me higher and higher. Then I started to feel my skin separate from my back muscles. I had been warned about that but I guess you can never really be prepared for it until you actually experience it.

A wave of panic hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt a hot flash come over me. I wasn't off the ground yet, but I couldn't go flat footed anymore. I had to put my faith into knowing that my skin would hold me up with only four 8 gauge hooks on ropes. I had to go forth now. I had to lift my legs. I regrouped myself did just that. I didn't actually know that I was off the ground until everyone spectating started to clap for me.

I was off the ground! That was what I thinking for what seemed to be an eternity. Suddenly, a calm struck me. I had no pain. I had no discomfort. I was mentally centered. As I gain my confidence, I started to swing some. It didn't take long at all until I forgot about all of my worries. I was flying! I was lifted higher until there was a considerable distance between myself and the floor. I felt empowered like never before. I felt free. I swung back and forth and any direction I could. I had friends push me and give me "whirly birds". I trying getting as high up as I could.

When I finally tiered out from swinging back and forth, I asked to be let down. They slowly lowered me and I made contact with the ground again. I already missed it. As they lowered the rig and my skin was reintroduced to my back, it felt like a huge weight was set on my back. As they took the hooks out and pushed the air out of my back I couldn't stop laughing. I was so happy. I was even giddy.

I know that I will be going up again. This whole experience has opened my mind. It has expanded my thoughts and even brought me closer to my wife. I thank everyone who helped me realize this life changing experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Nov. 2005
in Ritual

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