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My First Play Piercing

  • Disclaimer -

Don't do this at home and don't play pierce by yourself. If you are going to do play piercing you should do it with someone who's an experienced play piercer and be prepared to clean up and dispose of what could potentially be a lot of blood. Play piercing should only be done in a properly sterilized environment. Once again, exchanging bodily fluids can be hazardous to your health.

Initially I hadn't given any thought to writing about play piercing until a friend on IAM IM'ed me a question about it because she was interested in trying it but wanted some advice before she got started. Hell, all I'd done was mention in my online journal that my friend Silver had given me a set of needles to play with when she arrived from the coast to spend a month in town, so I was a total newbie at this. Slicing myself open was fun, and being sliced open was fun, but play piercing? Even I didn't understand what the big deal was until I got started. Regardless, here's the story:

Silver!! She's been back for a week and we finally hooked up today. Talking a million miles an hour about all of her adventures out in the world and hugging and sharing little gifts of things we'd found or made, or bought for pennies. The day we hooked up was my mother's birthday and she had called me to invite Silver along to meet all ma familia at Julio's Barrio to celebrate my mother's birthday. Wicked! Silver covered in rings and facial piercings, horror show makeup and a fresh mohawk, both of us in black and chains, off to have dinner with my so very conservative family.

Silver had just had her wisdom teeth out on Monday and was still suffering from surgery. A handful of T3's in her pocket and she still couldn't manage solid food yet. We had nachos, she had a margarita and Mexican deep fried ice cream... and mixed the two. I wish i had the excuse to do that or wasn't so lactose intolerant. My mom and sis had only just returned from a trip to Mexico the previous day so the dinner was spent catching up with them about their recent trip to Mexico and opening the small gifts they had bought for everyone. Thankfully the dinner didn't last too long.

Supper was over and the two of us finally had the chance to hump and grind and bite and scratch and claw each other across Whyte Ave at the Black Dog. Finally we had a real chance to swap stories. Her's were way more interesting, and spell binding. We spent the next couple of hours reading poetry and writing to each other and taking minutes out to write together between stories and smokes. Reaching out to Silver and finding a nerve plexus on her torso. Pressing hard and watching the flush come to her cheeks as waves of pain coursed through her, arousing her. The feeling of my skin catching in her nails as she scratched then clawed the flesh off my back. Reaching back later because it felt wet and pulling away little strips that her nails hadn't taken.

It felt really good to have my friend back in town. We had blood bound ourselves last year as part of my introduction to the blood play that we had been engaging in. When Silver moved out to the coast at the end of the year she had continued to learn. Our emails were filled with blood and eroticism and tonight she had a surprise for me. "Here," she said holding out her hand to me.

She handed me a dozen 16 Gauge needles. I couldn't believe it, and my heart melted just a little more. I was excited about getting home to do a little bit of practicing on myself. We parted ways a few minutes later when her friends came to pick her up from the bar.

I was stoked. I got home, stripped down to a wife-beater, washed my arm in anti-bacterial soap and patted it dry with single use paper towel. The first time I didn't really think that much about hygiene and didn't bother with gloves or a clean area to get the needles ready. I just popped a needle out of the packaging, took it out of the plastic shield and paused. The needle was huge. It looked larger than any of the needles that nurses have ever used to gather blood on me and all of a sudden I wasn't that certain. It was a large enough gage that for a moment I was clearly intimidated. I shrugged, what else was I going to do now, the needle was out and I wouldn't be able to use it again, even if I hadn't actually touched it. So I popped it through the skin in my forearm. I had no real idea what it was going to feel like and I needed to start somewhere.

I was amazed at how little pain there was as the needle slid into my skin. The majority of the sensation was of the actual metal sliding through my flesh, which was interesting. And there was a little pinch as I folded my skin so the needle could exit on the other side. There it was, the first needle I had shoved through me for reasons other than medical, and I started to feel queasy. Great, one needle and I start to feel queasy. I pulled it out slowly, and when it was completely removed, there was no blood and no pain at all. Still, I was feeling strange so I disposed of the needle and went to bed knowing that the next day was going to be very different.

The next evening I got myself ready. I had non-silicone gloves, I'd washed my arm, set aside a little clean area for the needles, leaving them in their shields but taking them out of the sterile packages, I logged on to IAM using the hand that wasn't going to be coming into contact with anything and got started. Then my friend IM'ed me and asked, for a beginner, what size needle would I recommend. When she sent the IM I had just put the sixth needle through my arm. I was actually enjoying the sensation and realized that I had only felt queasy the night before because it was an unfamiliar sensation. I didn't want to take the needles out right away, and thought that for a second try with a large gage needle, six was enough. I surfed the net for half an hour and caught up on some email. Again being careful to only use the hand that wasn't going to come in contact with anything. Pausing every few minutes to marvel at the little ladder of needles running up my forearm.

Then it was time to take them out. Having left them for some time meant that the skin did stick so on the initial pull there was a little sting. Once the needle had slid all the way out of my skin blood immediately started to flow from both of the openings. I could feel the warm flowing out of the two holes and flow down my hand. I was holding it over the garbage pail beside my desk that I had half filled with loose paper towel and allowed the blood to drip onto the paper towel. I recapped the needle and started work on the others. Out of the six needles I extracted from my arm, four bled. When I extracted the first one, the bleeding hadn't seemed so bad at all, but with four extractions bleeding, I was bleeding from 8 holes and blood was no longer dripping off my arm it was flowing. I wanted to staunch the flow and then realized that the roll of paper towel was on the other side of the room.

I'm not exactly sure why I forgot the very basic rule of how to stop bleeding. It could have been my fascination with the blood flowing down my arm, or my growing horror as the pail beside me filled with beautiful bright red blood. For a moment the rule was forgotten, but I did remember. I pressed my hand over the bleeders and was very surprised to notice that they stopped bleeding almost as quickly as they started. It was then, as the bleeding stopped that I was able to relax and take a look at the aftermath.

There was blood on the carpet, on some towels, on my computer; the paper towel in the pail was completely drenched. I wasn't moving around at all, I thought, but there were little splatters everywhere. My arm was definitely covered in blood, and once all the bleeders had stopped I took off both gloves and noticed with satisfaction that my hands were clean, which was a relief. I'd thought the gloves were a size too small when I'd put them on but it had worked to my advantage. The last thing I needed was to be leaving bloody handprints everywhere for my dad to wake up to. Actually cleaning up didn't take too long. The blood was fresh and out of the few cleaners I tried, glass cleaner with ammonia seemed to work the best.

I was a little shaky for an hour afterwards and it was late when I started piercing, but the next morning there was no pain or swelling, just a marvellous little ladder of red dots going up my forearm. As for the IM my friend sent me, here was my reply:

"Well, it turns out that 16 Gauge are the largest needles that BME sell for play piercing, which is where Silver ordered hers from. Something I'm realizing as I sit here looking at the six I have in a row poking through my forearm, they do look a little big.

it really depends on a few factors: how comfortable are you having needles poked through your flesh (there is very little pain associated with them as they are way too sharp) and how much blood do you want to see.

16 Gauge needles when pulled out nice and slowly after you leave them in for a while will make you bleed wonderful rivers of red blood. sigh Not all of the needles you pull out will bleed, like last night nothing. Today I bled like a small river. I actually hadn't been quite prepared for the amount of blood my body just shed so I have made a wee mess in my room and filled the nice little serrated white plastic pale beside my desk with probably about 1/2 a quart of blood but it looks like a lot more. It looks like a lot more especially when you're trying to soak it up with paper towel but not wanting to actually staunch the flow. I got some on the carpet, my desk, my computer, a few books and some notepads. It looks like someone just got mutilated in here. So my advice to you is beware, the larger the gage the more freely you'll bleed.

One rule of thumb is start small and work your way up. Whether that means you want lots of blood and start with a large gage needle and work your way up to multiples or you just want the sensation of metal sliding through your flesh and start with a fine gage and work your way to larger gages or multiples of the smaller gage. Smaller gages are definitely more comfortable to work with and don't look nearly so intimidating.

Regardless of the gage you work with, if you're going to do a line or patterns, invest in a sharpie or a surgical pen to mark off a line because the scars you're left with will look a lot more organized and symmetrical, which is ideal. Unlike what I've just done

anyway, going to clean up the blood. ...whatever was i thinking?"

I was thinking that it was a lot of fun, and only the first of many sessions.

(c)2003 oji


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on: 20 March 2003
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