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My first suicide suspension, RitesOfPassage

I can't recall when I first stumbled upon a suspension experience, but it was a while back. I never really pursued any serious investigation (basically due to the location). In the past few months I have been active on IAM & BME, reading many experiences. Now my interest was up (when I'm determined... watch out). Thank you to all who have written suspension experiences, that did it for me, I was ready. Scouring the net / IAM / BME ... I found RitesofPassage in Pittsfield, MA.

I talked to my friend Joe (piercedangelx) and he agreed to go up with me, I felt it would be important to have a friend with me, and Joe wanted to check out the suspension anyways, I think he might suspend next time. Being a 2+ hour ride <hey, I'm a 'Rhode Islander' everything is too far away!> the company is greatly appreciated.

I e-mailed Emrys and he invited me to the BBQ in early May 2002, so now I'm all set, I have a friend to join me and I have the acknowledgement that I can come up and 'hang around'. Ok, the wait is on, I continued to read experiences and look at photos making the time pass slow.

May 3rd arrives (the BBQ is tomorrow) I hardly slept that Friday night, I woke up about three times that night, but morning finally came (what a geek, waking up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning when I don't have to.) I got a haircut, bought a cooler and some bottled water, ice, etc.. Joe met me at the house about 10AM and we were off. Fast forward about 2 hours (I won't bore you with details about the ride up, other than we were in the Berkshires and it's really nice up there). I found the place, the first people I met was Emrys (ritesofpassage) & Phil Barbosa (from iwascured). Emrys showed us around, I felt really comfortable and confident with the people and the set-up. I decided that I was definitely going up & it would be a 'suicide' suspension.

Emrys suggested that I relax, have something light to eat and we'd get started with the suspensions in a bit. (Nobody had suspended yet, it was still early)

I wasn't going to be camping overnight (and I have two dogs at home waiting for me to get back) so I figured sooner than later would be best, Emrys said I could go up anytime, if I didn't mind going first. It was decided.. I'm going up first. Emrys felt based on my weight of 165 and it being my first, a 6 point suicide would be best. We went in the 'clean tent'; Emrys cleaned and marked the area for the hooks (clean procedures were followed, I won't bore you with those details)

I lay down on the table, Emrys and Nate each took a side and pierced me at the same time (so I only had 3 sets of 2 piercings) the piercing procedure was not bad at all. Now I have 6 salmon hooks in my back, time to walk out and get ready. Before they laced me up, the staff gave a quick speech about pictures, drugs etc. I could feel all eyes on me. After the speech, I stood in place so they could lace up the hooks to the rigging, which felt a little strange. After I was laced up Phil assisted me with going up, we walked forward a couple of steps, Nate cranked up the hoist, then I walked back a couple of steps and he cranked it up a bit more, I could feel the pull, then a few steps forward and I was on my toes, then back again and Nate cranked it up a bit more, before I new it I was off the ground! Once I was off the ground, he hoisted me up a few feet. I was UP, strange feeling; I felt the burn everyone talks about. I felt flush and my stomach felt sick for about a m inute or two, they gave me a cool towel to put on my stomach. I moved my arms and legs a bit and the feeling passed and I had a big grin on my face. I figured out how to spin around. Some of the neighbors were looking on, I thought that was funny. I can't remember the last time so many people were taking pictures of me, but I didn't mind. Fortunately I didn't experience the back pain that many people speak about when it comes to a 'suicide' suspension. I was at peace the entire suspension.

Eventually I asked to come down (I think I stayed up for about 15 minutes, but who was counting anyways), Emrys helped me down, I felt the weight of my body again (writing this, I wish I was back up).  The rope was cut and I was free of the rigging, Emrys and Nate had me sit down so they could remove the hooks, I couldn't even feel the hook removal, then the blood and air removal.  Exactly as Emrys had described, it hurt but felt sooo good, sounded a bit strange too.  They cleaned my back and I was all set, put my shirt on and watched the next suspension.  We headed out, made it back home.

I was a bit sore but that's to be expected after the first shower, my back felt pretty good, other than the feeling that I played tackle football, but nonetheless I worked in my yard the next day.

This was clearly one of the best experiences of my life, I intend to suspend again (in the near future).  I want to thank Emrys and the Rites of Passage suspension group, Phil and everyone else from iwascured that assisted.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 June 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: Emrys+Yetz
Studio: Rites+of+Passage+Suspension+Group
Location: Pittsfield%2C+MA

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