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Play Piercing Story

Play piercing is a strange thing. Before you try it, it's a matter of apprehension, and even revulsion - but for those who try it, and try it with an open mind, it soon becomes something of an obsession. I can safely say I fall into the latter category now.

Vicky and I ordered two packs of needles from BMEShop.com - 20g and 27g. Originally we were going to go for larger gauges, but given the virginity we had still to loose, it was deemed better to try something small, and buy bigger if we liked it, rather than jumping off in the deep end.

They arrived, the box slightly busted from the shipping from Tweed to London, but nevertheless fine. I popped one out from it's sterile packaging, and inspected the fine slither of metal, it's tip beveled and sharpened to a fine point. With Vicky looking over my shoulder, it was very hard to actually have the guts to slide it into my skin (when I'm unsure, I work best anonymously - although when I do know what I'm doing, doing it infront of other people gives me a rush!). I went into the bathroom, and locked the door. As I've come to do as automatically, I ran the cold water. I sprayed savlon onto my arm, and wiped it with a tissue.

I unsheathed the needle, and touched my skin with it - a prickly sensation, obviously enough. I decided it was now or never, and since we'd bought these things, we may as well try. (hey, isn't that one of my big philosophies? Try anything you get a chance to, because if you never try, you'll never know) - It hurt, but not much, when I started to push. Once it was past the outer layer of the skin (epidermis?) - all I could feel was a smooth pushing sensation. After a centimetre or so, I decided to pop it out. This basically involved pushing the 'grip' on the needle downwards, so the needle pivoted inside my skin, and started coming 'outwards'. I helped it along by pressing gently with my forefinger underneath where the exit hole was to be, to stop the skin stretching too much. As the bevelled point came out, it was quite painful, but then as it spread and stretched to the width of the needle, it was a strangely satisfying experience. Like taking a deep breath after you hold i t for a long time. I don't know if the pain/piercing was enough to cause an endorphin rush, or whether I was feeling proud of myself, but it didn't hurt at all after that - I was feeling positively ecstatic.

I showed vicky, and she tried a few, then came the time to remove them. A fast but firm pull, and again, that 'exhalation' feeling washing over me. Because the needle was at such a small gauge, there was no blood, not even a mark to show where the metal had pierced my flesh.

I decided that a ladder as I had seen on BME was in order, so I pierced a little way down my arm from my wrist, six 27g needles in succession. The feelings were the same as before, but with each successive needle, they were stronger, and more defined. I can't really describe the feeling of being masterful of your body to the extent where you can seperate pain into a self-contained entity to observe- but that's probably the closest I can get to what I felt.

After those, I tried a 20g. These were a fair bit larger (something like 40% more width) , and the feelings were much more definate than with a 27g, but I found myself crossing the boundary of enjoying the pain, to it just being pain (in a 'not particularly good' way) alot easier, so for the most part, I stuck with the 27g.

Since those first times, I've pierced ladders and crosses, and more traditional 'piercing' spots, such as my bridge, navel, nape, lip, ear, hand web, foreskin and wrist. Some of the piercings can be found on my IAM page modtracker. Each of those was a nice experiment. I find myself emulating a proposed piercing by play piercing the spot with a little 27g, just to see what the sensation is like. Indeed, to get a feeling what it'd be like to pierce my lip again (since it's been something like 2 and a half years since I got it done last time), I just pushed a 27g through. (amazingly, it didn't hurt a bit - not at all!)

I don't want to get too tacky with this kinda thing - but I really do feel that by doing this, I am more in connection with my body - by knowing all sensations, good and bad - I can realise my true self.

I would recommend it to anyone to try, and if possible, to get a friend with some to send half a dozen just to see what it's all about before you pooh-pooh the idea.

Give it a go, you'll be surprised at what you learn about yourself.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 April 2003
in Ritual

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