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Six Point Vertical Suspension

It was a normal Thursday at work when I got a call. It was my friend Mary, who I was very surprised to hear from. She told me that Body Piercing Unlimited was throwing a going away party for two of their tattoo artists and that they were going to do some suspensions. Jennica, the piercer, made an offer to Mary, she declined, and then said "I know who would be interested."

Flash back to a week before. Mary comes into my work and I told her this summer my best friend and I were going to do a pulling together. She told me I was nuts, but she thought the idea was cool. Now when Jennica tells Mary they needed another for a suspension, she immediately thinks of me. Jennica tells her to have me call her, and now we're back to where I left off.

On my lunch break I called Jennica up at the shop. She explains to me that they have another girl, but everyone is positive that she's not really into it, and she'll probably flake out, and they need backup incase she does. I told her I was totally into it and I wouldn't flake out. She explained to me that I needed to come into the shop and talk to Kevin, the owner. I figured that made perfect sense and told her I'd be there before they close.

After searching for a ride I finally make it to the shop. However, Kevin is nowhere to be found. So Jennica calls him up and tells him to get his butt over to the shop, since he was the one who said he had to meet me tonight. After chatting a little more with Jennica I sit down with a few tattoo magazines. About an hour later he finally gets there and we go outside to talk.

It was cold out (Alaska winter) but he didn't want to talk over all the noise in the shop. He explained to me that he didn't exactly feel comfortable suspending me, since we've never met before and he's never seen me in the shop. He also told me that if we do this, he definitely wants to see me around more. He told me that he feels like he's letting me into "the circle" and he believes there's a lot of faith and trust involved in that.

We went into the Mexican restaurant downstairs and sat down. We talked to each other about ourselves for a really long time. I told him how I got into piercings, and why I wanted a suspension. I also told him what I already knew of them, and how I've read many experiences on BME. He told me stories of other suspensions he's done and how he built the rig himself.

The rig is very impressive. He spent large amounts of money building it along the O.S.H.A. guidelines for lifting a person in the workplace. He has a climbing background, so he incorporated that knowledge into making the knots and pulleys. He explained that he built it this way because he's seen many rigs that looked like they were built from parts in some guys closet. His goal was to make it as safe as it could be. He also used six hooks instead of the typical four, for better weight distribution. The better the weight distribution, the longer I can stay up! Everything he told me made me feel like I was really turning myself over to someone that not only knew what he was doing, but also cared about my safety.

We talked for a few hours until he realized the time and he had to go. He offered me a ride home. On the way we exchanged numbers and he told me he wanted to talk again tomorrow, "which is a good thing," he said. He told me to think on it and make sure I really wanted to do it. And if I wasn't okay with it, that would be okay.

We met again the next day and talked some more. He told me there was a very good chance he'd be putting me up Saturday night. This time he explained to me how to prepare for it, and what kind of things they'd be doing. I was so excited. I was really hoping I'd get the chance to go up. He said I seemed like I genuinely wanted to do this. He invited me to Jennica's suspension early Saturday. He said it was private, and sort of a test suspension. It would be a good to see what exactly was going to happen before I have it done to me.

Now it was Saturday. I wake up and first thing I'm excited. I prepared myself by getting a lot of sleep and rest. I also drank lots and lots of water. In fact I drank about 4 liters in the morning just to make sure I wasn't a bit dehydrated. I tried to eat food with lots of carbohydrates. I had oatmeal, pasta, fruit, and lots of soy. I packed a along some food for later. I brought a bunch of Luna bars, apples, bananas, Gator Aide, and of course a big jug of water.

As I walked to the shop, I started getting butterflies, they got worse. When I was almost to the shop I almost exploded. Then I saw Jennica in the parking lot. She asked me if I was excited, "Hell yeah!" I told her, and we went into the shop talking about how cool this was going to be. After figuring out how we were all getting out to the place where the party was going to be, I decided to ride with Jennica, and we headed out.

When we got there I called my boyfriend to give him directions. Kevin finally showed up and they started setting up. The rig was so pretty, it was teal and purple, and very big. Jennica had her suspension done and I watched the whole process closely. When she was up I stared at her in awe the whole time. Kevin said my eyes were huge. I could not wait for my turn. But wait I had to, for I wasn't going to go up until midnight. So I killed time by talking to a few people I've never met before. My boyfriend showed up about an hour before we were going to start. Then, to my surprise, a few of my friends showed up. I told them I was going up, and they all showed their support by telling me that I had more balls than they did.

Kevin calls me over and tells me we're about to start. I signed a release form and every thing was set. I got on the massage table, and he started pulling on my back. He said he was feeling for bones, and making sure not to pull from my chest. He started marking my back. He told me he was going to do it a little lower than usual so he'd miss my tattoo. That was very nice of him. I took a few drinks of water, and he told me it was time to pierce.

The first one that he did was by my left shoulder. It didn't bother me at all. I hardly felt it. The next one was a little more noticeable but not very intense. The third was near my spine. It sent a shock through my arm, kind of like when I got my nipples pierced, but it was duller. He stopped and wiped the fresh piercing with an anti-bacterial wipe. It was so cold and felt wonderful. I took a break and drank more water. Then he did the next three. When I sat up and they made sure I wasn't going to fall, I went to a mirror and they looked really awsome.

Now it was time to put the hooks in. He told me there were two ways he could do it, slow or fast. I told him to put them in fast. I watched as he put lube on the tips and then put my face down. That whole process was more irritating than anything else. Now he had four in, I had to pee so bad and I didn't hesitate to tell him this. He said "Only two more to go, and I'll cool 'em down and lock 'em up. And then you can peeee." So he put them in real quick, while Jennica told me I was doing awsome. He cooled them down with the wipes and put the locks on the hooks. That didn't bother me at all.

I got up slow, and Jennica followed me into the bathroom to make sure I didn't fall or pass out. We talked about how neat the hooks feel and various other things. She walked me out and I sat down on the table. Kevin asked my how I was doing. I said good. He asked me "How's your head?" I was doing okay, I was pretty calm. Then I got the shakes really bad. He talked me through it. He said that he did all the piercings very fast and that I was doing great os far. Jennica brought me water. I ate a Luna bar very slowly trying to calm myself and prepare. My head was clear but I was shaking, I wasn't nervous, I think it was shock. Now I know this is bad, but I asked Jennica for a cigarette. Let me tell you, this was the best cigarette ever.

My shakes were slowly going away. Kevin said I looked like I was doing much better. I felt better. I wasn't ready to go up yet, however. I wanted to wait until my nerves were totally calm. By now I think it's important to mention that there were at least fifty people watching the whole time. Kevin took this time to explain to me the signals for "up," "down," "hold it," and "it's over." I told him I was clear on the signals, and that I was ready.

I stood up and the De Jay guy told every one to back up. I stood in front of the rig, and he started clasping it to me. It was a little uncomfortable when he adjusted the ropes. I felt more pulling on my left, so he adjusted that and It was fine. I walked forward, I walked back. I leaned forward a bit, and a bit more. Then I leaned left and to right, to get the feel of it. Jennica told me to move my shoulders from side to side, and that felt really neat. Now I was ready to go up.

Kevin told me he was about to take me on a trip, and that it was going to change me. He asked if I was ready. I nodded. He took both of my hands and Scotty slowly inched me up. Now I was nervous. This was the hardest part. I let out a little whimper. I went up more, and now I was on tippy toes. He told me to bring one foot up. Then he said "Laci, you're off the ground." I looked down. Wow! I was, huh?

Scotty slowly raised me up. I had my back turned to the crowd. Everyone was cheering. It was blurry, the pain wasn't intense, but the feeling of my body hanging weightlessly was very intense, but not overwhelming. It took me a minute to get my head clear. And then Kevin slowly turned me to the crowd. I knew they were all fixed on me, but they didn't matter. Nothing did. I was free.

I stretched my legs, and kicked them out. It was like nothing, they were so light. I stretched my arms, and my neck too. My boyfriend came over to me and held my hands. I clamped onto them, then I motioned Scotty to bring me down a bit. I kissed him and went back up. He started to gently push my legs so that I swayed. There was no pain, only pressure, and soon I didn't even notice that. Chris pushed me a little bit harder, so I did some big swings. It was amazing. The room spun around me. I was going faster and faster. Then I got kind of dizzy and had to stop.

After the dizziness wore off, Chris, Jennica, Kevin, and three other girls, who's names I forgot, all took turns passing me around. It was like human tether ball. We did this for a while until I got dizzy again and made them push me the other way. I motioned for Scotty to bring me up as high as he could. I made a hula motion with my hips, and wiggled around like crazy madness. I swung myself back and forth, side to side. I spread out my arms and legs and twisted. I was having a blast.

Unfortunately I have lower back problems, and my spinal area was getting really sore from the way my back was positioned. I could only ignore it for a little while. I motioned for Scotty to bring me down, and he did. When my feet touched the ground, I felt so heavy. They asked me if I was okay. I was fine. I just felt very heavy. I felt like a wuss, and I wanted to stay up longer. I felt crappy for only being up a few minutes. Scotty showed me his stop watch. I was up for 20 minutes! Let me tell you, it did not seem like it!

Kevin had me lay back down on the table as soon as I could. He said it will help with the bleeding when he took the hooks out. It felt nice not to have to stand. Kevin unlocked all the hooks, and told me there were two ways to take them out; slow or fast. I told him to take them out slowly. This actually felt kind of soothing, until he did the last one. He wiped me down with the wonderful cold anti-bacterial wipes, and then started to massage the air bubbles out. He told me the more air they get out, the less sore I'll be tomorrow.

This was interesting. My back felt like Rice Krispies. I could hear the gurgle of the air coming out, even over the people and the music. Kevin massaged my back until his hands got sore. Jennica took over. She worked the bubbles out for a long time. Some blood got on her face. She freaked out a little, and then Kevin cleaned her up. She started back up again. We talked for a long time. Finally she worked all she could out. There was still a bit of air back there, but she couldn't get it all out. She told me that I should take pain killers the next day to help ease the soreness.

Right now, I was fine. Pain killers? No way. I had such a rush. A bunch of people came up to me and told me that I inspired them, and that I'm the shit. Well okay, I'd probably say that too, so I answered the questions like "Did it hurt?" and "What was it like?" Those are hard questions to answer. I did the best I could though.

Kevin grabbed me a nice new Body Piercing Unlimited shirt to wear and cover up the wounds. I made some neat blood spots on the back. By the time I was standing up again, almost everyone went home. I hung around for about 45 minutes, and then we left. When we were in the car I had this strong urge to go out and do something crazy, but I already did.

The next day I was sore. I'm not sure exactly how sore because I stayed in bed all day. I didn't take any pain killers. The day after that I was fine and back to work like normal. I had the bubbles for a few days but they eventually were absorbed into my body. I told all my coworkers the story. Some of them were grossed out, but most of them were curious. I already made plans to do it again in August at Kevin's birthday party, but who knows, I might do it sooner.


submitted by: firfette
on: 28 March 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: Kevin
Studio: Body+Piercing+Unlimited
Location: Fairbanks%2C+AK

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