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My First Flight

On December 31st, 2001, I did a superman suspension courtesy of I Was Cured.

Since then, I have been trying to put my experience to words and have been struggling to find words to explain how it was. I can explain the physical aspects of the suspension, but as far as explaining the feelings I have gotten, it has been very difficult.

I will do my best to try and explain everything, but please bear in mind that some things I try to explain might not sound right, or they might even sound like I was on some sort of drug trip (which I wasn't).

First, I'll explain to you how I started on this path, and what brought me to want to suspend.

After the pull I did at the July 1st BME BBQ, I knew that I wanted to do a suspension more than ever. The pull I did left me with a better outlook on life and a more relaxed nature (among other things). Even before the pull, I felt the need to "fly," but as I would find out, things happen when they need to, and not when you want them to. At the BME BBQ, Orbax had told me that it would be a good idea to start out with something that would get me used to suspensions : an energy pull, and I opted to follow his suggestion. By doing a pull, I got familiar with the feeling of the hooks going into the skin, and how the feeling of the flesh would be during and after the pull. (I have to admit, this was a very good way to start off with suspensions)

Right after the July 1st BBQ, I decided to tell my boss that I was going to take off a few days for New Years. (At the time there was no mention of the common New Years Eve BBQ, but I still wanted to be prepared to take the time off so that it wasn't spur of the moment to my boss and rejected) I kept telling my boss from July and every month afterwards about the time I wanted off (just to make sure it was still on his mind).

I think it was around September that plans were being made for ModProm, and I highly doubted that there would be any suspensions planned (considering that ModProm is more of a formal event, and I thought all of the I Was Cured Team was going to be busy with the holidays). However, I decided to contact Phil and check anyways (like the old saying" Nothing ventured; Nothing gained") To my surprise, Phil said that it was a possibility.

Time passed, and it became December. Usually before December, my area (Pennsylvania) gets snow (and usually in December we get plow able snow - however we didn't get any significant accumulation). Then, the Friday before I was supposed to go with Matt and Chris, we hear that the route we were planning on taking had gotten a lot of snow, and all of us were worried because the forecast called for more snow ( which would have meant our trip might not happen). Saturday, Matt checked the weather reports and decided we would still give it a try. The funny thing is that the roads were cleared and there wasn't any snow falling. (remember I told you that things happen when they need to and not when you want them to: you could consider the weather a "sign" that this was meant to be)

We made it up to the border, but were pulled over and our credentials checked. Matt's birth certificate was missing, and he was concerned about it (because normally the border won't allow you to enter Canada without either a passport, or your drivers license and your birth certificate). Amazingly enough, they allowed us to cross the border without too much grief. (I take this as another "sign" that I was meant to do the suspension)

After going across the border and finding out that the hotel I had booked for all of us was completely distant from ModProm, we finally made it to the hotel. As soon as we got out of the car, we were greeted by Jason and Lori (among others). Jason and Lori were both going to be at the private suspensions the next day. (by this time I'm thinking there has got to be something to all these "signs": What are the chances of getting to the hotel at the same time that they were planning on going out???)

That night, Jason, Lori, Mal, Diosa, Matt, Chris, Phil, myself, and a few other people whose names I cannot remember had dinner together at a Thai restaurant to discuss the next day's suspensions. Mal was asking a bit about his suspension (he was going to do a superman suspension as I was), and everyone was having a good time.

It was getting late for some people there, so a few of them left after dinner, and the rest of us (Jason, Lori, Mal, Diosa, Phil, and myself) decided to continue our conversation at an Ethiopian coffee shop. Phil was very helpful in giving us the details on how the suspensions usually are performed and how you might not be able to explain it fully. That night, when I got back to the hotel, I was very anxious to do the suspension, and I felt that it was the right time for me to be doing this. ( as a matter of fact, while we were supposed to be over at the suspension place at 9am, I was wide awake at 6 am and had already gotten my shower and was all ready to go). (One thing that is recommended before doing a suspension is to eat, and since I had some spare time, I decided to get the complimentary bagels and some orange juice as well)

We (Jason, Lori, and myself) got over to the suspension place and we met up with everyone: Phil, Orbax and his girlfriend, Mal, Diosa, Jake, Tigertante, Marty, Carrie, and another guy I cant remember his name right now. You could tell we were all a bit nervous about doing our suspensions, but that didn't stop us from our goal.

(Im going to jump right in now with my suspension: preparation, etc. So, here is the "nitty gritty")

Mal and myself were nervous about our suspensions because both of us are afraid of heights. We decided that we would try to be there for each other's support (since both of us were doing the same type suspension and both of us knew our fear of heights).

As I am a person that likes to have a bit of fun, when the Team noticed the type of shorts I was wearing (they went to the middle of my thighs), they asked if I could hike them up. So, in my typical funny way, I decided to undo the drawstring and put the string through each leg, and then tie the shorts up. I looked like a miniature Sumo wrestler. Then, because of the length of my hair (it was going to interfere with the hooks that had to be inserted into my back, I had to take the band I had in it and tie my hair up: now I looked like a Sumo wrestler with a Pebbles' hairstyle.
To say the least, it definitely made everyone crack up laughing, even myself.

Before I started having the hooks inserted, it was suggested that I have half a glucose tablet with some Gatorade, and have the other half of the glucose tablet when I was going to be hoisted up. I opted to follow that advice and I took the half of the tablet when I was ready to be hooked. (In case you don't know, glucose is a form of sugar, and helps to keep your blood sugar level at its correct level)

Mal was up for a while ( and he even picked up Diosa too!!!!). After he got done with picking up Diosa, she asked me if I needed some help for when I was getting the hooks put in, and I said "Yes, that would be Great!."

Diosa had me look into her eyes and focus on her and not on myself. All I could think about was her eyes and the music I had chosen for my suspension (which was now playing).

The hooks went in with just a slight hitch: one had to be reinserted, but with Diosa's help, everything went really smooth (and if I am not mistaken, it was a record for how quickly a person has been hooked for a superman within the Team)

Time for me to get positioned for being pulled up into the air. Carrie had brought a cot so that I could get lifted better.I took the other half of the glucose tablet and prepared my mind for the upcoming lift. I laid down on the cot ( making sure I didn't mess up the hooks) and waited while the connections were complete.

When I was being pulled up, I felt a lot of frontal pressure. Bear in mind that my physique is sort of like a pear with legs: a bit of weight around the tummy. The connections had to be adjusted 2 times ( I think) before I felt comfortable. Even at that, I still had a bit of trouble because I wasn't familiar with the sensation I was having ( It was like a feeling of falling face forward). I was a bit nervous about this ( as I would imagine anyone would be if they felt like they were in a constant state of falling face forward)

(Now, here is where things get a bit "unique", and some of this is very difficult to explain)

At the time I was having adjustment problems, I recall seeing everyone around me trying to help me to achieve my goal of suspending. I didn't hear their voices: I felt their strength, and how they really wanted this to happen for me. I felt a massive wave of intense feelings from everyone: it was as if I was a part of them and they were a part of me.

I recall Marty lending me his knees to hold my front up a bit. Then he let me get a grip around his neck (I got really worried about his knees: he had told us earlier that his knees were acting up and I was worried that I was putting a heck of a lot of pressure on his knees)

Marty was there all the time while I was trying to get up. First, I used his knee to get support, then his neck, and then his hands. I was starting to get the feel of the suspension, but I needed a little "lift", and that came when my music started playing a certain spot. At that time, I let go of Marty, and I was actually fully suspended.

I can't explain the suspension clearly: to me it was a combination of the physical and beyond the physical realm. I felt like a door had been opened between the physical and another plane of existence, and that it is still open and it is a good feeling.

I can tell you that being suspended superman style is a bit unique: I felt the need to put my feet on the ground (so I could stand up), yet I knew that I didn't need to.

I called Mal over and asked him to take a picture of me from underneath, and here is the result:

While suspended, Jake came over and was talking to me. The funny things is that when he was talking to me, I had a picture in my mind of him doing a suicide suspension. I asked him how many suspensions he had done, and he told me that this was his first one. I was surprised because the picture I had in my mind was of him doing a suspension from another time. I still don't know where that came from.

Jason was behind me making sure that I wasn't going to bump into a wall or spin around. It was kind of unusual because while I couldn't see him, I could still feel his presence there and it was reassuring to know he was there making sure things were going well.

(Its difficult to explain more about the "beyond" part of the suspension because for some strange reason I feel like some of my feelings are intertwined with the feelings I received from everyone in the room. I doubt that really makes sense, but when I went up and had the wave of support and felt their feelings, its like I have a part of them with me (I feel kind of odd saying this part, but I'll say it anyways: For an instant, I felt like I was inside everyone in the room and they were inside me: I could feel their thoughts and emotions as if they were my own)

I was suspended for roughly 45 minutes to an hour( no one really kept track of time, and the only thing I had to keep track of time was the fact that my CD was 24 minutes long and had been played a few times (not from start to end mind you).

I was asked if I was ready to come down, and I looked and saw Diosa ready for her suicide suspension. I could feel her anxiousness to do her suspension, so I decided it was best for me to come down and let her do her suspension ( besides, I didn't want to hog all the time, and not let others suspend)

I was lowered into the cot, and I recall having a bit of a time adjusting to standing again. It was like I had slept for ages and just woke up. It took me a few minutes to get adjusted to standing again, and after that, the cot was placed out of the way so they could remove the hooks. Amazingly enough a few unique things happened when they removed the hooks: I didn't feel the hooks being removed, and there wasn't any air under the skin. Usually after doing a suspension there is some air that gets trapped under the skin from the insertion of the hooks ( and from the suspension itself). There wasn't any.

After the hooks were removed, Phil puts by me a set of rubber gloves with something inside them. I didn't know what it was and I asked him. He told me its one of the hooks from the suspension: A souvenir.

After all the suspensions were done, we left and went back to our hotel rooms to get ready for ModProm. When I got to Modprom, I talked to some of the people that were at the suspensions, and they told me that they were really tired from the suspension. The odd thing is that I wasn't, and that I was filled with energy (and as a matter of fact, not only was I not tired after Modprom was over, I still wasn't tired after closing a bar afterwards, and even packing up all my things for the trip home the next morning). I guess you can chalk that up to having a massive adrenaline rush from the suspension.

I'll jump to when I got home and how things are for me now.

Since the suspension, I have realized I have a need to do another suspension. In my opinion, this suspension was a "stepping stone" for me: it allowed me to understand the dynamics firsthand of doing a suspension, and has shown me that I can do it without fear of falling, and that I can excel when it comes to my unorthodox form of meditation.

The suspension has also had some side effects: mainly a strong feeling of friendship and a bond with those that I suspended with, and a sort of "aurora" that seems to push away things that are negative. While things may go wrong in my everyday life, I feel like the bad things cannot even touch me, and that no matter what, I'll come out of any negative situation with a positive outlook and outcome.

I definitely want to do more suspensions: as I've said already, I feel that this suspension was a stepping stone for me to show me that I can do it, and that even if there are some minor stumbling blocks (like needing to be adjusted while being suspended), I still can accomplish what I set out to do - with the help of my friends.

Something that I just want to add here: After you do a suspension, your body has to "go back to normal," which means that your body's resistance to a cold might be lowered after a suspension. It has been 14 days since doing my suspension and I have noticed that a cold is trying to get the best of me.

Other than that, I consider my suspension one of the best experiences I have ever had: the feeling of friendship and a common bond was extremely intense.

Now, I would like to thank a bunch of people here. First, I'd like to thank Mil0 and Shannon for coming up with Modprom (which happened to coincide with the 1 year anniversary of I Was Cured). Secondly, I'd like to thank Phil and the I Was Cured Team for allowing me to suspend on their anniversary. Third, I'd like to thank everyone that attended the private suspensions: All of you ROCK! Lastly (but definitely not least), I'd like to thank Matt and Chris for allowing me to go with them to Toronto so I could suspend. If I have forgotten anyone, I apologize: there are many people I'd like to mention personally, but if I did, I would have an even longer experience written.


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