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Picture Perfect Knee Suspension

It all started years ago when I saw my first suspension on TV, then seeing Marty hang at my first BME barbeque and becoming fascinated with it. I'd spent some time studying the art and reading different people's experiences. I finally got up the nerve and had the opportunity to do a pull at a private barbeque at Shannon's house. I pulled against Clive for my first time where he ripped me around the backyard for a while, it was all right. A few months later I ended up being part of a fundraiser for cancer at the Mindbomb in St. Catherine's. Marty was once again there and got my skinny ass up into the air 4 hook suicide, eventually getting me naked and all.  

It's been almost a year since I'd suspended and been having the cravings for another. So I planned for Marty to come and visit me in Peterborough where I was attending University and working at a Piercing/Tattoo Shop as a piercing apprentice. I had many other people who were interested in suspending and/or seeing a show between work and school. We decided that Marty was to come up for a week and I had several other people supporting me over the week from other IAM members to friends. The plan was to do a small day of a few suspensions, then to do a mini show for a slightly larger crowd and get the picture and message out that this is a legitimate art and a very important and powerful thing.  

Once Marty arrived we started making plans and it turned out that we were going to do one day of suspending due to locations available and the availability of other parties involved. We went out to my buddy Dan's cottage up on Stoney Lake where he had a little island, no running water or electricity, looking out over a peaceful lake...it was perfect. We screwed around in the morning and had a little barbeque for the few people that were there and then we finally found the right tree to hang from. We got everything set up and I was the first to be suspending. I was going up 4 hook, inverse knee. I've been plagued by knee problems my entire life from having a disease in both knees, to finding out that I need knee replacements, I've always fought with them and this was the way in which I was going to conquer my problems and win the battle. I was fairly concerned about the hooks going through since I'd had problems previously with the hooks going through. I wasn't a fan of the fe eling of the hooks going through, but this time, I didn't even care. I got my hooks thrown in with no problems, Marty is experienced at it, and it was time to go. I half rigged myself up with Marty, Gwen and Dan helping.

Once we were ready to go I slowly lifted off of the chair I was starting in and got a little support from Marty. Slowly I got higher and more inverse and the pressure increased on my knees. Eventually I was totally upside down still hanging on to Marty, scared to let go, finally I released and I was free floating from a tree staring out over a lake, not a boat in sight, not a sound to be heard, absolutely beautiful. I suspended for about 7 minutes, but it felt like 1, incredible. I spent my time thinking about everything that had been bothering me and pushed it all out of my mind, I concentrated on the feelings that my body was filling with, the sensations that my mind was registering. The blank space that I can't hardly remember that filled my mind and body overtook me and I was lost in a world of bliss. This was better than any drug known to man, it opened my eyes and mind to things previously shut out and locked away.

I finally came down because the tension on my knees was not even, the outsides were pulling more and I was beginning to tear a little on my left outer knee. Once I hit the ground and got right way up, my entire life had changed. I knew I could beat any problems, and that I could make it through anything. Beating my knees and their related problems empowered me. My knees were a little tender from the experience, but I absolutely loved every minute of it, my head was clear and I could see things in a different light. My life had changed as had my thinking and spirituality.  

After I went up, my buddy Dan did his first suspension and had a not so fun time, he wasn't the biggest fan of the sensations. Marty, after seeing my knee suspension and the location, decided that he had to go up too. He marked, pierced and rigged himself and went up amazingly. The rest of the day consisted of relaxing and kicking back and getting in touch with everything again. That night was another suspension show, a little larger than the mornings show, we were expecting about 30 people. I went up again that night, as did my boss, again off of a tree looking out on the water, incredible for many different ways, look for the coming experience of my second 4 hook suicide suspension on BME as well.


submitted by: StarJester
on: 12 April 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: Marty%2C+Dan+and+I
Studio: Dan%27s+Cottage
Location: Stoney+Lake

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