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Piercing Ritual in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Well this happened a while ago but since I have become so involved fighting city hall (notice they don't even deserve capital letters) and their refusal to make our industry safer this has been my first chance to write about a great experience I had at Metamorphasis here in Winnipeg, so finally here we go!

It was a saturday afternoon and we had been planning this piercing ritual for weeks and finally the day had come, my friend Travis had come early in the afternoon to help setup and me and Diane were already at work preparing.

Now to understand the setup I must explain our back area at work in it's normal state, it's a large area with a lunch room and sitting room all in one with a couch, tables, chairs, ect. So we had to remove all these furnishings so that there would be room for all the equiptment and participants.

We set up three massage tables for there would be the three of us piercing, then we set up a sterile area away from where the people would be wandering around, and also a juice and snack area so people can rehydrate themselves, and last but not least drums and other instruments were set up lining the walls, these were for all to use during the ritual.

Now at about six pm the people started to arrive and it was kind of a meet and greet at least for me because I didn't really know any of these people except for Travis and another friend Lee who I had invited. Now we had everyone pay for their jewelry (they didn't have to pay for the piercing just the jewelry), we then marked each pierce so that we wouldn't have to worry about it later, then into the back we all went. After a bit more meet and greet Diane and Nadine got everyone ready with an explanation of the procedures and the ritual, then the main drummer who we had to take our beat from explained the musical procedure so we would all be on the same page.

At this us three piercers set up our mayo stands and drapped them with a dental bib so that they would stay clean before the first piercing. well now we all made a circle and held hands as Nadine began by saying a few inspirational words about the moment and a prayer for well-being and peace. At this point the drummer started with a very low key beat to just start getting the blood flowing and a few of the participants took up instruments and joined in the beat.

After all was said and done the piercers led the first three pierces to the tables and laid them down with smiles of encouragement then brought the individual mayo stands to each table. Ok at this point my mindset is in piercing mode so I didn't really notice till later that several people were now dancing and singing to a very upbeat and loud drum beat.

My first piercing was on a middle-aged woman getting her eyebrow done so I donned gloves, clamped the brow, and placed the needle on the mark waiting for the cue to pierce, well again my mind is in piercing mode so even tho Diane had told me that the cue was to be a woman doing some sort of gutteral scream I almost jumped when said woman did scream. But at the scream I slid the needle through the skin and viola we had our first ones done, at that I slid the mini barbell in and helped her up, she had a smile a mile wide on her face at this point.

We all took our individual mayo stands to the clean area and stripped them down, cleaned them, and re-eqed them for the next piercing as the drum beat was intoxicating and the singing and dancing was mesmerizing. We took the mayo stands back to the tables and were ready for the next pierces, So once again we lead the next person to our tables. My buddy Lee was my next piercing and his piercing was to be a frenum, lets just say he is a shy guy and he was having a hard time being partially naked in front of so many women, it was actually funny in a cruel way (guys you know what it's like to bug a friend in his time of nervousness). So again I clamped the dots and waited for the scream (at least i was ready for it this time). I will say here that being a typical male friend I had told Lee that the frenum was horribly painfull (evil grin), so he was gripping the table with all his strength waiting for his penis to be ripped off. This time the scream hit and in slid the needle an d much to Lee's surprise there was NO PAIN! He wanted to hit me when i was almost bursting with laughter, I helped him up and sent him on his way.

We tore down, cleaned, and reset our mayo stands for the final piercings of the night. Which was the spectacular piercing in my opinion. I now pulled away two of the beds and made room for all three piercers at the one table, and really got the beat going to increase the energy.

Now it was Travis's turn, well now Travis is my best friend here in Peg and one guttsy bugger in my opinion. After weeks of talking and planning he had decided that he wanted to get his nipples and ampallang done at the same time tandum style (OUCH!). So i lead Travis to the table and he got positioned and naked on the table, I was doing the right nipple, Nadine the left, and Diane the ampallang. The nipples were done with clamps so now we clamped him, Diane did the ampallang free-hand so she was ready post haste, here the drumming was incredible and you could almost see the energy in the room.

(insert gutteral scream here)

Well Travis had his nipples pierced in about a quarter of a second but the penis took about one second and much to my surprise there was only a grimace on his face but that was it, we all inserted the appropriate jewelry and let Travis lay there a second to make sure he was fine and good.

After cleaning all the equipment and such we went about to talking with everyone and just socializing a bit. But unfortunatly Travis and I had made plans to go to a rave that night and had to get going (even though I was sceptical of his ability to go out and have fun that soon after three piercings) but we headed out. Much to my surprise Travis was more than up for partying and we had a blast that night even though the twit spent the night hitting on lesbians (laughter).

So if you get a chance to participate in a piercing ritual go for it even though for your first time it will sound pretty hooky and weird it is a worthwhile experience.

Brent Moffatt Vodin


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 April 2003
in Ritual

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Studio: Metamorphasis+Custom+Tattoo+and+Body+Piercing
Location: Winnipeg+Manitoba

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