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This fucking idea was about as brilliant as stapling my head to the wall

Sometimes you do stupid things. Especially when you're in college, its exam week and you're sick of staring at Excel and solving triangles easily solved by calculator and hand. Oh, neat, there's something new on BME. Maybe I should try this?


Dermal anchoring. It looks good. I wasn't a big fan of the jewellery and I thought it wasn't a good idea. Maybe for the face, but definitely nowhere else. The jewellery needs some work as well. Who am I to judge? I'm the idiot that tried it with a bent 18ga nostril screw (high quality, gold at least) and a 12ga needle.

I prepped my hand. I decided against wearing gloves (wear gloves!) because I was working on my hand. I washed them a few times and pierced my hand with a 12ga needle. I really like my 12ga needles, they're nice and sharp, it went through like butter. There was a bit of pressure and it stung, but it was my hand.

The jewellery follow through was easy enough, it was slightly bigger than the needle, but my hand is stretchy, so it followed through, no problem and I thought it was really neat.

A couple of hours later I realized that doing anything pretty much involves your hands, if you have hands. I knocked it almost out a few times. I figured it would pull out, but I was very, very wrong on this on. So, I turned to IRC!

The first reply was "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA", followed by many, many more "HAHAHAHA"ing and "LOL"ing. I was laughing too. Until I tried to get it out. I pulled it almost all the way and everything was going fine until the end. You wouldn't figure it would anchor in a couple of hours would you? Of course not! But it did.

I pulled in different directions, keeping up on IRC, getting laughed at even more. I was still laughing with everyone, but if I needed to break out a scalpel, and waste a blade on my hand, I wouldn't be laughing as hard anymore. Plus I'd have an interesting scar I could tell everyone what I so stupidly did.

Yes, what I did was stupid. I took an idea someone came up with, used jewellery that wasn't the same, but similar, put it in my hand, of all places! My hand! and then regretted it a couple of hours later when I realized my hand plays an active role in life. Pockets, for example. This idea is new, pretty much only one person has done it, as far as I know.

I wonder how many dumbasses, like myself, sat at home doing the same thing?

After much stretching and pulling and tugging I was almost determined to get out a scalpel. So I grabbed a 12ga needle and decided to sacrifice that instead. I poked around and finally found the problem, sliced it with the sharp and got rid of the fucker.

I might have a small scar on my hand. If that's the worst that comes of it, I'm lucky. I'll probably bruise, but no bitching about that either.

Do your research. Don't do stupid shit when you get bored.

I don't see this working out well if you want a temporary modification. Some people change their minds, that kind of thing, it would be pretty difficult to get out. Most of it seems to be quite small, so there wouldn't be too terribly much scarring (this is just my opinion) after the procedure.

I know I won't be trying this again. I think this may be feasible with some jewellery changes and a sensible way of removing it "just in case". It has the potential to become something different, but it needs alteration. Aesthetically, it looks good, but it hasn't been around enough to be considered practical. Anything does go, some people can heal anything. Some people have problems with simple piercings. At the moment I can only give my own opinion on a modified version. If given the chance to get it done by the artist who came up with the idea, I'd take it and place it differently.

I have seen it done by another artist, and it looks good so far. There are definitely a lot of questions on removal. My method, quite frankly sucked. I think this is interesting, and we'll see how it progresses. It definitely caught my attention.

Once again, DIY must be taken seriously! Use gloves, use disinfectants, be as clean as you possibly can. Treat yourself like you'd treat someone else. This is a potentially permanent procedure, and you don't want it to turn out badly.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Oct. 2005
in Ritual

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