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Venturing Down The Path! With Hooks In My Back!

To first get a feel for why this experience occurred on May.19, 2002 we must take a trip into my past. For the past couple of years my birthday has been nothing but uneventful to say the least. While I was living in the Caribbean my birthday consisted of my mother and father taking me out to eat at the restaurant of my choosing followed by my heading out to the club to get rather intoxicated. When I finally made my returned to Toronto and the body modification "scene" I than began to do body modification to immortalize my birth-date. The reason for doing this birthday ritual was to allow me to evolve and shape my being in to the appearance, which I felt best, suits me. Also the modifications would allow me to think back to that portion of my life and allow me to reflect on how my life was.

This has relatively brought you up to speed so let us continue. When my birthday came around this year I did my usual ritual and got my eyebrows re-pierced. However, I thought to myself that due to all the trials and tribulations that have gone on in my life lately, I was going to need more than just a couple piercings. So I searched around and I found out that the IWasCured group was going to be holding a Suspension Convention and would be allowing people to do body suspensions as well as flesh pulls. After some thinking and doing research on the subject I decided that a flesh pull would be a GREAT idea to help me sort through my life as well as immortalize my twenty-second birthday.

Once finally deciding I was going to do the flesh pull I let the IWasCured group know that I was interested in doing a Back Pull. The only thing left for me to do at that point was to try and find someone to do the Back Pull with me. I thought long and hard and I felt that with such a big step in my life, I was going to need someone who I have a strong feeling towards. I then turned to my friend and asked her if she would do me the honor of doing a Back Pull with me. Unfortunately we soon found out that due to the fact that she was not eighteen years old, she could not take part in the event.

I then was put in a predicament but I wasn't going to let this hold me back. I spent all this time contemplating and deciding I wanted to do it, so nothing was going to hold me back. I had quite a few people come forward and offer their services but most of them were not really close to my height and weight. Finally an acquaintance of a friend came forward and offered to do the Back Pull with me. I pondered the idea of letting someone who I'm not OVERLY close with go through this experience with me. But after a few days of hard thought I decided to go through with it and perform the Back Pull with the man who I now call friend.

May.19th Finally came after much anticipation; I thought it would NEVER come. I woke up as early as I could and had myself a nice big breakfast and got myself cleaned up and ready to head down to the event, I was however running late so I flagged down a cab and told him where exactly to go. The cab-driver managed to screw up and he drove past where he was suppose to let me out, I informed him of his error and he turned around.

I got to the Suspension Convention and found a few people standing outside smoking cigarettes and talking. I then proceeded to the second floor and to the room that the group was doing the suspension and pulls, they then gave me a release form to fill out. Shortly after I filled it out and handed it in my Back Pull partner showed up and he filled out the form as I did. We then got relaxed and tried to get ready to do the back pull, while watching various others do suspensions and back pulls.

It appeared things were running late and we were told it was now or never so we went over to the station where the group was throwing the hooks into the participants. We had a short discussion and we felt that "the great ORBAX" would be the ideal person to insert the hooks into our backs. Being it was my birthday I was the first to sit down and go through the process of having the hooks put into my back. "Orbax" than grabbed a hold of certain portions of my back and with each tug he asked me how it felt. After a couple tries we both felt comfortable with two certain points on my back and he then gave me a rundown of how to properly breath and what I might exactly feel when it happens. "Orbax" asked me if I was ready to which I replied that I was ready. I then felt a sharp object touching against my skin and he then counted down my breathing patterns and on the second release I then felt the hook go through my back with a strong rapid force. He asked me how I was doing as he grabbed the second hook in preparation of completely the task; I simply replied that I was "totally cool". He then moved to the other side of my back and we repeated the same process over again. The sheer force that was behind the insertion of the hooks gave my body and myself next to no time to feel almost anything. It was just as if someone out of nowhere came up and punched me in my back, it hurt for a moment but then the pain was completely gone.

After "Orbax" inserted the hooks into my pulling partner's back we strolled around the room moving our backs around to try and let them get used to having hooks in them. Philip Barbosa then came up to us and asked us if we had gone yet and if not that we should go now. We moved to the center of the room where the pulling's were taking place and we both stood as Philip and a few other group members helped in attaching the ropes to our hooks. Some of the moments during the attaching of the ropes felt rather funny because I would feel a slight tug or push and it sent tingles throughout my body. Once they finished they informed us to slowly walk forward and after a few last minute adjustments we began to tug and pull on each other. The sensation surged through my body and it was unlike anything I had EVER felt before in my life. It felt as if there was a rope going behind my shoulder blades and pulling on them with every single step. The amazing thing was that there was rel atively no pain whatsoever the only thing that I felt was a slight discomfort at times due to possibly tugging to hard too soon.

Once I was comfortable with the feeling of how the pulling felt I decided to experiment with my position. I soon found myself lifting my leg and holding out my arms as I began to lean forward. I couldn't help but be amazed at the fact that I was standing on one leg and leaning forward yet not falling due to the fact that my partner was keeping me vertical. Our Back Pull wasn't overly intense in the way that we weren't trying to drag each other around the room but it was intense in the way of seeing how our bodies would react to such a situation.

After about apparently five minutes or so my friend asked me how much longer did I want to do the pull and I said I wasn't sure and asked how much longer did he want to go for. He then hit me with the big "It's your birthday man we'll go for as long as you want" comment, sensing he had got what he was going for and I had basically got what I wanted out of it I told him soon. We then did a few more tugs and pulls before I told them that we were finished and that they could cut us loose and they did so. We walked around the room and watched a few more pulls and suspensions with the hooks in our back, I couldn't help but notice that my belt felt extremely hot but I STILL felt no pain. We were then told to go sit on some chairs and two of the group members proceeded to remove the hooks and push out any possible air that might have gotten trapped inside the skin. When my hooks were removed they asked me if I had drank the night before, which I didn't, because my blood was flo wing rather quickly as they began to clean up my back. Once my back was clean and the wounds stopped bleeding they put on this clear patch that is suppose to be just like a second skin on your body. With all the aftercare taken care of I sat back down and continued to watch the suspensions and the pulls.

Shortly after sitting down and watching everyone go through their different suspension and pulls I decided it was time to go home. I said my goodbye's and I thanked everyone involved with the IWasCured group in allowing me to venture down this path and try to find my way as I sort through various stressful decisions that were currently going on in my life at that present time. On my way home I could not help but zone out and keep saying to myself "What An AMAZING Experience I Have Just Gone Through!" and how I realized that this is a whole new area that I can delve into in order to help mold me into the human being I WANT to be. I ended the day in a most peaceful way as well. I met up with my piercer and both of us as well as three other friends took a road trip to a national recreational park and wandered through endless rolling hills eventually sitting down and just letting our minds go as we became one with the earth.

This is what I experienced on May.19th, 2002 when I took a giant leap of faith and gave my body to the IWasCured group and surrendered to an awesome force that we call a "Back Pull". I would highly recommend everyone to research everything they can about this topic and if they feel it might help them sort through possible conflicts in their lives, then to do so, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 July 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: the+great+ORBAX
Studio: IWasCured+-+Suscon
Location: Toronto+Ontario+Canada

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