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First superman suspension

I sit here writing this and I have to admit I feel like shit.......under my skin are what would seem thousands of air pockets, my upper body is too stiff and sore to move without releasing a groan of discomfort, my throat seems as if it is swollen, and breathing and swallowing is difficult. The saying 'being run over by a truck' seems awfully accurate right now....and yet, I don't mind.....as I did my first suspension last night.

Over the last two months or so I had been organizing and preparing everything, the night drew near incredibly fast.....my reasons to suspend were a mix of spiritual and personal determination, but mainly release through physical means, by way of sacrifice of personal suffering to the spirits......

Once the room had been set up, altars dressed, and the first part of the ritual performed, I managed to have a short time to prepare myself, to eat, and relax a little.....i had been rushing around for days and desperately needed time to center myself...It was now time to have the hooks placed, I lay on the massage table with my dear friend in front of me offering support, my mood was light, yet I was a little nervous. The piercing began, the first six went in without complaint, I breathed through what I would call sharpness rather than pain, all was going smoothly. My adrenalin was rushing through me, I was shaking, laughing, and amazed at the hit of energy passing through my body. Now it was time for the remaining six, I was a little concerned about the lower piercings as everyone had told me they were uncomfortable, we proceeded quickly.

To my surprise, the last six were dead easy, and I could not help but smile and wink and laugh at Lori after each piercing....the feeling of the hooks being placed was lovely, the coolness of the metal soothed the new wounds. I looked over my shoulder at the completed placement....an excellent sight indeed. I took a minute to do some things, and to have a wee dance with the hooks in, and then it was time to go up. I lay on the table again while everything was being rigged up, my focus went to the candles before me while I prayed....Once the tensions were sorted, I was asked if I was ready, I said yes, and the pulling began. I called to my friend to sit before me, I needed familiar eyes to look into at such an unfamiliar time. The pull was bizarre to say the least, it felt like my skin would tear, or that I would not come up off the table...but I did...It was such a strange feeling, not pain, but pressure, like my back and legs were being squished in a vice. I kept an outward calm, but inside i have to admit i felt a little panic, and I wondered if I could do this..

I breathed it through and listened to the words of Nick as he said it would only feel uncomfortable for about ten minutes...my stubbornness kicked in....and I waited. Once the pressure in my body had eased, I began to feel very comfortable up there, my mood lightened again and we spent time talking, laughing, and in moments of silence while I meditated and prayed. It felt so strange that I have a hard time explaining it, inner peace and joy flowed through me as I understood what the experience had taught me. (the spiritual aspects I will keep private). I found my release, and felt contented at reaching my purpose. The whole experience was lighter than I had thought it would be , but this in itself was a blessing and taught me a lot about where I am at. After about an hour or so my temperature dropped and a huge cramp set in my leg. (this was the most painful part of the suspension!) and I thought I might have to come down, luckily it passed, and I continued. The last part of the suspension was funny, everyone took turns at swinging the rig, we all laughed and had some fun...the swinging was excellent! We joked around for some time, and then as my desired time came to pass, I decided to come down. I hung for two hours and im so pleased I had success with my own personal goal. Coming down was weird, I felt like I weighed a ton, but the relief in my joints was welcomed, I was exhausted to say the least. My body felt strained, and muscles pulled, but it was all good. Once the hooks were removed and the area burped, (which might I add put us all in hysterics!) I was cleaned up, and could finally get warm...

Thank you very much to Nick and Rachel of ' The Seventh Circle" in Christchurch N.Z, you guys were great, your professional conduct, warmth, and involvement was truly appreciated....and thank you to my dear friend Lori, it was an honor to have you there petal.

I haven't read much about how people feel after their suspensions, but im sure that in a couple of days I will be able to move and breath again properly......(perhaps I should have used that head rest after all!)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Oct. 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: Nick+and+Rachel
Studio: The+seventh+circle+bodypiercing+studio
Location: Christchurch%2C+New+Zealand

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