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My first suspension

My first suspension

I remember as a little kid, watching a suspension on TV, not sure what it was or how old I was, but I remember that it stuck in my mind. Not because it was sickening to watch, just as something that I didn't think was possible. But I was watching it with my own eyes!

I never really thought about it again until I was browsing bme on day in work (secretly of course, didn't want to start getting the sack for viewing 'disgusting' web sites!).

It was here that I stumbled on the suspension FAQ and the video of the week, I loved watching the video clip! I knew that I all wanted to do swing about like the guy in the mask. Sod the pain, who cares if its hurts all the time I'm up there! This is a chance to tick something of my great list of 'things to do before I'm 60'!

I did have my doubts, I thought maybe with my skin pulled tight over my body, that I might not be able to move my arms etc, but duh! I later learnt that the skin is attached to the muscle!

Also I was happy enough doing a suspension, but I didn't want to do a pull, I thought that the pulling forces might be too strong on the skin, again I was wrong.

And finally why did the guy in the vid have the mask on? To hide the fact that he was scrunching his face up in so much pain?

So what were my reasons for doing it? Well, the fact that it can be done! The fact that your skin doesn't rip, and you can support your weight from it, they way you can suspend in the air without the feeling of a rope around you... but mainly for the pain and endorphins feel!

It was in the time that I found out bout the UK suspension BBQ and the long wait for the day to come that I began my preparation for it! Not really preparation as such! More like, just trying to convince my mind that it'd be fun to try...

On the day of the BBQ and I was panicking, no invite had arrived, and I didn't have a clue where I was going.. I thought id set off any way, with a knot in my stomach in anticipation. It took six hours getting from Liverpool to south-east London. Arriving at 10.30pm..

Luckily I rang for directions and I was met near the station and led into the BBQ, and everyone seemed really nice.. but as one of the last people to arrive I had to wait till mid morning before I got a chance to suspend!

Id waited most of my childhood for this moment, and id done all my preparation weeks before. I wanted to get up as soon as possible, no matter what!

I got 6 hooks in my back (I little bit of overkill I thought, considering each portion of hooked skin can hold 150 pounds., hell I only weigh 13 stone..) With the hooks going in nearer the spine, the more painful ones, I still enjoying it enough not to be bothered too much by the pain! And as soon as the hooks where in I wanted to get suspended! no waiting around for me! luckily the BBQ had been fitted out with an electric hoist aswell as the more usual rope pulley that most people had used. I new I wanted to be lifted off the ground without the opportunity to back out!, so it was a case of telling the guy to stand away from me and press the up button, ignoring any protests I made!

Once up the feeling of weightlessness was great! I realised, that a lot of my fears where for nothing, the pain was that bad, in fact it went way after about 5 minutes of being up. Swinging around was fun! I even tried to carry another person, like the bloke on the video. I managed to support him, but as soon as I tried a swing the hooks bent with the weight and we both fell to the floor! which was a bit of a shame, as to be honest as id decided I wanted to pull. luckily I got the piercer guy to stick another two hooks in me and we had a go at pulling for a while. It seem to go on general agreement that taking the hooks hurt more than leaving em in! Even now about 1 month afterwards all I have as proof is 16 small scabs, that itch now and again and remind me of my great experience!

So id recommend a suspension for anyone, the amount of good vibes given off by the suspensionee's afterwards was amazing! After all my fears and worries, I realised that the human body is stronger that I first imagined, and for this I'm already planning what id like to do for my next suspension.

I thought maybe fewer hooks, for a little bit more pain!? and see if they have any stronger hooks so I can carry the weight of someone else? I'm even considering the knee suspension, even though the thought of it knocks me sick at the mo! hell I've got till Halloween to prepare!

The only downside to the whole affair, was the fact that I forgot to take a camera, and the photo guy there, looked like he'd run out of film.. and id like nothing more than a photy for wall! something to show the kids!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Sept. 2002
in Ritual

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